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  1. rosswall

    Two weeks

    I agree with Minkey. Start at SJPDP, finish at Burgos. There is no dobt you'll be back, and sooner than you may think.
  2. rosswall

    Departures from St. Jean Pied de Port?

    I once saw a graph on the forum showing weekly departures fron St Jean but can not locate it. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. rosswall

    New App.

    Yes it does look good but I found the Sloways app worked very well in 2016
  4. rosswall

    start a thread

    start a thread
  5. rosswall

    Comment by 'rosswall' in media 'Orisson'

  6. rosswall

    Comment by 'rosswall' in media 'Cruz de Ferro - rush hour'

    In September 2013 I found it uncrowned, respectful with a number of people with tears in the eyes. As with most things on the Camino, the earlier in the day you experience it the less crowded it will be.
  7. rosswall

    about 3 weeks to walk - Burgos or Logrono?

    Start at st jean and walk for the 3 weeks I guarantee you will return to finish it one day Then you will have had the full experience do not miss st jean to Pamplona! It is magic
  8. rosswall

    Should I do a Camino Course beforehand??

    I did Marc's course and it was very good. I am glad I did it This forum is informative but nothing beats face to face communication Having said that if you can talk to people who have walked the camino it is not necessary If not do it . Marc is very professional Sent from my iPhone using...
  9. rosswall

    Thank you for distributing the YTD statistics for 2013. I am interested to find the weekly...

    Thank you for distributing the YTD statistics for 2013. I am interested to find the weekly figures of those who visited the Pilgrim office in Saint Jean. I saw it once but can not seem to locate it again?
  10. rosswall

    Private rooms saved my Camino

    I agree but what website can you find them?
  11. rosswall

    I'm confused about taxi service

    Tumbleweed try this www.expressbourricot.com Good luck
  12. rosswall

    Travelling from Biarritz to SJPDP?

    Hi camino nomad I also fly in on the 1st at 2pm. A group of 3 arrive at 4pm. We are sharing a shuttle to SJPDP. Want to join us? If so contact the shuttle company Aphessetche Caroline Tel: (+33) (0)6 61 96 04 76 Email: apcaroline@hotmail.com<mailto:apcaroline@hotmail.com> website...
  13. rosswall

    Would I, had I known...?

    Dr Matthew Lyons did mine. Very happy. But I think they are all good there. Hear good thinks about David Wood. It was about 9 months until I was back to normal and able to walk long distances. But this is so much better than when I also was bone on bone.
  14. rosswall

    Would I, had I known...?

    Yes Bill a total knee replacement performed at The Mater Hospital at Noth Sydney. Brilliant surgeons.
  15. rosswall

    Would I, had I known...?

    I had the same problem Bill so this is what I did a year ago. Start walking from SJPDP in 2 weeks.
  16. rosswall

    You know you're a pilgrim(or soon to be) when...

    Camillis you take 1st prize. Love it!
  17. rosswall

    56 Page Photographic Diary of my Camino in Sept 12.

    Love it mark Are you going to have an ebook version? As you know easy to do with Blurb
  18. rosswall

    You know you're a pilgrim(or soon to be) when...

    ......you weigh your ear plugs and find they're only .5 of a gram
  19. rosswall

    Not the right page but an interesting inquiry

    Make sure to visit Cafe Bar Rossi on the waterfront. Best coffee in Bellagio
  20. rosswall

    Anyone planning Camino Sept/Oct 2013 from Gold Coast/Bris

    Hi john & Madeleine I head off from St Jean on September. 2nd also See you there Ross

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