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    Camino App?

    Hi Earlier this year , August,I walked a section of the Norte route. Wonderful experience. I used a great app on my iPhone which helped enormously for finding wYs in and out of towns. My phone died (rainwater) and that was a liberating experience in itself. However I am planning a full route...
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    Accommodations Questions (2019)

    Hi Folks, attempting the Norte commencing Wednesday Aug 7th 2019 (2 days time) Was wondering if anyone has info on the following Alburgues. Are the following pilgrim hostels still operating? - Irun Alburgue for Pilgrims - San Sebastian Alburgue for Pilgirims - getaria hostel (one up the hill...
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    Poudally missing shirt merino

    Help Left a merino long sleeve hooded shirt black grey behind in Poudally yesterday Jul 24. Its a vital piece of my walking kit. Feel like a. Idiot. In les Mathieux at present but thing is they say in Poudally that shirt is not there!! They checked for 5 mins while on phone no sign of it. I...
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    Dublin to La Puy

    Hi, Apologies if this has been asked before, but I am wondering what is the best route to take to get to La Puy? I can fly to Montpellier which is closest (I think) to La Puy, but am not sure how to proceed from there. I cold fly to Bordeaux, its further away but again am not sure how to...
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    Currently on CP

    Hi Folks I am currently walking the CP. I have just completed stage 3. It is NOT my intentional to give daily updates as I am pretty tired at end of day. However when I see som thing that I think needs to be passed on I will do so. (As yesterday re closure on Sunday's of alburgue at azumbuja)...
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    Alburgue in Azambuja

    Hi folks Current onCamino Portugese. In Azambuja and see a note on door of Alburgue to say that it will be closed seery Sunday from July 5th to end of September. There is another possibility in Azumbuja but not to good and expensive €30. Next Accom is approximately 13 km further on in a Casa...
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    Some basic questions/help

    Hi, I have been on the Norte befiore, however never at this time of the year. I intend to start at Irun April 3rd and walk to Santander in 10 to 12 days. I was wondering about the fowwloing. 1. Does the Alburgue in San Sebastien open in April over the Easter period? If not, can anyone...
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    Melide Flasher

    Hi Just to warn you all. Today I was standing on the other side of melide with my wife applying sun screen when 2 peregrino ( both young girls) came along. They were quite agitated and shocked as an "old " man had just flashed at them in a very explicit way. As we were all on far side of town...
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    late arrival to Biarritz

    Hi, Apologies in advance for this query as its very nearly an FAQ. However I am arriving to Biarritz off ryanair at 1710 and i cannot seem to arrange transport to SJPDP. I know that there is a bus to bayonne and then a train from there to SJPDP. However my flight arrives at 1710 and the next...
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    Accommodation in Santiago

    Hi Can anyone recommend good accommodation in Santiago? I seem to recall Ivar has some facility there?? Any help appreciated Peter
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    Piedrablancas to soto de luna

    Hi folks Currently in Piedrablancas but have found only 1 yellow arrow in town. Tourist office closed and police don't Know which way to go to catch the Camino. Has anyone bed thru here that can give us some Details as to which way out of town we go to take Camino. Any help appreciated. Peter
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    How to get to ribadesella from Irun

    Hi, Could not fly into Santander or Bilbao on the right day. So I am flying to Biarritz tomorrow Monday and want to restart my Camino Norte In ribadesella. Anyone know of a way to get there from irun? Opportunity to get away just came up so I jumped. Any help appreciated Peter
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    Hi Folks, I have been struck with tendonitis! This happened after St Bernard and at Ribadesalla I decided to stop. (I had to return home for a sudden job interview anyway) So now I am at home and wondering whether to return after a weeks rest. Leg feels .....OK but not yet back to full strength...
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    Norte and Bags

    I am starting the Norte route July 3rd. My wife and Daughter will be traveling also for a few days at the start. Does anyone know of a service to take their bags from stage to stage, particularly, Irun to San Seb and on as far as Deba. They are not experienced walkers and I would be grateful for...
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    Hotel recomendations

    Hi, I will be on the Norte route in July and my wife will be with me also, for a few days, as we are celebrating our wedding aniversary. I would like to stay in a hotel in either Irun or San Sebastion or indeed other etapa end points in the first 5 days. Can anybody recommend a hotel or pension...
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    How to get to Hendaya or Lrun from biarritz

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to get from Biarritz airport to Hendaya or Lrun? Or from Hendaya to lrun. I am traveling next Friday July 16th arriving to Biarritz at 1820 and am concerned about getting to Lrun on time to get a bed for the night. Any help or info would be appreciated. Regards Peter
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    Two weeks to walk

    Hi, I have 2 weeks to walk on the Norte route. I would like to start in Lrun and would hope to walk approx 25 to 30 KM per day. Can anyone suggest an appropriate route for me to complete within a 2 week period. I have walked the France route before and as such am an experienced camino walker...
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    Recently I have been thinking of an experience I had on my last visit to the Camino Frances. I had walked from ST Jean to Burgos (having done Burgos to Santiago year before) and was leaving the Camino traveling to Madrid by bus. On the morning I walked to take the bus I walked from the alburgue...
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    getting to lrun

    Hi folks, Terrible weather here in Ireland. I am interested in doing a section of the north route from Lrun for maybe 5 or 6 days. I can fly into Biarritz from Dublin easily enough but have no idea how to get to Lrun to start my walking or how long it would take me to get there (lrun). Does...
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    weather and stuff

    OK, its nearly midnight here in Dublin. I depart tomorrow. I have been before, but fr some reason I am bloody nervous. I have a poncho military (so heavier than usual) or a good jacket. The Poncho is so cool as it covers everyhting and I mean everything. All my kit queries are centered around...

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