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albergue life

  1. A

    LIVE from the Camino If the food in the fridge is not yours...

    Because of an injured knee, I am staying two night at Casa Elena's. As today is Sunday, ipon arrival in the village yesterday, I hobbled to the shop to buy food for today: yogourt, 2 oranges, a zucchini, a small onion, a pepper and a clara. Other pilgrims had kindly left me pasta and cheese as...
  2. Saisainita

    Where to sleep on Camino Ingles?

    Hey! I am planing to go Camino Ingles. It would be first time to walk pilgrims way. I am gonna walk from Ferrol to Santiago. I am planing to do it in 6 days. The biggest question where to sleep on the way. In Ferrol and Santiago I am planing to book hotels, but on the way I saw I could stay in...
  3. gail.robyn

    Sleep Apnoea Machine Use

    Hi, my first Camino, French way and I will be walking & carrying a Sleep apnoea machine. Travelling early July & August this year. Information from fellow users/ travellers is very welcomed thanks Gail
  4. NomadJMJ

    Wet Pilgrims

    What happens when lots of very wet pilgrims arrive at albergues? Where do we hang all our wet things? Do bunk areas get real wet?
  5. C

    Needle disposal

    I have to take weekly injections and I would bring my supplies with me. Does anyone know how to dispose of needles/syringes on the camino once used? Thanks!
  6. D

    Temporary work in El Camino - Trabajo temporario en El camino

    Hi everyone, My girlfriend walked part of the Camino Frances last September and fell in love with it. Since we both work in schools and won't have work between May and October we would really like to take the opportunity to spend this time working in a good place along the Camino. I speak...
  7. G

    Albergues for cyclists; riding el Camino in April

    Greetings pilgrims, I stumbled on this forum and found some great information. On a lark and at the last minute, I am going to ride El Camino about April 1--if there is anyone looking for company, holla! From what I have been gleaning from this forum, I understand that some or all albergues...
  8. Sparrow in Texas

    Showing passport in an albergue

    When registering in an albergue I was always asked to show my passport in addition to my credencial. I felt reluctant to pull my neck wallet out of my shirt to get my passport. Is there a better way of handling this that I have not thought of? Perhaps I could show a photo copy of my passport...
  9. Steve Hackman

    Albergues & Children

    Hi all, will be doing my second camino this April 2017 with my wife and parents but will also be bringing my 6 yr old. When I did the camino in 2015 I didn't see any children so I am curious whether I need to pay for the evening for my young one? He's just going to end up sleeping in mine or...
  10. Hobbyhorse

    Why stay in traditional albergues when you could sleep better elsewhere?

    I'm finishing notes for a local pilgrim group discussion and would like to include the voices of other forum members if some of you don't mind. Our subject is why many people who would normally avoid shared rooms & baths, and who could afford other options, nonetheless do choose to spend a good...
  11. X

    CPAP on the Camino

    Hello, This is purely meant as information for those with Sleep apnea and using a CPAP appliance looking for a hiking/portable sized machine . I just finished the Camino Primitivo, and dealing with sleep apnea had to lug a CPAP machine around. I used the Somnetics Transcend EZEX AutoCPAP...
  12. Rebekah Scott

    San Anton: A Little History

    This one's a fundraiser: Buy the little book, and help bring reliable water supply to Albergue San Anton, Castrojeriz! Two historian/writers, an illustrator and a graphic designer, all former pilgrims, collaborated to create this limited-edition, palm-sized "art book" of easy-to-read info on...
  13. F

    Cafe and house albergue for sale. Want to Change your Life and live on the Camino?

    This could be your chance! keep reading: Hi everyone, We have just found this great community and we think is the perfect way to spread the word. My husband and I met on the Camino and walked it several times and absolutely love it, so we decided to live here. We have been living and working...
  14. Ignacio

    Lockers, Shipping Luggage & Early riser Peregrino

    Hello and good health to ALL of you peregrinos! I am from California, USA and I'll be 65 yrs. old when I embark on this "Trek". Glad to report that I have been training and I am eager to get started. I'll be in Europe for about 7 weeks, so hopefully plenty of time to complete the Camino. This...
  15. J

    Do all albergues have hospitaleros

    Hi Can someone tell me if all albergues (How do you pronounce that by the way) have hospitaleros? Do I need to phone before arriving? Do they all speak english (unfortunately I don't speak any spanish). thanks Jarlath
  16. M

    A chronic condition and an indelicate question

    Because of colorectal cancer surgery six years ago, this 74-year-old retiree will be starting my CF journey from SJPdP in September with a permanent sigmoid colostomy. I've come to terms with the extra space and weight requirements that my ostomy equipment will require over the course of six...
  17. Albertinho

    How much should your donation be ?

    imagine ! You are walking and arrive at a "private" albergue that seems to be the house of a private family who open their house for pilgrims on their way to Santiago. You get a clean bed in a common room, you share with 10 or more others. There are hot showers ,toilets, room to wash and dry...
  18. fitoldbloke

    A delicate subject

    Of course I will be showering every day, and using my crystal deodorant (a little last a long time) but from past experience it can be difficult to get walking clothing washed effectively and dried sufficiently, with the potential for body odour. Sure, this is the Camino and we put up with such...
  19. camster

    Albergue leaving time

    Hi! I heard that there were albergues where you couldn't leave until a certain hour in the morning. Anyone has had this experience? There is a website that lists albergues and sometimes, they mention a 'compulsory leaving time', and I wonder if it's a time you have to have left by, or if it's...
  20. QuailHiker

    Security in Albergues

    I noticed the large albergue in Roncevalles has (apparently lockable) lockers for "your stuff." Is that typical or, if not, what do folks do with your belongings when you wander in town, etc.? I am sure most peregrinos will leave your stuff alone, but how much should you be concerned about your...