1. I

    Pilgrim behaviour in albergues

    I've just (end of last month) completed the Ingles, my first camino and was so delighted with it that I'm already planning to do another short camino next spring. However, there was one aspect which surprised me, in a negative way. I'd opted for the Ingles because I'd heard it was much quieter...
  2. R

    Live - Camino Ingles Snoring in albergue!

    Hi all, this is my first Camino, and last night was my first night in an Albergue, (Presado) what is the form on people who snore? The large chap in the bunk next to me was fair rattling the windows, kept me and others awake, does one attempt to wake said snorer up, or grit ones teeth? Have many...
  3. Travelingmerci

    Albergues with Communal Meals on El Norte?

    One of my favorite aspects of my first camino on the CF was the albergues with communal meals. Right before I left for my camino, someone had published a guide to all the albergues that offered them here on the Forum, and I used that guide in part to structure my camino around those places...
  4. notion900

    Do any albergues still lock people in?

    Further to recent discussion on another thread, I was wondering if there were any albergues on any of the caminos covered by this forum which still lock people in at night, i.e. they cannot open the main door from the inside in the event of an emergency? Please only give information on this...
  5. Tamsin Grainger

    Live - Via de la Plata Tips on day 4

    Tips for VdlP: I am managing without a book but if they weren't so expensive I would suggest you get one. Times lost: 4 ie one per day. Not terrible but takes time and energy. All albergues so far fantastic: La Luz in Guilenna, municipal ones in Castilblanco, Almadén and Monesterio. When...
  6. TaraUltreia

    Can you send bags to or have bags picked up from Municipals?

    It's been a long time since I've sent my pack forward but due to an unexpected gallbladder infection and hospital stay in Logroño, the rest of my camino is going to be very different than in the past! I would like to stay in municipals as much as possible because they tend to have decent...
  7. Coleen Clark

    Hey Coleen, when you walk the Camino Portuguese don't miss..

    In August I'll begin in Lisbon and walk the Camino Portuguese. I've been reading with zeal all the posts about that Way, and have noted in my Brierley's guide a few place mentioned by you that I will make an effort to see or stay in. What was a high point for you? Where was your best meal? Where...
  8. N

    Wet Pilgrims

    What happens when lots of very wet pilgrims arrive at albergues? Where do we hang all our wet things? Do bunk areas get real wet?
  9. peregrina206

    Cf April - Misc Questions Easter, Etc

    Hello Fellow Pilgrims! It has been 16 years since I completed my camino. It seems like that was in ancient dinosaur times...pre smart phone, etc. LOL. Glad to find this forum though for help on the current state. :) I can only do a portion during vacation and plan April 10 to 21 starting in...
  10. WalkingGeo

    Camino Portuguese Advise

    Hi All, It's funny, I walked the Frances Route With my son last September and as we left Santiago in the Jet to start our journey home, I remember saying to myself "Boy, I'm glad that's behind me!" Now, I find myself being pulled back, almost as though I haven't finished what I needed to...
  11. M

    Starting at Zaragoza on my own

    Hello dear fellow pilgrims, I am looking at my options to walk the Camino this year for about 10 days (starting May 16) I found very good flights to Zaragoza and I was wondering if anyone can give me advice: Start walking in Zaragosa or take the bus/train to Pamplona and start there. I will be...
  12. stratophile

    TrailSmart: Camino de Santiago 2017-03-15

    TrailSmart is a *free* comprehensive, incredibly handy mobile app providing in-depth coverage of some of our favourite long-distance trails, including the Camino de Santiago. Coverage: We currently have coverage of the Francés, Portugués, Primitivo, and Finisterre, with more being worked on...
  13. D

    Temporary work in El Camino - Trabajo temporario en El camino

    Hi everyone, My girlfriend walked part of the Camino Frances last September and fell in love with it. Since we both work in schools and won't have work between May and October we would really like to take the opportunity to spend this time working in a good place along the Camino. I speak...
  14. S

    Albergues on the Madrid Camino

    Hi everybody, I am thinking about doing the Madrid Camino in late April, early May 2017. I did the Camino Frances in April 1014. My question is about albergues along the Madrid way. I propose a somewhat less hectic pace for myself, something like 10 to 15 kms a day. I am looking for a good...
  15. SiobhanB

    Albergues in Ages

    Any advice on best Albergue to stay in Ages (near Burgos). Ideally somewhere where we don't need to bring own sleeping bags - as we're staying mostly at small hotels along the way
  16. S

    Albergues: Reserve ahead of time or Drop In

    I plan on participating in the Camino Frances next summer during a busy period. I worry that I will not be able to get a bed in an Allergies when I get there. 1. Should I call and reserve a spot? 2. If yes, how far in advance can you reserve? 3. Are there recommended Albergues to stay? 4. Do...
  17. Hobbyhorse

    Why stay in traditional albergues when you could sleep better elsewhere?

    I'm finishing notes for a local pilgrim group discussion and would like to include the voices of other forum members if some of you don't mind. Our subject is why many people who would normally avoid shared rooms & baths, and who could afford other options, nonetheless do choose to spend a good...
  18. Amanda___

    Camino del Norte, April-May 2017

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum/camino, and am looking to take on the Camino del Norte starting in mid-April and ending late May. I'm 23 and hike pretty regularly, do you think finishing this route in 5 weeks is realistic (starting at the beginning in Irun)? I've also read on some of the forums...
  19. Wrooney12

    Coastal or Inland Camino Portuguese? (November 2016)

    Hi there! I am going to be making a pilgrimage to Portugal/Spain very soon, from Oct 30-Nov 6. I will arrive in Lisbon on the morning of the 30th, rent a car and drive to Fatima for the day and then spend the night in Porto. I plan to begin my Camino on the morning of the 31st and finish on...
  20. williamlittig

    Giving Back

    Small things can help us all. If you are preparing to walk a Camino, consider bringing and donating a small translation dictionary . Spanish/English Frenck/Spanish , Hungarian/Spanish, most of us have copies at home that are duplicates or unused. The first Albergue will probably be well equiped...


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