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  1. Lindor

    Planning to start from Roncevalles at beginning of July

    I'm starting on the 3rd April via Valcarlos route, and the only booking I have made is for St Jean Pied de Port on my Camino-eve. I hadn't planned on booking Rocesvalles alburgue. I understand later in the year (June/July) it may be full, but do people think it will be full in early April?
  2. Lindor

    Tacky or Cool?

    My Mum went to Medugorje a few years ago, and told me there were statues of Our Lady with flashing neon Halo's, and a 'nodding' Jesus for your car on sale in the souvenir shops. So tacky imo, I can't think why anyone in their right mind would buy these items, especially someone who has gone to...
  3. Lindor

    How Hot is Too Hot for You? (NOT a Poll)

    LOL @ you describing 26-30degs as 'cool'. This to me would be an absolute scorcher of a day. With my pasty Irish skin, I would be like a lobster walking in that weather, and probably 3rd degree burns if I tried to walk in 35degs or over, as described by others here. Red skin and a huge amount of...
  4. Lindor

    Poll Which accommodations do you primarily use?

    Maybe a silly question, but how can you tell which type of alburgue is which from the outside? Do they say the price/type on a sign outside? I will be travelling on a budget, so will hopefully be staying in whichever is the cheapest. I would rather not have to walk into a place, ask the price...
  5. Lindor

    Timmy Mallett Camino journal and autobiography

    I'm definately going to buy this. What a journey!! I loved Timmy Mallet growing up. Getting up early on a Saturday morning to watch Wacaday, sitting in front of the TV with my 2 brothers eating a bowl of cocoa pops is one of my favourite childhood memories. I met him back in the mid 80s when he...
  6. Lindor

    Easter start

    I'm starting on the 3rd and aiming to be in Logrono on Easter Sunday, so may see you there. I hadn't even considered Easter when I booked my flight, but I believe its something special in Spain and can't wait to be there for it
  7. Lindor

    Recommended shoe size

    @davebugg Thanks for taking the time to share your wisdom. You've given me some great info there and a lot to think about. It's much appreciated x
  8. Lindor

    Recommended shoe size

    I'm in Ireland, and I would be doubtful I would get a a 1 year trial here. I'd imagine that the huge population of America means there is a lot more competition between suppliers, so they attract customers by offers like this. To be honest, my current boots are well worn so need replacing...
  9. Lindor

    Recommended shoe size

    I have never heard of a shop where I live doing this? Maybe they do, I've just never thought to ask. It would be great if they did, as I will be purchasing new boots in the next couple of weeks (giving myself plenty time to break them in before my April camino), and have been worrying about the...
  10. Lindor

    Avoiding the breakfast trap?

    Apologies, I meant is milk easily available to buy. Like, I know there will be supermarkets in the towns, but will there be shops in the small villages to buy milk and food to prepare for lunch/evening meal etc? Its just that I'm going to be on a tight budget, and won't really be able to afford...
  11. Lindor

    Avoiding the breakfast trap?

    Is it easy to buy milk on the camino? A small carton, from a shop? And does anyone know if you can buy Weetabix in Spain? As my plan was to just buy milk and eat 2 Weetabix for breakfast every morning. Will have a tin mug and spork with me, instead of a luxurious bowl and spoon lol I will bring...
  12. Lindor

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    Thankyou Chrissy. Yes it a beautiful place, I'm very lucky to be able to live here. I live on the edge of a small town (a village really) in a rural area, surrounded by nature. I can be in the Galtee mountains within 30minutes whenever I want to go for a hike. I grew up in an industrial...
  13. Lindor

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    Just a short walk today, on the west coast of Ireland, looking out onto the Atlantic ocean. Watched the sun go down whilst standing on top of a cliff at Spanish Point, Co Clare.....
  14. Lindor

    Dangerous dog

    I actually love dogs, nice friendly ones that is lol... As I said, I do have a fear of cows, but I know they are generally sound, and I'm determined to overcome that fear on the camino as I know its irrational on my part. I like goats and sheep don't bother me at all (in fact, because of all my...
  15. Lindor

    Merry Christmas to you all

    Nollaig Shona from Ireland x
  16. Lindor

    Dangerous dog

    Sorry, didn't mean to be blasphemous. I'm Irish, it's just the way we talk...... I hope your right, that dog attacks are a rare thing
  17. Lindor

    Dangerous dog

    Jesus Christ. Dog attacks are something I hadn't considered at all when planning my Camino, the only thing I was concerned about was meeting cattle on the way. I have a fear of cows, and one of my hopes for the camino is to try overcome that fear. Now I have an extra thing to be worried about...
  18. Lindor

    Low airfares

    Wow! Us Europeans are so lucky, its so cheap for us to get there. I just booked a 1-way Ryanair flight for €43... Dublin (IRL) to Biarritz. When we live so close, we tend to forget about the exorbitant costs others from around the world face to just get to the starting point.

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