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    Spanish Camino Music - Selection No: 1

    I also am not a fan of people who play music on the Camino because some of it is SUPER ANNOYING but I did enjoy this and thanks for sharing.
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    Best Camino "tour operator"?

    Andaspain walking adventures is excellent.
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    Cyborg turtle reflections of the Norte, heelspur update and more

    Best of luck with your surgery!! Happy New Year!!
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    New? umbrella clips

    Thanks so much for that suggestion!! That looks like a great solution!
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    @Dave is walking across America -- can you put him up?

    You are missing the beautiful state of North Carolina. We would be happy to have you if your path should change.
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    I went to the ear, nose and throat doctor and the audiologist made me a custom pair that really keep out the sound! My husband is a terrible snorer also. It is really a problem but these really help and I always bring my sound machine with me also. It is a little portable Brookstone sound...
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    To the person who wanted to inspire love . . . you didn't!

    I agree. I don't like the way some people also put their name on these markers with their idea of catchy little quotes or just signing their name. It is vandalism. You see some people's name all along the way as you are walking. It is very unfortunate.
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    Vaseline on feet?

    I just put it on my heels and all the way up past the top of my socks. No blisters and my feet did really well. there are also some body glide types of sticks which we used also the same way. Good luck!
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    Foot pain before Camino - advice needed

    Try going to a medical massage person. You may just have a bone out of place or something from the sandals if they had an odd metatarsal footprint that is different from your normal insoles. Also, there are foot rollers you can try as well that might help shift things back to normal in there...
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    Coastal alternatives to the Norte's asphalt

    I would love to have your opinion of highlights of the Norte as I am not sure my daughter and I can take enough days to be able to do the whole thing but could go for three weeks or so next May or June. I have been told that the last inland part is not as amazing as the part along the coast. If...
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    Some things a little over the top.

    When we walked the Camino last year there was a guy with a bell attached to his backpack that we couldn't seem to get away from. It was SOOO annoying so I understand what you are talking about. I do feel it is inconsiderate of others to have any noise causing thing as you walk because to me the...
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    Death of a British pilgrim in Castro del Rio (Cordoba province)

    I am so sorry to read this. Thinking of the family.
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    New foot injury -requesting advice - do I cancel my Camino?

    My daughter and I just finished the Portuguese camino last week. I also had an ankle injury a year ago and went to physical therapy for months to get the mobility back in my foot. I can't imagine doing that walk with foot pain. The camino in Portugal is lots of cobblestones and many times they...
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    Camino Portugues - Tui to O Porriño

    We loved that complementario along the creek and especially being able to put our feet into the creek at that spot where the board crosses the creek!! The shade is so nice too!!
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    O km stone located in SdC, Finisterre or is there one in both places?

    There is for sure a stone with 0km at Finisterre and a gorgeous background of the beautiful sea behind it. I did not see the one in Santiago.
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    Norte or Portuguese + new painting

    That is beautiful!!
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    Santiago vs Madrid for last day and Pilgrims Mass

    The Pilgrim's mass is very special.
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    Camino Book A good read - "The Way Is Made By Walking" by Arthur Paul Boers

    I ordered that one too! Thank you for the suggestion. I wanted something we could read from every morning before we start out for the day so hopefully, between these two books, we will have some good choices for something to ponder as we walk. Thanks again.
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    Camino Book A good read - "The Way Is Made By Walking" by Arthur Paul Boers

    Thanks for that suggestion. I just ordered it and think it would be good for my daughter and I to have to read from while on the way in May.

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