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advice for camino

  1. Gibbo147

    Packing for my First Camino

    Hey everyone. This has been asked a million times I am sure, and I have spent weeks researching these and other threads and sites to come up with my list. I am doing a few training walks now, but have yet to buy the pack so its going to be an interesting one. I plan on shopping up a storm...
  2. F

    Albergues from Lugo. Mid November

    Hi all! Hopefully I will start El Camino with my grandfather on November 15 starting on Lugo. I've heard some albergues close in winter. Is there a way to know which albergues will be open? Any other tips/advice is greatly appreciated as well. Thank you all in advance!
  3. Lizremedy

    Which Cycling Route - 1st time on camino?

    Want to cycle the Camino later 2019 or spring 2020. We are use to casual mtb riding. I dont know where to start planning. Which is the best recommended route to follow - without being crowded? Can cyclists follow the same paths as hikers, use the same accommodation, etc? What is security like in...
  4. DsixDsix

    Reflections and Lessons learnt

    I sit writing this back at my desk in Canada, its been a week since my return from the first 166 km of the CF. (We went in Late June 2018)Yet the thought of it still lingers in my mind, a longing for the freedom and friendship that it brought me. I wanted to write this to reflect and to help any...
  5. yoosusie

    Last minute journey to Compostela?! Crazy or Worth it

    Dear past, present, and future pilgrims. I (F, 24) have been intrigued to go on this journey ever since I was in high school. In between college with summer school and other vacations I have never been able to go (didn't have the courage). I graduated college last May (2017) and have yet to...
  6. judy jackstadt

    What to do?

    Only twice all the way from St Jean to Finisterra was I unhappy with my albergue. One albergue was not very clean. I had a hard time obtaining toilet paper from the hospitalero and the showers were awful (mildew and flooded the whole bathroom.). Another, I knew the second I walked in. It had an...
  7. Roops

    Camino Del Norte - Advice / Tips

    Hey everyone, I just want to say a big hello to everyone in the forum. My friend and I are planning on walking the Camino del Norte in July / August 2017. We will be starting in Bilbao (flying from Manchester, England) and have 22 days. We have planned walks for 19 days with the walks ranging...
  8. H

    Hiking the Camino in April. Advice needed!

    Hi everyone! My brother and I are hiking the Camino in April this year and we are super excited!! Could anyone else who has hiked that month tell me what the weather like? What clothes should we bring? Tent or just sleeping bag? Ad what did you all do as far as food goes? Carrying money...
  9. M

    Which route to take?

    Oddly I can't find a forum for what would seem to be the most important question for pilgrims: which route to take? In our case we want to walk 7-10 days. We are in our 60s and fit. We want to walk in Spain but would consider Portugal. But which of the many many routes would be best? We'd like...
  10. Suzyjan

    1st timer..Camino de Madrid mid June 2916

    I plan on starting my walk in Madrid mid June 2016. I'm nervous and love any advise about any and everything. This is my first time doing something like this.. Anyone else starting there? Tips? Can't I just walk in tennis shoes? Is the Madrid walk really only 2 weeks long?
  11. sophiehebrides

    1st Camino - advice on day lengths please!

    Hello I've been avidly reading threads on this fantastic site and plan to walk the Camino Ingles next week...! I have 5 days available, I arrive in SdC late on Weds night, will stay over then get the morning bus to Ferrol to begin my pilgrimage. I'm curious about the average distance per day...
  12. Kimberley Hall

    Newbie in need of advice!

    Hi All, I'm so excited I booked my flights yesterday to walk the Camino del Norte starting from Bilbao in September this year. It's been a dream for many years. I have done my research on the different routes and as this is the least walked I have chosen this one. I'll be doing the walk alone...
  13. G

    Walking the Camino in December/January

    Hi there! So, I'm going to walk the Camino Frances for the first time, starting in 13 of December. My idea is to walk the French path till Leon, then take the Camino Salvador to Oviedo and there start the Camino Primitivo to Melide, where, once again, I'll be walking the Camino Frances to...
  14. J

    Walking from Le Puy to Santiago (hopefully into Portugal) this December

    Hey, I'm planning to meet a friend in Toulouse and from there follow up the camino that starts from Le Puy, I want to de it in December (so in a couple of weeks!) Got most of my gear, bought a tent and good sleeping bag and small cooker, planning to camp out for most of my journey and carry on...
  15. Justin of the South

    What I Learned After My First Camino

    - I needed a lot less than I thought I would and I didn't bring that much to begin with. - Generosity abounds. - You will be hard pressed to run out of food or water...ever. I used a water "system" that worked well for reducing weight: I drank a full water bottle whenever I crossed paths with a...

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