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  1. Lillian Rodriguez

    Trondheim (Nidaros) to Santiago de Compostela

    hello lk! Glad to see Mother Nature answered your comments about the snow and the washed-out scenes and is opening up skies to beautiful blues! Take the time to enjoy your once in a lifetime camino and and the many possibilities available along the way! Regards from a sunny Caribbean,
  2. Lillian Rodriguez

    Burgos - SJPdP

    Hello Geraldine, The http://www.alsa.es shows the following buses Burgos-Vitoria/Gasteiz. Good luck!
  3. Lillian Rodriguez

    Isn't it a shame?

    Or way past child bearing age not to remember those times!
  4. Lillian Rodriguez

    Photos from my Camino (Pamplona - Logroño)

    Thank you all! Hilda: Thanks for the link! The jacket already arrived and ready for testing! Juha: Thanks for a great suggestion,! Ordered one after researching online, so hope it works! Still undecided which camera will take this time so am trying these three options: Canon G9: 350 gr...
  5. Lillian Rodriguez

    Madrid to Pamplona

    hello sansthing, The train Madrid-Pamplona departs from Atocha-Renfe station, reachable via metro from the airport with a few transfers in about 45 minutes, faster than the bus ride. I've taken this train before and will probably do it again this year. If you need directions for the metro, pls...
  6. Lillian Rodriguez

    Trondheim (Nidaros) to Santiago de Compostela

    Hello lovingkindness, I have been silently enjoying your posts admiring your strength and determination to undertake a long and hard, yet beautiful winter camino. I've also enjoyed your excellent photographs taken with the Sony Nex 5. Seems like an excellent choice for my next camino. Are you...
  7. Lillian Rodriguez

    Photos from my Camino (Pamplona - Logroño)

    Hi atlanticheart, Very beautiful camino gallery. Excellent composition, great resolution, vivid colors and outstanding detail! Your composition skills aside, these results can be achieved mostly with a DSLR! Strictly for weight considerations, I've always opted for a P&S (+/-300gr) on my...
  8. Lillian Rodriguez

    A sad day on the Camino Frances today.

    Yes, indeed! The day I was there was a sunny, beautiful spring day: May 17/07.
  9. Lillian Rodriguez

    Currency ($ to E)

    Various terms are used: cajero automatico, telebanco, servired, ATM At the T4 terminal, right past Customs, there are various options to exchange currency: 1. American Express: located inside the glass enclosed area. I exchanged dollars (not cash withdrawal, but found the exchange rate to...
  10. Lillian Rodriguez

    Cell Phones

    Hello! You can get it at Pamplona, as there are no stores at Roncesvalles. As to charging your phone, I guess you'll have to wait till you get to the albergue in Roncesvalles. Perhaps you can convince a bar owner in Pamplona to allow you to charge it while you consume something! Good luck and...
  11. Lillian Rodriguez


    Why not pack them in a separate cardboard tube, large enough to carry the collapsed poles, any liquids, knife, scissors, etc? Then check it in as luggage. Chances are they will arrive with you! It worked for me. Buen camino :arrow:
  12. Lillian Rodriguez

    What does CASI mean?

    Casi, an adverb in the Spanish language means almost, nearly, virtually. In negative phrases it means hardly. Hope this helps!
  13. Lillian Rodriguez

    rude spanish bar owners.live from camino

    This sign in a bar at Camponaraya caught my attention. A reminder that there's two sides to every issue. Here's the translation into English: FOR THE PRICE OF A GLASS OF WINE, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO: • one pincho • one toothpick • one napkin • watch television • listen to the music •...
  14. Lillian Rodriguez

    On my way tomorrow!!

    May you keep open eyes, mind and spirit to accept whatever is there for you to learn! Wish you are blessed with good weather. BUEN CAMINO! Lillian from San Juan, PR
  15. Lillian Rodriguez

    Help from someone in Spain re: pilgrim who died

    There’s no seven degrees of separation in the Camino Here’s the brief story of five strangers who coincide in the camino: • Going up one hill; long, but not one of the hardest climbs, One falls down while the other four try to revive him. Unbeknownst to them, he has a cardiac condition and...
  16. Lillian Rodriguez

    Help from someone in Spain re: pilgrim who died

    Saludos Javier! Tanto tiempo! Gracias a tu enlace logramos establecer contacto y ya le avise a Janeh. Un abrazo desde este lado del gran charco!
  17. Lillian Rodriguez

    Help from someone in Spain re: pilgrim who died

    Me again Janeh! We've made contact! The guy who posted the memorial video is a friend and "brother" of Francisco's. They both belonged to same "cofradia" or "brotherhood", one of the Spanish congregations formed by devouts and whose most visible activity is the Holy Week processions. He is...
  18. Lillian Rodriguez

    Help from someone in Spain re: pilgrim who died

    Hi Janeh! I do not live in Spain but am bilingual and speak fluent Spanish. So after following Javier's link to YouTube, I wrote to the guy who posted the memorial video explaining your interest to communicate with his family to confort them and give them information on his passing away. I...
  19. Lillian Rodriguez

    Oliver Schroer dies in Toronto, with grace and dignity

    A great loss to the arts because he was an exquisite musician and an a great human being. He now joins the higher orchestra! May he rest in peace!
  20. Lillian Rodriguez

    After hiking footwear?

    Hello marniedent, From personal experience: Flip flops, crocs or sandals: your choice but always the lightest. But DO wear foot protection to guard against fungus infections! The albergue showers, even if they are disifnfected every day, are used by so many people with different hygiene...

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