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  1. GerryDel

    Finally I saw The Way

    Thought it was a great and entertaining movie with an inspiring storyline. Not exactly an accurate depiction of day to day Camino life, but I wasn't expecting a documentary.
  2. GerryDel

    Making the stage SJPP to Roncesvalles safer

    I love the idea. Let's improve this stage!
  3. GerryDel

    So nervous about first night in SJPP

    We just showed up at the Pilgrim's Office at SJPDP, asked where we could get lodging, and they pointed us to the right place, which happened to be next door to the Pilgrim's Office. The lady even took us over there and introduced us, since we didn't speak French.
  4. GerryDel

    Cost to walk?

    I was spending somewhere between 35-50 euro a day depending on where I stayed and what I ate. I understand that some have gotten by with as little as 25 euro a day, but I didn't try to limit my budget in any way.
  5. GerryDel

    How busy is the Camino Frances

    I walked from Sarria to Santiago from July 15th - 20th. We just missed each other. Yes, the bikes were bad. My son was nearly hit coming out of Arzua. I saw a deaf woman who had just passed us nearly get hit. Granted she was kind of all over the trail, but still the bikes need to be...
  6. GerryDel

    Too many "tourist" days?

    Too many? Isn't that up to you? If I had a couple months to walk the Camino, I would spend a few days in each of the cities just exploring them, learning about their culture, visiting their museums, trying out different restaurants, going to mass in each church. I would love to play the...
  7. GerryDel

    Albergue Etiquette

    Good luck with all that. Never saw much etiquette observed. Stayed in pensiones after a few nights of dealing with albergues.
  8. GerryDel

    How busy is the Camino Frances

    From Sarria to Santiago is crowded. I went in July of this year and there were times the bikes were coming too close to the walkers. If you must go via bike, please use a bell or call out "Buen Camino" or "Bike" or something before you reach the walkers, not after. I found myself calling out...
  9. GerryDel

    List your pilgrim blog URL Here - we want to read your story

    I blog about all trails I walk locally in Texas plus the Camino and a few other places I've been -> http://trailbuddy.wordpress.com/
  10. GerryDel

    My Blog, with an article on the running of the bulls

    If memory serves, I first read about the legend in Brierley. I am a fan of hagiography, so I looked it up and found out the truth of the matter. However, it was an interesting way to transition into discussion of the running of the bulls, so I used it.
  11. GerryDel

    My Blog, with an article on the running of the bulls

    Yep, that's why I said it was a legend that may or may not be correct.
  12. GerryDel

    My Blog, with an article on the running of the bulls

    Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it.
  13. GerryDel

    Has anyone attended a soccer game along the Camino Frances?

    Great idea. I wanted to take my son to a Real Madrid game, but we were walking in mid summer and they weren't playing.
  14. GerryDel

    The last 100 km

    Who's to say whose Camino is more valid than another's or more well deserved? Circumstances prevent some from having an entire month off, myself included. I walked what my schedule and budget would allow and feel my Camino is just as valid as anyone else's. I walked about 117 miles.
  15. GerryDel

    The last 100 km

    The main gripe I had about the last 100 km were the large groups of people who stood directly on the trail, therefore blocking it, waiting for their friends to catch up. I ran into this a couple of times. Please step to one side so other pilgrims can get by.
  16. GerryDel

    Your favorite way to spend 8 days on the Camino

    Now that I know about the free wine fountain in Estella, I would hit that baby hard. I told my wife I wanted to move there and become the local drunk.
  17. GerryDel

    The last 100 km

    I just think of the many saints (Church acknowledged or otherwise) throughout history who probably walked only the 100 km. Certainly in pilgrimages like Canterbury, they weren't necessarily walking anymore than 60 - 70 miles. The English way to Santiago was only 100 km. In this day and age...
  18. GerryDel

    Grade of ascent out of St. Jean

    Steep and steeper.
  19. GerryDel

    Angela Merkel to walk the Camino

    More power to her.

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