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    Comment by 'Sebastian Cohen' in media 'Camino del Norte Packing List'

    @Tania Reano Veitch It's driving you mad, isn't it? Aaarrrrrg! In the beginning, when we were checking out one or two new items to get, it was oh so exciting. NEW GEAR! When you try and get all that stuff with you......in you pack, that's when you go bonkers. As of right now, my pack weighs...
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    Comment by 'Sebastian Cohen' in media 'Camino del Norte Packing List'

    This is one of the best set-ups for a packing list I have seen! Now, the most important with reading other peoples packin-lists OPP (made me think of the Naughty by Nature lyrics.....you down wih OPP....haha) is that it makes you THINK about your needs and the demands of the Caminos...
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    Wiki : Here's some great info about Spanish pre-paid SIM's

    After checking extensively, I have come to the conclusion that Simyo is the best alternative for me....and I think for most. The reasons are : - Prepaid (Prepago) acts just like contract ie you set up an initial usage on several items and pay this each month. This can then be adjusted all the...
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    New shoes at the last minute

    WHAT exactly is "a full size larger"? In UK size, would that be from size 7 to 7.5 or from 7 to 8? Thanks
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    Emergency last minute boot/shoe change! Size question...

    So, this is turning into a little bit of an emergency. After walking in my Salomon GTX trail running shoes, it has become clear to me that my feet are not a good match to these specific shoes. After walking them in gradually for three weeks, I have developed tendonitis in both achilles tendons...
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    Overnight stay in Pamplona prior to SJPP

    EDIT: I was checking trains from Alicante to Pamplona. I now see that my options are much much better going from Alicante-Madrid and then Madrid-Pamplona. Its actually almost the same price and it takes 5 hours all together and not 9 hours (train times only, not waiting time in Madrid...
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    Mindfulness on the camino

    Mindfulness can also be practiced while using your gadgets or you tech or anything really. Mindfullness is more about being present in the now, only doing one thing at a time and noticing yourself, your surroundings....then ditching your tech. GRANTED, most (a lot, some, quite few) people have...
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    Wiki : Here's some great info about Spanish pre-paid SIM's

    http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/Spain PRETTY useful if you ask me! S
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    Phone and iPad

    This link is pretty useful for finding information about Spanish pre-paid sims. http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/Spain
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    How much storage for your DSLR/mobile?

    I'll be using my DSLR for pictures and video. SD card(s). I will also bring my mobile phone and my iPad for "creature comfort". I have the Apple SD-card reader and can upload to Dropbox...but thats what I was hoping to avoid. Getting too deep into my tech stuff. I would like to keep on taking...
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    Washing your clothes

    SO, DIRTY (oh sorry for shouting).....clothes is more than just smelly clothes. Smelly clothes is the easy part of the equation. Excessive sweating, dead skin cells, dirt from the Camino etc. etc. equals dirty clothes equals bacteria growth. This next to your oh oh so soft skin and the...
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    How much storage for your DSLR/mobile?

    Thank God that extra storage doesn't take up any more space or add any more weight. But what it does do however is cost more. After spending a riddikulus amount on rain gear, I'm trying to be sensible with my money again. If not, I could just get two 128GB SDXC cards and be done with it...
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    You Know You're Going On The Camino When...

    Haha, this one was too good to pass up. Check, check, check...I've done all of the above. I'm actually looking forward to the actual start of my Camino so I can stop all this nonsens more than the Camino itself (almost). It was fun for a while, but after doing them too many times it becomes a...

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