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  1. L

    First-Timer Seeking Reservation Advice

    Hi everyone! I'm planning to do a good portion of the Camino Frances this August/September (likely start on August 30 and finish on September 12). Specifically, my plan is to start in SJPP and walk to Pamplona, then take the train from Pamplona to Leon/Astorga and walk the rest of the way from...
  2. B

    Pricier accommodation than central route?

    Hi everyone, I'll be doing my first Camino this September and have chosen to do the last 115km on the Camino Portuguese. As I read up on it, I learned about the Variante Espiritual and am really interested in walking this way. But, Is it more expensive in terms of accommodation if I were to do...
  3. Roger0704

    Places with communal meals on the Norte .....

    Hello fellow Peregrinos.. I love to have evening meals together with fellow peregrinos in the albergues. If you now albergues who provide this on the Norte, please respond to this message, so I can put them on my to do list.;)
  4. Preshadon

    Clarification needed: "cruzada contra la hospitalidad tradicional"

    Is there a movement in Spain to change the alberque system? I hope I'm confused because of my limitations in understanding Spanish, but I came across the following in the Gronze.com web site: "Asunto preocupante en grado sumo es el de la cruzada contra la hospitalidad tradicional, aunque tanto...
  5. carryoncouple

    Albergue Beds - Then and Now

    We walked the Camino Frances in spring of 2013, mostly without reservations. With all the additional online information now available to Pilgrims, is it still possible to easily find a bed at the end of each day without planning ahead?
  6. lauratherings

    Starting Camino - May 20

    Hi, I'm starting my first Camino from SJPdP on May 20 and have booked a hotel for the first night and a hostel for the final two nights. I've also made inquiries to book for Refuge Orisson (I can't wait to get onto the viewing platform a glass of wine there!). But should I book more...
  7. joecamino

    Lodging on first few days

    In a week I start walking. I'm feeling a bit intimidated by The Pyrenees, but have decided to start at St Jean anyway, and take the Valcarlos route. Do the municipal albergues in Valcarlos / Roncesvalles accept reservations? Are there other lodging options there that do? Is Valcarlos the...
  8. musicman

    Variante Espiritual

    Has anyone details of accommodation between Poio and Villanova de Arouca. Is there an Albergue at a place called Armereira? Thanks
  9. fraluchi

    Pilgrimage back home from Santiago

    Next year (2018) I'll be 80 young and after many Caminos since 2007 I think it to be time and return "home" from a last pilgrimage. I should fly to Santiago de Compostela, walk to Pamplona, from where to fly back home. I hope to still be very fit for walking, but the transatlantic flights...
  10. K

    Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela in November

    Hi all, I am a Camino newbie, and am considering walking from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela as my first time - beginning mid November 2016. So, very soon... :) I realise I may encounter all kinds of weather, so will be prepared for that! I am wondering what is the best timetable to...
  11. Rainerbernd

    New Albergue Caminho da Costa , Paco

    Olá there is a new privat owned albergue in Paco, 10 kms after Viana do Castelo. It´s about 1.5 kms off the beach. Casa de Sardão has 20 places in 2 rooms and a kitchen in a beautiful restored old house with garden. At the moment no breakfast is served. The owner Hugo wrote he will serve...
  12. A

    Recommendations for albergue

    Hi i will go from Leon to Santiago on October. Last year i did the part till Leon and I've learnt that one of the most important things is where you put your head at night.... I would love to get recommendations for good, clean, unique and nice albergues on that way (especially on the crowded...
  13. I

    Live - Cam. Norte camino nord bed spaces

    hi i am planning on walking the camino norte from irun leaving 23 of this month(june). just posting to see if anyone has any information on how busy things are. i am a bit worried we will find ourselves in a situation where we find it hard to get beds in alberges and if this is the case we may...
  14. Missing Mike

    Where to stay in SJPP

    Ok, so Beilari is already booked so now where? Reservation for April 28 leave April 29th. I would prefer dinner and breakfast provided since I will need to catch up on sleep and food from the previous busy day's travel. Anyone stayed at Maison Kaserna at 43, R. d'Espagne? Any ideas?
  15. Terri B

    Multiple night stays in Saint Jean

    Does anyone know whether you can stay multiple nights in any alberge in Saint Jean? I arrive late on 29 August from Oz and want to stay in Saint Jean a few nights before starting to get myself on European time etc after 24+ hours of travel.
  16. La Balsa

    New Albergue in Alquife (Mozarabe) 2015-12-02

    There is a new offical Albergue in Alquife that open all year round. www.labalsa.nl www.facebook.com/cortijolabalsa
  17. S

    Private accomodations

    Is there a list of alberges that might have private rooms available?

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