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    Live - Via de la Plata Annie’s partial Vdlp apr/may 2019

    Thanks for taking the time blog/write, I walked the Vdlp last Spring, and love to relive/walk with you through your posts, I'll looking forward to your adventure.
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    Live - Via de la Plata New shoes

    Any suggestions for a good store for shoes in Merida, Spain? (Not including Decathlon)
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    Key Essential Item(s) for Your Camino

    You have to be a certain "age" to even know what bailing twine is! Unfortunately I do :)
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    Need a new waist pack

    Arc'Teryx, makes a Maka 1 & 2 Wast pack, bumbag or Fa____ y pack ………or what ever you want to call it. They are $$$$ but they make very good quality items guarantied ot life.
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    What did you bring on the Camino that you wound up not using?

    Got a link to where you can buy "Turkish towels" never heard of them? Thanks
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    What did you bring on the Camino that you wound up not using?

    I agree, :) although "Kidney Stones" are small and very light, thet are best left at home!
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    Five Years of VdlP Pilgrim Numbers

    I have two stupid questions? 1. Is anyone aware of a "map" of water fountains for the VdlP route other than the small towns along the way? I'm aware you can always ask locals as you walk by their houses, maybe they are working in the garden etc, etc, but I'm also aware most locals take their...
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    walking the vdlp april 2018

    Talia, sounds like there will be many people on the trail with you. Myself and a friend leave Seville March 28th. Note ….. if you plan on leaving around this time it is the week leading up to Easter accomidation maybe tight? Holy Week in Seville is known as Semana Santa de Sevilla. It is one of...
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    Suggestions Rain Gear June/July Porto/Santiago

    Since you hiked in June/July did you use your umbrella for shade?
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    Live - Via de la Plata (Nearly) Live Updates Via de la Plata February > Abril 2016

    Dear Camino Fossil :) I'm just perparing to walk the VdlP this Spring (end of March) I have used YOUR blog, Gerald Kelly's book and www.gronze.com. I have loved reading your comments and sence of humour. Just wanted to say Thank You — for all the effort!!!
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    Best Time to walk the Via de La Plata

    I will be hiking the VdlP this Spring and am using Gerald Kelly's book also and these two other sources. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gWY-bEMztAxba0POUFyWvMHaVlAjnb-XYBo5OPJsHN4/edit?usp=sharing https://www.gronze.com/via-plata (you may have to paste this into google translate to get...
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    VDLP guidebook

    Well it says the 2018 edition
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    After the day is done - shoes

    I take a simple pair of Tevas, I like flip flops but the are hard to do much exploring in in the evening (especially in a bigger city where distances are greater) With the Tevas you can also ware socks if it's cold or it may be possible to ware them in an "emergency" (what ever that is) for a...
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    VDLP guidebook

    No paperback
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    VDLP guidebook

    I bought it 2 weeks ago from Amazon. I'm in Noth America, Canada so not sure that is avaiable to you?
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    Bank, debit card charges

    Your right it's the Royal Bank that charges the $5.00, but like I said with MY ACCOUNT these charges are waved!!! It's the surcharge fee below I'm trying to avoid. Interac And PLUS System ATM Fees When you use your RBC Client Card at an RBC Royal Bank banking machine, you only pay the...
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    Bank, debit card charges

    Thanks for the advice!!
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    Bank, debit card charges

    Thanks, Good one I'll give it a try!
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    Bank, debit card charges

    Thanks, The method's/advice is pretty much what I have done also. Just wondering re: to only withdraw money during hours when the atm bank is open. is this in case you have a problem??
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    Bank, debit card charges

    Is anyone aware of a Spanish Bank that does NOT charge forigen debit cards for Euro withdrawals? I'm Canadian, with the Royal Bank of Canada. Please Note: I do not plan on getting a Spanish bank account. I do not beleave the Royal Bank is affiliated with any Spanish Banks. With the my bank...

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