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  1. Camino Yogini

    How do I get to Somport to start Camino Aragones?

    Hola peregrinos, After a great deal of deliberation and vacillating back and forth, I've decided part of my route will be the Camino Aragones beginning in Somport (and depending on how much time I have and if I'm sick of all the hordes, I may switch to Salvador/Primitivo after León). What are...
  2. Camino Yogini

    Ooohh! Neat way to organize next day's walking clothes

    This is for a child's beach outfit but it might work for a summer pilgrim, especially useful if s/he leaves before most pilgrims wake and wants to keep the rustling to a minimum. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10152169583640952&id=612460951 I love simple solutions! Ultreia!
  3. Camino Yogini

    Place (albergue?) to send a small packet for a pilgrim?

    Hola, pilgrims. Due to my own time mismanagement, I have run out of time to send something to a peregrina friend who is starting her Camino in Madrid on Monday. Can you suggest a place early-ish on this route where I can send a small envelope for her to pick up? I've not walked this route (yet!)...
  4. Camino Yogini

    Neat postcard app for iOS

    Hola peregrinos, I want to share a great Apple app that I recently discovered. It's Postcards by Lonely Planet. Download the app (it's free), take a photo from your iPhone or iPad (or use one of Lonely Planet's), add your message and postal address and send. A glossy postcard is printed and...
  5. Camino Yogini

    del Norte/Primitivo this fall?

    Hola, peregrinos! I need some advice. I have been agonizing over this for months and no more dickering. I will be starting my second Camino this fall but which route? I hope to arrive at my starting point from London UK around Sept 25 and need to be back in London on Nov 11 to fly back to...
  6. Camino Yogini

    Camino Francés again or del Norte?

    Hi all, I am blessed because I will be able to go on Camino again this fall. Last year at this time I was walking the Camino Francés. My question is about what route to take this time. I will start around September 26, to finish around November 6. I would prefer to go a couple of weeks earlier...
  7. Camino Yogini

    Christmas (and other mid-winter festival) gift suggestions

    Hola, forum friends! Being a last minute Christmas shopper, the timing is about right for me to think of this. We've all met fellow travelers who have become very special to us. At this time of year, thoughts turn to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc. Any suggestions for gifts? None of us want...
  8. Camino Yogini

    Lost walking poles

    Hola, here's hoping I can recover my poles. They were taken from the San Miguel albergue in Hospital de Orbigo. They are Leki, black, red & white with cork handles. Distinguishing features are 3 Canada maple leaf flags on each pole, and silver duct tape on one. Less obvious is I have HELEN...
  9. Camino Yogini

    Warning about walking poles

    Hola, fellow peregrinas/peregrinos. Some advice which is too late for me. If you have really good poles (or just poles you'd hate to lose), insist that you keep your poles by your bedside. After a very nice evening at San Miguel albergue in Hospital de Orbigo, I discovered my very good Leki...
  10. Camino Yogini

    First aid kit?

    Hola, peregrinos! I will be walking from SJPP, leaving Calgary Canada on April 24. This is my first Camino. Getting excited! I'm almost ready though I do still have to lighten my pack considerably (currently at approx 16 lbs, need to get down to 13.5 lb). Thanks so much for this fabulous forum...

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