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30 days

  1. luckylefty

    what to skip. out of necessity.....

    I have 32 days off that includes my travel days.... so i have a decision to make. I was going to start in Burgos but would really like to hike the Pyrenees. In all of your experiences......which area would you skip (if you were forced to). I understand it all has worth but would like the...
  2. K

    Exactly 30 days...where to start?

    I know Saint Jean is considered one of the starting points unofficially. But if I only have 30 days AND I'm determined to make it to Finisterre (that's where I really want to go), where would you recommend I start, assuming I'm walking in Sept/October? Thanks!
  3. audge

    30 days need to go SLOW. Where to start?

    Hi All, After postponing my trip because of an old ankle injury flare up, I have decided to go the middle of Aug to Sept. I will have 30 days on the ground in Spain. I will need to take it slowly, and I want to rest some days as well. I was thinking of starting in Pamplona, but that may be...
  4. E

    30 days are enough from S.J to Santiago?

    I will start from SJ on the 20th of May and planned to be back on the 18/06... do you think I can do it?
  5. Jac Jac Taylor

    30 days or longer?

    Hi everybody, I've booked my el camino trip for may this year. I'm travelling from Australia. Have I booked enough time to complete the walk of st James from SJPP to Santiago de Compostela? Will this be an enjoyable walk in 30 days or a treacherous, rushed trek? I'm packing nice and light...
  6. Parzival

    SJPDP to Finisterre in 30 days? I needs some itinerary help.

    I would like to walk from SJPDP to Finisterre in 30 days. I might be able to get 1 or 2 days more off from work. I have reviewed the online planner, and I can't really wrap my head around it. How does one go about calculating how many days a trip like this will take? In doing my research it...
  7. S

    Albergue in St.Jean Pied de Port / in 30 days to Santiago

    Hello to everybody on this forum and anyone that would be kind enough to help a 1st time pilgrim! :) I must say that I love this forum. I've been preparing for the last 6 months for the Camino and as time of my pilgrimage is coming closer, I decided to register here and ask some final...
  8. ivar

    Correos now holds parcels for 30 days during 2010

    As we have discussed before, the Spanish postal system (Correos) did hold on to a pilgrim parcel for 30 days a few years ago. This was then changed to 14 days (the norm in Spain) last year. Now this holy year, they have increased this to 30 days again. This is true starting in may 2010 until...

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