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  1. Theandrea

    Walking a Camino is a Very Selfish Act - Isn't it?

    I see it like this: self ... fish. I try to fish for my self I have lost long time ago. The Camino is the perfect waters to go fishing 😉
  2. Theandrea

    What is the most unusual thing you have seen on any Camino?

    I found one rollerskate in the middle of the Camino road far away from any village. As bizzar this find was as amazing was it’s timing when I found it. I was before cross fero and wondering what I wanted to lay down with a stone. I have lost my stone I brought from home the night before and...
  3. Theandrea

    Camino Phrases and Titles

    Hi 3 months ago I walked the Camino kodo in Japan. There is no phrases and greeting or anything like in Spain. Although I also was annoyed with saying buen Camino a million times a day in Spain I was missing this greatly in japan. You would walk and just pass someone and sometimes you would...
  4. Theandrea

    LIVE from the Camino Are You A Camino Junkie?

    Hi I have two Camino tattoos and one from my hometown. I had no problems the last 6 days to get in any onsen. You can by covering up foil in pharmacies. I loooove the onsense. Actually i just had one 30 minutes ago!
  5. Theandrea

    Camino Signs in Unlikely Places

    Hungo Japan Over 10 000 km to Santiago?!!It will take me a year!
  6. Theandrea

    LIVE from the Camino Camino kodo -Dual Pilger

    Today we got our dual pilgrimage compostelas! Camino kodo-Japan. We are safe! On Monday we took the bus back to the point we finished on Saturday. The typhoon was a baby typhoon and today the sun was shining as if nothing happened. The way is beautiful. A peaceful quiet forest. Only the...
  7. Theandrea

    LIVE from the Camino Typhoon tarmi stops the Camino

    Camino kodo - Japan. Day 2&3 We made it to the entrance! And walked the first two ertappes . Only 13 km but it is in the mountains so we had to do several 100 meters up and down. Absolutely magical and instead of coffee shops and churches there are small temples with self stamping station. The...
  8. Theandrea

    LIVE from the Camino Camino kodo- Japan day 1

    Oh what a different experience! We doing the dual pilgrimage and are in Japan at the moment to complete the dual Camino . Santiago saw me already 4 times and we are now eligible to get the dual pilgrimage status after we complete the Camino Komodo kodo . It's a little different than on the...
  9. Theandrea

    Lugo -Santiago enough km to get compostela?

    Hi ho We would like to walk lugo -Santiago- finessterre. I wonder if we will get a compostela in Santiago for the lugo to Santiago stretch or is it not enough km? Some guid books say 93 some say just over 100? Anyone know? Andrea
  10. Theandrea

    Walk from Lugo to Sarria?

    Hi Do you get a compostela when starting in lugo? It's just 91 km
  11. Theandrea

    2016 Nov/Dec & 2017 Jan Peregrinos Departures

    Hi I am here! Astorga is great and tomorrow rabanal
  12. Theandrea

    Live - Camino Francés Camino Frances in Winter

    Hi ho I am in astorga today. There is a group of 9 pilgrims. All mostly Spanish and Italian. It's 3 degrees a little sun today and everything was shut due to new year celebration. Alburge Maria is open and warm and has hot showers! It was hard tonight to find a menu perigrino. Off to rabanal...
  13. Theandrea

    In astorga

    In astorga
  14. Theandrea

    Live - Camino Francés Camino Frances in Winter

    Hi syates Looks like it's lonely? I am bit scared of loneliness and a bit nervous to start in a week from astorga. Looks like you will be just ahead of me on the 2 of January. All my past Caminos were in spring and plenty of people. Now I will face the emptiness of people, my biggest fear ...
  15. Theandrea

    Good books of people's experiences on the Camino

    Hi Alisa piper sinning across Spain! Loved it. Australia author . I even highlighted things in it ( I never highlighted before)
  16. Theandrea

    2016 Nov/Dec & 2017 Jan Peregrinos Departures

    Hi ho I am very excited to walk soon. Originally I wanted to start on 9th of January in astorga but things changed! My Camino family from last year decided they want to walk again too so we meeting up again with some of them! I will be starting to walk on the 3 ed of January in astorga to meet...
  17. Theandrea

    What was the hardest part of the Camino de Santiago?

    walking with blister pain. i had to take iboprofin 600 every 4 hours to numb the pain
  18. Theandrea

    2016 Nov/Dec & 2017 Jan Peregrinos Departures

    if you mean december i might meet you. i walk from the 9th of January from astorga.

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