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  1. dreaminggypsy

    A 'One Word' Why?

  2. dreaminggypsy

    Arcade to Combarro Distance..?

    Thanks for your answers, everyone. And, yes, Chrissy-we are staying in Combarro two nights for a rest day. We thought it would be the perfect place for a rest day.
  3. dreaminggypsy

    Arcade to Combarro Distance..?

    I have googled the heck out of it on the internet and on this forum...? Just would like feedback of someone who has walked it to tell me. Thank you.
  4. dreaminggypsy

    Arcade to Combarro Distance..?

    Using the various sites: Gronze and Brierley and guide books and such...I have the distance from Arcade to Combarro at about 14 miles or 22.5 KMS. Is that about right? Also, what would an accurate distance from Combarro to Armentiera be...I found conflicting reports in my own research. Thank...
  5. dreaminggypsy

    Casa Fernanda to Spiritual Variant Path

    She responded on messaging through Whatsapp. Thank you. She has reserved our spots.
  6. dreaminggypsy

    Casa Fernanda to Spiritual Variant Path

    Thanks, I am giving email a try. Having issues with Whatsapp...I had to invite them? So, we will see if they respond to either my email or my whatsapp invite.
  7. dreaminggypsy

    Casa Fernanda to Spiritual Variant Path

    Rachel-Good morning. Did you call on Whats App?
  8. dreaminggypsy

    Casa Fernanda to Spiritual Variant Path

    At Casa Fernanda..to clarify. Thanks.
  9. dreaminggypsy

    Casa Fernanda to Spiritual Variant Path

    Albertinho-Would you be able to make a reservation for my husband and myself for the 15th of April? We would like a double bed..or a room with two twins. Thank you. Tammi and Dave Clancy
  10. dreaminggypsy

    Suggested stages??

    Where did you stay in Arcos?
  11. dreaminggypsy

    Casa Fernanda to Spiritual Variant Path

    I would love to know, Albertinho, which route you preferred to Casa Fernanda--Porto to Viana do Castello to Balugaes vis bus OR straight walk from Porto to Sao Pedro de Rates - Barcelos - to Fernanda's?
  12. dreaminggypsy

    Best place to stay between San Pedro de Rates and Barcelos?

    We will be starting the morning from Vilo de Conde and I think we will be able to walk farther than San Pedro de rates but perhaps not as far as Barcelos...? Thanks. Tammi
  13. dreaminggypsy

    Casa Fernanda to Spiritual Variant Path

    Best way to get to Spiritual Variant Path from Casa Fernanda on Central Route? I think, from what I have read, the best way to get from the Coastal Route to Casa Fernanda is turn at Vila do Conde and head to Barcelos. Once we go the Central Route to Casa Fernanda-we want to be able to get to...
  14. dreaminggypsy

    Camino Portuguese

    We are walking the same route as you in April/May 2020! However, adding some "wander and wonder" days and staying in favorite places that we find for more than one night--giving ourselves that space. Cheers!
  15. dreaminggypsy

    Just got back!

    Thank you, Anthony. I am planning an April 2020 Camino Portugues--from Porto to Muxia--and, I love learning anything about "any Camino" from others.
  16. dreaminggypsy

    Just got back!

    True beauty and FUN! What were the "Way More Challenging Than I Thought" challenges?
  17. dreaminggypsy

    Is Casa de Fernanda a possibility on Coastal Route?

    My question is about this stage: Porto - Vairào (or if you like Porto to Angeiras and Angeiras to Vila do Conde along the coast and then head for the central route to São Pedro de Rates) Is the way from Vila do Conde off of the coastal route to the central route to Sao Pedro de Rates well...
  18. dreaminggypsy

    April/May 2020 CP to Muxia/Finesterre

    Landing in Porto on April 8th, 2020 to start the CP for my 60th with my husband who is 62--have not decided whether we will take the Coastal or Central Route or mix it up--but, do want to stay at Casa de Fernanda so will probably mix it up. I love solitude yet am intrigued by people--people are...
  19. dreaminggypsy

    Recommendations for Porto-Santiago-Finisterre

    I would love to know, ahead of time, what you find magical about Muxia...I seek magic. Thank you. Tammi
  20. dreaminggypsy

    Decision made

    Hello-I, too, just joining this forum today--am planning on an April/May 2020 Walk--May 9th being my 60th birthday. Yahoo!

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