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  1. mariam88

    Photo Collage App

    I use one called Scrapbook
  2. mariam88

    LIVE from the Camino Two donkeys, two dogs and my wife's cat

    Thank you so much for sharing your pilgrimage with us - and the wonderful photos of your family 😍
  3. mariam88

    Positive thoughts

    3 pairs (wear one, wash one and the third in case the washed ones don't dry in time). Hopefully there's space for a positive thought now ;)
  4. mariam88

    Favorite Pictures of Animals on your Camino

    Can't believe it's taken me so long to find this thread - it's brilliant. Here's a few of my favourites from last year (seems so long ago ...)
  5. mariam88

    Crash and Burn: Violating My Own Cardinal Rule of Hiking

    Day 2, out of Roncesvalles, I walked into a tree branch! It was right across the path at head height. I was so focused on where I was putting my feet I forgot to look ahead
  6. mariam88

    Easy access to water bottle?

    I saw a bottle-holder online that attached to the rucksack strap but couldn't find one to buy so I cannibalised an old (bright yellow) bag and cobbled together my own version - it attaches around the strap with velcro ties. It survived the Camino and is still going strong. The guy in the hiking...
  7. mariam88

    What is the name of green vegetable?

    And if you pick the turnip leaves when they're young, they're called "rabizas" according to my parents. Both grelos and rabizas are hard to find in the UK so I've made caldo with brussel sprout tops - cheaper than kale and delicious :)
  8. mariam88

    Daydreaming about el Camino Portugues

    Daydreaming about el Camino Portugues
  9. mariam88

    Am I possessed?!

    finished the Francés nearly two months ago, happy I'd finished it but with no desire to do it again - it was a one-off and it's not as if I even hiked anywhere before the Camino invaded my mind and haven't hiked anywhere since. My fingers have now downloaded info on the Portugués and Norte and...
  10. mariam88

    Pack spraying

    Well, I sprayed my stuff and walked and ... no bed bugs :). The municipal albergues all had plastic covers on mattresses and disposable paper sheets and pillowcases which was great, the private ones were a mix of everything but I followed the advice and inspected the beds carefully before...
  11. mariam88

    "Once more unto the breach dear friends"

    Especially if it's Limonada ;)
  12. mariam88

    "Once more unto the breach dear friends"

    Burn Camino. I reached Santiago a week ago and really miss it
  13. mariam88

    Transitioning from pilgrim to tourist

    Transitioning from pilgrim to tourist
  14. mariam88

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

    Arrived in Santiago on Saturday 13th, very wet but very happy :). I'm at the stage where the whole Camino is a blur but I will have fun sorting out my photos and mementoes when I get back to London. I just wanted to thank everybody for the advice and information you've all shared - thanks to...
  15. mariam88

    Just arrived in Santiago

    Just arrived in Santiago
  16. mariam88

    Weather now on the Camino Frances

    Im in Ages this evening it's pretty nippy but sunny. Tomorrow morning temp will be 1 deg C at 7am - brr

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