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    Walking from Paris to Santiago de Compostela...

    Eure et Loir is compostelle28.org If you go to this page in the site for Loir et Cher: https://www.compostelle41.fr/la-voie-de-tours/ There's a list of the other associations along the way. I will say that back in 2015 the info on pilgrim accommodations in the area on the Loir et Cher site...
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    Walking from Paris to Santiago de Compostela...

    In 2015 it was extremely well-marked in Eure-et-Loir and their association has a great series of pdfs and maps, but after that you need to be a bit more creative, according to the folks I stayed with. It tends to follow the GR after that, but there's often a much shorter route, so you kind of...
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    Pilgrimage from Paris to St. Jean

    You can put any website URL into translate.google.com and it will translate it, more or less. ETA I forgot to mention that the Paris-Tours route is most popular with cyclists and you will need to be a little careful about that, because the cycling route is a lot longer in most areas. There's a...
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    Pilgrimage from Paris to St. Jean

    I did part of the Chartres variant in 2015. Yes, it can be significantly more expensive because there is little pilgrim accommodation and even a few people fill that up. For example, in the area between Paris and Chartres, we were only able to stay in a monastery one night. After that...
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    Paper map

    What!? The IGN blue maps aren't available any longer? Say it isn't so. EDIT Those are the best maps ever.
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    Camino Meetup in Panama City Beach, Florida

    Joseph, I hope you are okay after Michael. Such a terrible thing for everyone up that way.
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    New accommodation now available in Charente Maritime

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear that Alisoun. I'd hoped to meet you when I pick up where I left off. Wishing you the best with your health.
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    Via Turonensis

    There's a whole subforum devoted to this route: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/forums/the-tours-route.47/
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    Guide book?

    Well, in that area it seems to vary. I walked the Chartres variant, which is probably the least-walked camino in France, and I found that the tourist offices weren't very conversant with the difference between the walking route and the cycling route. Paris-Tours is much more popular with...
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    Guide book?

    Actually there is some marking from Paris to Tours, depending on which département you're in. If you search for compostelle<number of departement> you will find the website for the local pilgrims' associations, which usually have lists of accommodations. So "compostelle17" will bring up a link...
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    Roman Roads // Camino connectors

    You know, it's funny. Walking from Paris we were on a lot of Roman roads, but somehow it never occurred to me what they were until I reached a stretch that was actually called the chemin de César.
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    Looking for a good hiking map of Île-de-France

    Your best bet is to get a blue French IGN map when you get to Paris, for the area as far as Epernon. (ETA These are very large scale maps and you may need more than one, but they are totally worth it.) Once you get to Epernon, there are custom maps and superb directions available from the...
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    Wow! Look at this ultralight backpack made from Ikea bags!

    Same here. I was all gungho to get something frameless and ultralight, but I found that the framed and supposedly too-heavy Osprey kyte was so comfortable I could forget within seconds that I was carrying anything, which never happened with any of the ultralights, alas.
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    Three Cheers for Eure-et-Loire Part 1

    That looks good (I loved Issy) and you'll have the advantage of long days in May, but I think I'd still have a chat with the folks at Compostelle 2000 once you get to Paris, or at least get a good look at the IGN blue maps. If you don't have iPhéGeNie, you should definitely get that and see if...
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    Three Cheers for Eure-et-Loire Part 1

    Found it. See his post in this thread: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/starting-from-paris-in-december.18311/ ETA Just out of curiosity, is there a newer version of the lepere for the Chartres variant? In 2015, the only available one was from 2011 and it was already rather...
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    Three Cheers for Eure-et-Loire Part 1

    Hmm. Well, once you get to Christ de Saclay I think it's okay. They were putting in bike/pedestrian paths along the D306 from there when we were walking, so those must be done by now. However, Google continues to think that N roads are swell for walking, judging by the earlier part, and I'd...
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    Three Cheers for Eure-et-Loire Part 1

    It's not too bad as far as Montrouge, the part where you are mostly following the Blvd/Rue St. Jacques. After that, I think I would skip over to the Coulee Verte as far as Sceaux ,or even the station at Massy. When you get to Paris go to Compostelle 2000 and ask them the best place to cross the...
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    help with route from Paris, I start on October 23rd

    Well, if you walk via Orleans you get to go past the grand chateaus, and I think a lot of the way is on a gravel bike path along the Loire that's pretty easy to follow. However, I haven't walked that route, so I don't have any personal input. I wanted to visit Chartres again, so that's the way...
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    Chemin de Paris Illiers-Combray

    I forgot to say I fear you may in for a bit of a shock, if you aren't aware of the highly controversial "restoration" they just completed. But the external son et lumiere at night is lovely, if they're doing that when you visit. I think it only runs part of the year.
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    Chemin de Paris Illiers-Combray

    I think Illiers-Combray is more on the cycle route, but it's totally doable, just adds some kms, and probably more road-walking. At the far side of Ermenonville, just follow the chemin à velo markings. ETA The recommended footpath goes to Luplante and La Bourdiniere St. Loup, but its only...

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