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  1. Aliog

    Lost Mammut Jacket. SQC Airport

    Hello Travelers, I just want to try my luck here as well if someone has found a Mammut crew jacket on the airport in Santiago. I feel so stupid to lose the jacket of my dad on the last day... My Flight was on the 27th May at Night. Greetings
  2. Cbflores

    Can I take my trekking poles as carry-on baggage?

    Hi there! My dad and I are doing El Camino mid May and I just realized I have an unanswered question: Can I take my Trekking poles as carry-on items or will I need to check them? Im planning on taking my pack as a carry-on and I just realized that some people have mentioned the poles may be an...
  3. J

    How to get from Santiago Airport to Sarria?

    Hi all, finally, next month i will start my journey (a small one unfortunatly) it is planned to arrive the 18th of november in Santiago ( 17.00) and would like to reach Sarria the same day. is there another way to get there without a Taxi? as busses and trains are no longer available after...
  4. Alberte

    How to get from SCQ

    Hi all! How often does intercity buses go from SCQ airport to the bus station in Santiago? I can't find a time table, and I don't know if an hour and 20 minutes will be enough to reach the bus at the station and catch my bus! Arriving at noon, so there must be a lot of buses? And is it...
  5. notion900

    Santiago Airport Catering £££££££

    Just had a thought to share - the only food available at Santiago airport is horrendously expensive. At London Gatwick airside I usually spend £3 on a sandwich, drink and fruit to take on the plane (thanks Boots Meal Deal!), last time I was at Santiago it was EUR17 for the same in the...
  6. L

    Biarritz Airport.

    Hi everyone, just looking for a bit of well needed information. I will be landing on a Saturday in biarritz airport at 5.40 pm. What is the best way to make it to Jean pied after this time ? thanks!
  7. R

    How many days for Ponferrada to Santiago?

    Hi everyone :) I am doing my first Camino this summer. I don't have anything booked yet but I'm hoping to go from either Ponferrada or O Cebreiro to Santiago. Does anyone know how many days I should allow to get from Ponferrada to Santiago? Also if I go from O Cebreiro, does that go through...
  8. N

    Travelling out of Santo Domingo

    My dad and I plan to continue our Camino from Pamplona and finish in Santo Domingo. I am finding it very hard to find transport out of Santo Domingo to either Bilbao or Biarritz airports. Has anyone else travelled out of Santo Domingo? Can anyone advise me on the best route to take? I...
  9. J

    NEED HELP with trying to get from airport to my 1st stop

    hello all! I am so excited to start my journey! I am flying from JFK NYC on June 28 and flying into Madrid. How do I get from the airport to Ponte De Lima??!! I am 26 female and its a bit intimidating travelling alone so I need all the help I can get. so my questions are........ how do I get...
  10. Jerriah

    Signage at Bus/Train Stations?

    Are the signs at the Airport/Train/Bus station only in Spanish? Or do they have some in English? Is navigating these places easy not knowing any spanish?
  11. ThisIsSpain

    New Route Announced Bilbao-Santiago

    Vueling have announced yet another new route and this one could be very interesting to many It is Bilbao-Santiago from 22 June with three flights each week in summer on Monday, Wednesday and Friday...
  12. S

    Time from Madrid Airport arrival to Atocha Train departure

    Hi Everyone! I'll be arriving at Madrid airport on Wednesday at 12.40 with RyanAir at terminal 1. No checked luggage, only a hand bag. I am planning on catching the Express bus to Atocha and then A train from there. I am just about to buy the train tickets and thought I had better check if I am...
  13. Loveisnotlove

    4 pm Bus from Santiago Airport to Lugo

    Hi all Newbie here! Hope you can help me with my query: I am landing in Santiago Airport at 3.35pm (I'll be collecting a checked bag). Is there any chance I will make the 4pm bus to Lugo? If I make it I will be able to get the 6.35pm bus from Lugo to Sarria. Is there only one company going to...
  14. C

    Fly with equipment as a carry on.

    Wanted to make the re commendation that those traveling to the Camino, especially from great distances such as I have fly with their pack and equipment as carry on. Attached is a link for the perfect example of how El Camino has turned nightmare for one pilgrim. He is fortunate to have others...
  15. J

    21 days on the Camino: Need wisdom!

    I will be traveling from the U.S. to Spain in mid-July for Camino de Santiago and have some questions: 1. Where should I fly to if I want to get to Santiago de Compostela in 21 days/ which airport provides the most reliable ground transportation? 2. If I started in Bilbao and was worried about...
  16. jirit

    getting in and out of Santiago airport by bus 2014-05-02

    Everything you need to know about getting to and from the airport in Santiago by bus, including bus trips to nearby towns
  17. jirit

    Getting in and out of Madrid airport 2014-05-02

    Madrid is the other major gateway for people planning on walking the camino and especially for those planning on walking the Via de la Plata. Provides great information including maps about getting in and out of the Madrid airport.
  18. jirit

    Getting Around Paris 2014-05-02

    Paris is a number one gateway for many pilgrims from overseas. This is a great website to learn everything you know about getting around Paris, including getting from and to the airport, the RER trains and using the Paris metro. Includes a number of handy maps of the airport, terminals, metro...

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