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  1. sdevine

    A 'One Word' Why?

    The why..... the camino calls to you, solitude, reflection, the beauty of nature, silence so you can actually hear your existence, the wind, the world, your own footsteps, developing community and fellowship with pilgrims, from across the world, people with like spirits...to exist in this world...
  2. sdevine

    Back on the Francés

    Buen Camino
  3. sdevine

    Blanket clarity

    i took a sleeping bag liner when i walked May 2019, its light, doesn't weigh much and you can use to lay on top of any sheets, and place and covers “if needed” and supplied.. in May, June.. i never was in need of covers.. buen camino
  4. sdevine

    Is it good to sing and dance during Camino de Santiago?

    I have found music and singing to myself with Queen songs..” Don't stop my now” was my 2019 Camino theme...especially when i was by myself and walking through calf pains and blisters...listening to that album, and more specially that song and singing along to myself.. took my mind off the pain...
  5. sdevine

    Happy 2020 all!

    Happy New Year!
  6. sdevine

    Clothes lines

    i was on camino May 2019, and i used it once, and really didn't need it.
  7. sdevine

    Walking the Camino Frances multiple times - why?

    i finished my 1st camino June 2019, and already planning my 2nd this coming June 2020.. i believe once the camino calls you, you are tied to the way for the rest of your life, whether you walk or not.. best to walk .. buen camino fellow pelligrinos
  8. sdevine

    Camino Frances video

    amazing!! just finished my 1st camino in June still working on my video..
  9. sdevine

    Best way to get back to Paris.

    Hello, i caught a flight from Santiago to Paris on Vuling, great prices.. buen camino
  10. sdevine

    Hurray! Milestone reached! 10 000 kilometers on Caminos de Santiago.

    wow,...well done you! congratulations!! buen camino!
  11. 2BF04698-9AF6-47CD-B2E9-46FA50B317E2.jpeg


    Zubiri May 7 2019
  12. sdevine

    Anybody want to meet? Puente de Reina

    wow.. wish i was there..
  13. sdevine

    Thoughts from Somewhere along the Way

    i was on the Camino the same time..
  14. sdevine

    Take me to Compostela: A Camino Poem

    Lovely poem! Thanks for sharing.
  15. sdevine

    A woman walking alone

    I am a 51yr old single women and walked the camino from SJPDP to Santiago alone from May -June 2019.. best experience of my life. My thoughts.. spring/summer months best time to walk weather is nice, and you get a sense of peace knowing..there will be other pilgrims on the road somewhere in...

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