1. CaminoSleeps

    Camino Frances Accommodation Directory -

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  2. A

    Double room with bathroom in SJPP 6th/7th September in good price for anyone??

    Hello, I have booked double room with private bathroom in Gite Zazpiak in St Jean Pied de Port from Wednesday 6th September to Thursday 7th Sept. Unfortunately, because of private reasons I had to change my start day of the Camino, but it was too late for cancel this reservation for free... So...
  3. Jenny267

    Logrono 4 and 5 September

    For those around Los Arcos and Lograno on 4th and 5th September, there is a stage of La Vuelta a Espana being run on the 5th between roughly Los Arcos and Logrono starting at 1.30pm. It's a cycle race, approx 200 riders from what I can see, cycling on the NA1110 and A12. There is a rest day in...
  4. Alisoun

    New accommodation now available in Charente Maritime

    Greetings to all pilgrims Following my original post about my dream for a Pilgrim's Halt on the Via Turonensis or Voie de Tours, I am happy to announce that I can now offer accommodation at special Pilgrim rates. I've just got permission from the owner of the house I'm living in to offer this...
  5. Matt Wright

    CDN - Eat,Drink,Sleep: A personal guide from San Sebastian - Gijon

    We've just finished Stage 1 of the Camino del Norte (CDN), walking from San Sebastian - Gijon during May/June 2017. Sorry, but it's taken me a while to put together the list of where we ate, drank, and slept as I've rummaging through numerous crumpled receipts and trying to piece these...
  6. Alisoun

    Pilgrim's Halt on Voie de Tours

    Greetings to all pilgrims. I have a dream to open a Pilgrim's Halt in the Charente Maritime about 4km on from Mirambeau. I've spoken to a lot of Pilgrims on this route and it seems there is a lack of reasonable accommodation in some sections. The idea would be to offer bed, evening meal...
  7. HikerGerro

    Hosteria de Zubiri

    Hi, two of us travelling to SJPP early June for one week only. We've pre-booked accommodation (last year) and are reconfirming this week. We can't get a reply/response from Hosteria de Zubiri in Zubiri. Does anyone know if it has closed down? I'm seeing conflicting stories on the internet and...
  8. mmorash

    Irun Logistics

    Hi. I am a first time Camino participant looking forward to an introductory 2 weeks on Camino del Norte starting May 7. Will be traveling from Canada to Paris arriving into Hendaye via train from Paris. I am wondering about logistics to Irun before starting the following day. - What is the...
  9. D

    Accommodation- book ahead?

    Hola and grateful thanks in advance. My husband and I plan to do the full Camino starting mid September and not taking sleeping bags - hoping to stay in private accommodation along the way. Should we start researching and booking? My hope was that we would have no fixed itinerary and just hope...
  10. MilerMilo

    Late(r) Arrival in Roncesvalles

    To start my Camino I am planning to take the first train from Bayonne, pop by the Pilgrim Office in SJPDP, and then get up to Roncesvalles. It says the train (temporarily a bus) arrives in SJPDP just after 9:00, so figuring getting on the road by 10:00. If it takes eight hours-ish to get up to...
  11. E

    Portugues vs Frances for the anxious

    Hola! everyone (first post) I had been pretty set on doing the Portugues, either late this year (October/November) or early next (March/April), largely as I saw it as avoiding possible accommodation problems by taking a quieter route. Having read on this forum about the fewer number of...
  12. WalkingGeo

    Camino Portuguese Advise

    Hi All, It's funny, I walked the Frances Route With my son last September and as we left Santiago in the Jet to start our journey home, I remember saying to myself "Boy, I'm glad that's behind me!" Now, I find myself being pulled back, almost as though I haven't finished what I needed to...
  13. Shauna

    Alternative accommodation

    we are planning our camino for June and just wondered if there was accommodation along the way such as bed and breakfast or pension, rather than albergue? As we have less time this year we will be walking further so I would like to book some rooms along the way.
  14. C

    Sleeping bags for Camino Ingles?

    We are first timers planning to walk the Camino Ingles in a few weeks. I've heard different things about whether you need a sleeping bag if you are staying in the albergues. Is there central heating, or is it more basic than that? We weren't planning to bring bags but perhaps that's a choice we...
  15. R

    Accommodation at O Porriño

    Hi - I have been looking at accommodation options at O Porriño and there don't seem to be many choices. I generally prefer to have my own room if at all possible because I can't sleep through loud snoring, even with ear plugs. I have seen good reviews of Hotel Azul but it hasn't responded to my...
  16. B


    I would like to start the walk from Compostela to Muxia right after attending the 12 noon Mass in Compostela. What is the next town can we stay on the way to the Camino de Finisterre? Would most places to stay on this Camino are recommended? Thank you.
  17. M

    Padron stop off

    Hi Looking for somewhere for a group of 8 to stop off beyond Padron, to shorter the last day's walk into Santiago. Heading off mid May this year. Any suggestions welcome. Cheers Mark
  18. irishgurrrl

    Possible stages for my camino

    Hey folks, I'm planning to walk the Camino Primitivo this yr from Oviedo to Melide and then catch a bus to Santiago. (Have done the entire CF before so want to spend as much time as possible on the sections of the CP before Melide). Excluding travel days I've about 14 days for actual walking...
  19. Kbierstube

    Sleeping outside?

    So, sleeping outside. What are the circumstances that would motivate a pilgrim to do so? Where exactly do pilgrims sleep outside; park bench? Street corner? Random field? Is it possible that I'll need to sleep outside during my Sept 2017 CF?! I'd prefer not to. Do I have alternatives? Tia!
  20. C

    Food and accommodation - Camino Frances

    I am trying to give som good advice to a couple that wants to walk part of the camino in spring 2017. They are interested in the beautiful scenery and to taste some of the good cuisine in the various areas. My suggestion was that they walk from Astorga to Sarria. Such they will experience what...