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  1. Aphra

    Anyone walking Porto-Santiago July onwards? Any advice?

    Dear fellow pilgrims, I'm planning to walk Porto-Santiago the coastal then central route July 8th onwards....anyone walking? (Amended to avoid confusion) My concerns are that the camino will be too crowded at this time? I do wish to meet spirited people but also enjoy solitude and see this as...
  2. chazzie_leigh

    Numbness where shoulder straps rest

    Hi everyone, I’m currently on day 7 of Camino Frances. Today I’ve noticed numbness around the area of my shoulder straps, a lot of my bag weight is on my hips and I don’t have any shoulder/back pain from my bag though it’s bigger and heavier than I had hoped. Anyone else experienced this and any...
  3. T

    Need any advice for an inexperienced student group hoping to hike 4 days on their first camino

    Greetings friends, This is my first post here. I have never walked the Camino, but I am helping to arrange a group of students to do a short section. I know, this sounds strange, but let me explain. I work for a gap year organization. We send students on 3 month trips all over the world. For...
  4. andywild

    first time on a camino? feel free to read and comment on my blog

    I decided to document my Camino adventure (CF) with a blog. This will be my first Camino and I plan to go from couch potato to trail-ready between feb1st and april 18th (my start date). As I prepare for my Camino no doubt I will make mistakes which I hope you can avoid. Also maybe it will...
  5. andywild

    footwear question for april 2018

    Hi, I am planning on walking Camino Frances in mid April 2018.. This gives me about 12 weeks to get my equipment together. My main concern is footwear for the type of terrain at that time of year, (I'm assuming there will be a fair amount of wet weather). I'm hoping to get away with spending...
  6. meye1099

    Bed bug advice along Camino Primitivo and Norte

    Hi, everyone! I am walking the Camino del Norte in March and meeting my husband early April in Oviedo to walk the Camino Primitivo to Santiago. We walked the Camino Frances in 2015 and got bed bugs in Sarria. We'd like to avoid them if at all possible this time. I ordered a travel-sized bed...
  7. CaminoMatt73

    Starting the Norte Route in September

    I'm starting from IRUN around September 13th or so. Has anyone Hiked the Norte route in autumn? I'm wondering about the climate and the need for a sleeping bag or a liner with a light fleece throw blanket. Also, I've never used a phone in Europe but I hear about prepaid cards. Is this useful...
  8. H

    LIVE from the Camino Castrojeriz to Santiago in 17 days!!

    So I started from Burgos yesterday and I'm currently in Castrojeriz (beautiful!!). According to my new friend's guidebook, I realized that I'd get to Santiago in 19 days, on Aug 26, when I really need to get there in 17 days, by Aug 24, to catch my flight on the morning of the 25th. Anyone know...
  9. C

    Please provide a beginner Information

    I am a new pilgrim of El Camino. I would really like to walk El Camino Aragonese but I cannot find any travel agencies that will help. Does anyone know of any? If not, will someone please give me advice on how to succeed in this route. I am having trouble finding information. Thank you so much!
  10. Fares Ismail

    Random helpful advice

    So I start my first Camino in about 20 days and I already spend half my day reading posts on this forum hoping to answer the hundreds of “what if”s that are on my mind. I’m sure there are others like me so, I thought it would be nice if each person who had previously walked the Camino could...
  11. K

    Advice for the VDLP

    I'm considering the VDLP in 2018. Can anyone recommend a guidebook and any advice as a result of hindsight? Also, Seville or Granada as the start point - any preferences? Thx :)
  12. robelford

    Walking with 12 year-old son

    Hello, I am thankful for this forum and have learned much. My 12 year-old son and I plan to leave SJPDP on 29 May 2017, with 42 days available for walking. Does anyone have experience walking with a child about that age? Any lessons learned? We have been training regularly and he is very keen to...
  13. MarieClaireN

    Hip injury

    I am a 22 year old female and will be walking my 2nd full Camino Frances this June and had really bad bother with my hip joint from day 2 right the way to day 31 in my first Camino. I have a bad hip because of scoliosis and the pressure I put on this hip whilst walking. I know at least some...
  14. Jessica D

    Sahagún or Burgos?

    Long time reader, first time posting! I am walking the Camino Frances from May 4th to May 26th, giving me 22 days to walk the trail. I am in moderate shape and have been training when time allows. After reading blogs and forums, I'm torn between walking from Sahagún (16 days) and Burgos (21...
  15. N

    Advice needed for Camino Portugues please

    Hi Guys :) I am planning a little (mini) Camino in Portugal for April, but will only have 2.5 weeks to walk (which is super sad for me because the last time I walked I was real blessed with 2.5 months. bliss!) Because my time is so short, I would really appreciate it if I could have some...
  16. irishgurrrl

    Possible stages for my camino

    Hey folks, I'm planning to walk the Camino Primitivo this yr from Oviedo to Melide and then catch a bus to Santiago. (Have done the entire CF before so want to spend as much time as possible on the sections of the CP before Melide). Excluding travel days I've about 14 days for actual walking...
  17. S

    Tui to Santiago

    Hi, I've enjoyed ready various threads on Camino Portugues, the information has been very useful. I've just booked flights to Porto, my first Camino, with family members. As we are short on days we are doing the last 100km. We fly to Porto on Saturday 8th April and leave Porto on Sunday...
  18. gollygolly

    Walking the 'Pilgrims Way' as a prelude to Camino Ingles

    As a prelude to walking the Camino Ingles from La Coruna in July this year, I am intending to walk from Salisbury Cathedral to Winchester and then along the Pilgrims Way to Canterbury Cathedral. If any forum members have some useful advice about the Pilgrims Way that they are willing to share...
  19. M

    Which route to take?

    Oddly I can't find a forum for what would seem to be the most important question for pilgrims: which route to take? In our case we want to walk 7-10 days. We are in our 60s and fit. We want to walk in Spain but would consider Portugal. But which of the many many routes would be best? We'd like...
  20. R

    cutting down the packing list

    Hi, Pelegrinos! I leave tomorrow, and I need to shave 2lbs off my pack. All these things aren't even in there! I don't need them, right? - swim suit - nail clippers -2nd tupe of sunscreen ( I have one.) -bug repellent (do I need it?) -head lamp -pads (Ladies, I'll have my period once on the...

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