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albergue life

  1. Rob the Slob

    Laundry egg

    This morning as I was out walking, I was struck by a thought: how about using an Ecoegg laundry egg on the Camino? At the very minimum it eliminates the need for carrying or buying detergents (besides, of course, being better for the environment). Also, perhaps (and I'm going to experiment with...
  2. Dean Morgenthal

    Any Albergues for Sale

    I would like to run a Albergue for the next foreseeable future, I have spent the last 29years in kitchens ranging from 5 star hotels, Qe2 and my own restaurant for 7.1/2 years after spending 2 years woofing and paid work on an organic farm and doing Hospice work here in Jersey. I am ready to...
  3. Rob the Slob

    Drying laundry while walking

    What's the best way to dry wet laundry while you're walking? Simply tie it to your pack and hope it doesn't fall off, and that the knots dry properly too? Use mesh stuff sacks? Socks on the handles of your hiking poles, underwear on your head?
  4. Papist Giant

    Tent vs. hammoc vs Albergues

    I really like the communal aspect of the Albergues, but I have some slight concerns. 1) I snore- LOUDLY!! I would pack earplugs just to give them to others 2) I am 6'8" and 320+ lbs. I don't know how comfortable I will be, and nobody wants to be underneath ME if I have a top bunk. I don't...
  5. Seabird

    Backpack Etiquette - or I don't want to be a Jerk

    So, I am starting my first thread after looking through FAQs, doing a search, etc. Please forgive me if I've overlooked obvious answers on this fabulous forum. Can you give me some tips for proper "management" of my backpack on the Camino? Do I leave it outside when going into a bar? a cafe...
  6. S

    Cpap user

    I'm starting my first Camino in SJPP October 4th. I'm in excellent health except that I have central apnea, requiring my to sleep with a respirator. I would like to stay mostly in albergues but I need to sleep near an electrical outlet. I'll bring a 2 meter extension cord with me. Is it...
  7. Roamin' Rob

    Do Alberques take reservations?

    Can I call Albergues before arriving to reserve three bed/spots? (I'll have three in my party) If so, how far in advance will they take a reservation? Can it be reserved with a credit card, like hotels? Leaving for Spain Sunday 7/26!
  8. Roamin' Rob

    Albergues; good, better, best?

    Because my two teenaged Daughters will be hiking the Camino Frances with me, I prefer to not stay in the most rustic, basic Albergues. With all due respect to all the Albergue proprietors, is there any rating system for Albergues? I've seen several Albergue Directories; are they useful and...
  9. nidarosa

    List the albergues that offer communal meals!

    Hi, I have never taken part in a communal meal in an albergue apart from my second night on the Francés - no surprise it was at Orisson. I don't mean albergues with a kitchen where pilgrims can cook together, but albergues that offer, donativo or for a price, a communal meal they have shopped...
  10. YasminVdC

    Severe allergies on the camino?

    Hello fellow pilgrims, Lots of your topics are very useful, but I have a rather specific problem that I would like to get your ideas on: Unfortunally I have some very bad allergies regarding bedding, dust mites, ... I will be bringing my own sleepingbag and pillow (otherwise sleeping will not...
  11. Liina

    Sleeping in albergue without walking?

    Hi everyone! I didn't find answer to one question I have (akward if there is that subject already, but I hope you all forgive). My train arrives in Ponferrada 15:05 and I planned to find a place to sleep and just be there in the city, look around, live in and start walking first thing in the...
  12. Waka

    Being English I Like my Tea

    Just a quick question regarding the Albergue along the CF. Being English I do like my cup of tea first thing in the morning, I'm happy to bring tea bags and cup, but can you please tell me if there will be kettle facilities in the Albergue. Thanks
  13. LTfit

    Serving in Ponferrada Semana Santa

    Just a heads-up to those on the Camino Francés during Semana Santa. I will be hospitalering as of this Saturday in the Albergue de Peregrinos San Nicolás de Flüe in Ponferrada (the HUGE one). Come in and say hello or stay with us. It was fun to meet up with a few forum members when I was in...
  14. W

    Hazardous Bathrooms

    The lights are turned on by motion sensors. The lights are on a timer. After a while the lights go out. The worst one was while standing with my pants around my ankles and a hank of soiled toilet paper in my hand. Waving my other hand did not attract the attention of the motion sensor. This...
  15. Susan hopes

    Proper disposal of used diabetes supplies

    Buenos dios, fellow pilgrims! I am an insulin-dependent diabetic and must carry with me my insulin, needles and test strips. For those of you who have walked the camino with this condition, can you share how you disposed of used needles, test strips, etc.? At home I have a sharps box and can...
  16. CaminoKris2013

    Crazy question regarding clothes washing

    Of course, I see the need to wash one's underwear, socks and shirts, but do people wash their hiking pants/skirts everyday? I said it was crazy, but I am a newbie :) Kris
  17. K

    Diabetic walk - how to keep insulin cool?

    I am a 55 yr old Type 1 diabetic, planning to walk the whole Camino Frances from 5/5/14. I inject Novorapid three times a day and Levemir once. Unused insulin needs to be stored in a fridge, as it only lasts 28 days outside a fridge. I plan to allow 50 days for the walk. I anticipate that if I...
  18. WalkCWalk

    Hanging your 'drawers' out for the world to see!

    Little unsure about my undergarments hanging out to dry at an albergue. Does anyone have a picture of a clothes line. Am I worried for nothing? Still want to see pictures!
  19. ilovelife

    Where to leave my pack upon albergue arrival?

    Hi everyone, Firstly, I am so grateful for the assistance people have been giving me by sharing their wisdom and advice with me in answering my many questions. For that, I feel I will be taking more than simply myself on my Camino. My question: I'll be travelling by myself, so upon my arrival...
  20. SabineP

    Pictures of albergues

    Albergue Usda in Obanos