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  1. happymarkos

    Is a sleeping bag needed in September on the Ingles?

    Hello, planning to walk this old though short Camino starting 9 September from Ferrol and wondering if a sleeping bag is required? Will have a silk liner to sleep in and not sure if the albergues provide blankets or not. Have been caught out once on the Portuguese and slept with all my clothes...
  2. H

    Computer acces near Sarria (urgent!)

    I have sort of a weird question, but does anyone know if - and where - you could get access to a computer and have a private Skype conversation around Sarria? I am currently on the CF in Villar de Mazarife, and on the 24th of June I have a job interview scheduled. Very bad timing, but it is...
  3. FiveReasonsWhy

    Camino Fátima albergue issues

    Hi, My daughter has been walking from Porto to Fátima and is having albergue issues. I’m seeing there are issues with the Fátima Camino as a whole. Should I suggest she turn around and go north instead? She walked from SJPP to Muxía last fall but she says she has seen literally no one. She is...
  4. E


    Hi, We are planning to walk the Norte for about two weeks at the end of July, 2019, either beginning in Irun or San Sebastian. I've been reading and researching, and am confused as to whether I need to book lodging in advance. We'd like to stay in the albergues, but are concerned that they...
  5. FiveReasonsWhy

    Pilgrim found 20 year old Pilgrim FOUND safe and sound

    I appreciate this community so much. Thank you all so much for working together to find my daughter who otherwise would not be found. She was in a small private albergue in the mountains with no internet. I would have never heard from her without you all. Thank you so so much. This is an...
  6. Courtney McHill

    Seasonal Jobs along Camino Frances

    Hello! My partner and I are seriously thinking about moving to Spain for a year to live somewhere along the Camino. She works from home but I am not working and I saw a post in Google about perhaps albergue trading work for room and board? Is there a list somewhere of Albergues willing to take...
  7. Bshaffer

    OS Albergue in Boente

    Warning - this Albergue is ok for 11 euros, but don’t eat the offered dinner for 10 euros. Bad, bad, and bad, or else simply choose the vegetarian option, which looked better. I came off of the Norte-Primitivo today, and perhaps I was spoiled by some of the excellent food and great Albergues on...
  8. Jenny@zen

    Camino Madrid Albergues 2018-08-16

    We are starting from from Madrid on 9 September 2018. Came across this up to date list of albergues and other accommodation, updated in July 2018 - from the website of Asociación de Amigos de los Caminos de Santiago de Madrid. Not sure if it's already on the forum but in case not ... muchas...
  9. D

    Camping in Camino Portugues

    Hi everyone! My wife and I will be walking the Camino Portugues next July from Porto to Santiago, and then walk up to Finisterre. I would like to ask a couple of questions about camping in the camino. First, some info and questions. We were originally planning to sleep at albergues. We heard...
  10. Thomas1962

    The 'All Albergues on the Camino Frances' list in KML or GPX format December 2017

    This file is the KML/GPX version of the most famous “All” Albergues on the Camino Frances in one pdf. All credits for the PDF file goes to SYates. These KML/GPX files are made in cooperation with the Dutch Confaternity of Saint James (Het Nederlands Genootschap van Sint Jacob-NGSJ) This KML or...
  11. PastorCat

    Who broke the internet? Albergue Reviews

    Hey guys, For years I've been using this site for pilgrim insights into the Albergue community. Not every review is fair. Not all of them are truly written by pilgrims. But by and large, I've found this to be the most reliable website reviewing albergues. BUT SOMETIMES, INEXPLICABLY, THE...
  12. I

    Pilgrim behaviour in albergues

    I've just (end of last month) completed the Ingles, my first camino and was so delighted with it that I'm already planning to do another short camino next spring. However, there was one aspect which surprised me, in a negative way. I'd opted for the Ingles because I'd heard it was much quieter...
  13. R

    Live - Camino Ingles Snoring in albergue!

    Hi all, this is my first Camino, and last night was my first night in an Albergue, (Presado) what is the form on people who snore? The large chap in the bunk next to me was fair rattling the windows, kept me and others awake, does one attempt to wake said snorer up, or grit ones teeth? Have many...
  14. Travelingmerci

    Albergues with Communal Meals on El Norte?

    One of my favorite aspects of my first camino on the CF was the albergues with communal meals. Right before I left for my camino, someone had published a guide to all the albergues that offered them here on the Forum, and I used that guide in part to structure my camino around those places...
  15. notion900

    Do any albergues still lock people in?

    Further to recent discussion on another thread, I was wondering if there were any albergues on any of the caminos covered by this forum which still lock people in at night, i.e. they cannot open the main door from the inside in the event of an emergency? Please only give information on this...
  16. Tamsin Grainger

    Live - Via de la Plata Tips on day 4

    Tips for VdlP: I am managing without a book but if they weren't so expensive I would suggest you get one. Times lost: 4 ie one per day. Not terrible but takes time and energy. All albergues so far fantastic: La Luz in Guilenna, municipal ones in Castilblanco, Almadén and Monesterio. When...
  17. TaraUltreia

    Can you send bags to or have bags picked up from Municipals?

    It's been a long time since I've sent my pack forward but due to an unexpected gallbladder infection and hospital stay in Logroño, the rest of my camino is going to be very different than in the past! I would like to stay in municipals as much as possible because they tend to have decent...
  18. Coleen Clark

    Hey Coleen, when you walk the Camino Portuguese don't miss..

    In August I'll begin in Lisbon and walk the Camino Portuguese. I've been reading with zeal all the posts about that Way, and have noted in my Brierley's guide a few place mentioned by you that I will make an effort to see or stay in. What was a high point for you? Where was your best meal? Where...
  19. NomadJMJ

    Wet Pilgrims

    What happens when lots of very wet pilgrims arrive at albergues? Where do we hang all our wet things? Do bunk areas get real wet?
  20. peregrina206

    Cf April - Misc Questions Easter, Etc

    Hello Fellow Pilgrims! It has been 16 years since I completed my camino. It seems like that was in ancient dinosaur times...pre smart phone, etc. LOL. Glad to find this forum though for help on the current state. :) I can only do a portion during vacation and plan April 10 to 21 starting in...

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