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  1. frjuliangreen

    Hep A/B vaccination

    Erm, you do realise Spain is not in the developing world?
  2. frjuliangreen

    My VdlP blog

    I don't know if anyone will be interested... I'm doing the VdlP/Sanabrés in sections through the year. So far I've done 20 days Seville to Calzada de Béjar. The blog is at http://frjulianscamino.blogspot.com
  3. frjuliangreen

    Seville Starting Plaque/Point Location?

    There is one before the one at the end of García de Vinuesa. It is, however, high up, on the wall right opposite the main door of the Cathedral, so it's the nearest to the beginning of the Camino. Good luck climbing up to it though.
  4. frjuliangreen

    Anyone else walking Via de la plata January/February 2020

    Doing the VdlP in sections. Already done Sevilla to Mérida the first week of this month. On 3rd Feb I'm starting again from Mérida and aiming to get to Salamanca in 12 days. I think you'll be well ahead of me by then. Buen camino! On the two smaller sections I've done (Sevilla to Monesterio in...
  5. frjuliangreen

    Cellular Signal on the Via de la Plata

    I've only just walked Seville to Monesterio so far, but it passes through some quite uninhabited parts. There was signal most of the time - at least some. And as someone else said, even if your network has no coverage, dialling the emergency number can access any network. The bigger problems...
  6. frjuliangreen

    Getting ready

    Hello Annie. Sorry not to get back to you earlier. I think my Bishop and my mother would both have a fit if they thought I was going to be away at Christmas! No. I am doing the VdlP in six stages over the course of a year. It's the only way I can get to do it. So just this last week I have...
  7. frjuliangreen

    Getting ready

    I'm starting the VdlP on Monday. Winter Caminos are where it's at.
  8. frjuliangreen

    Torremejia - one to avoid

    Well I shall go with an open mind. I see there is an alternative place to eat down the road at least.
  9. frjuliangreen

    Torremejia - one to avoid

    Oh great. I'm booked in to that place in the first week of January - is it the Milenium?
  10. frjuliangreen

    Day by day video of Seville to Salamanca

    Absolutely excellent work. I'm going to be walking the VdlP over the course of the next year in chunks. Great to see the terrain.
  11. frjuliangreen

    Beware weekend 12 October!

    Good luck with sightseeing in Vitoria Gasteiz
  12. frjuliangreen

    Taking a number in Santiago.

    That is the case. If, however, you arrive in a group, you can get a sheet from the security guy on the door, and fill it in with all the details of your group, and hand in your sheet with completed credenciales. They give you a time to come back. On return just go directly to the office on the...

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