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  1. YasminVdC

    Severe allergies on the camino?

    Hello fellow pilgrims, Lots of your topics are very useful, but I have a rather specific problem that I would like to get your ideas on: Unfortunally I have some very bad allergies regarding bedding, dust mites, ... I will be bringing my own sleepingbag and pillow (otherwise sleeping will not...
  2. Pathfinder075

    Multiple Severe Allergies and other problems

    My intention is to walk from Lourdes in early September, but at the minute my medical problems are putting a dampener on the planning. Has anyone (on here) done the walk with a severe anaphlaxis problem to multiple allergens? I am allergic to nuts, olives, sesame, almonds and a multitude of...
  3. Paul Texas Pilgrim

    Seafood Allergy

    Hello, By searching on food allergy I gathered several good tips. I guess my question is on successfully communicating with a busy wait-person. I saw the recommendation to carry a laminated card stating my allergy: something like Tengo una alergia a mariscos Specifically, I have an allergy...
  4. ivar

    Pollen and Allergies

    Hi all, Just to let the allergic pilgrims out there know that over the weekend the pine pollen (that yellow dust) "hit" in and around Galicia. My car was all yellow this morning. (Monday March the 30th 2015) Just a warning to those allergic pilgrims out there. Buen camino! Ivar
  5. NadineK

    Nut allergy on the Camino Frances?

    I'll be on the Camino Frances this June/July; this forum has been invaluable in terms of resources and guidance and advice, thank you all! I hope to eat my fair share of Pilgrim Menus during the Camino, and I'm wondering how often, if at all, nuts show up in dishes on the menu? I don't eat any...
  6. C

    Nut allergies and eating

    Does anyone have any experience to share about how to eat on the way with nut allergies? My trip is one year away. Thank you.
  7. Choweth

    Insect Allergy

    What are some really bad insect problems that would be in Spain in March and April? Ants? Bees? Mosquitos? I am allergic to all insects but bees, wasps, and the like I am deadly allergic too (but have shots to counteract the reaction). Just wanted to know the risks?
  8. trinencadian

    another allergy question

    Hey! I noticed people asking allergy questions and thought I’d ask mine as well. Does anyone know how prominent fresh pork is in Spanish food? I can eat cured pork (ie cured ham and bacon) but anything fresh makes me horribly ill. Weird, I know. How likely would pork just randomly appear in a...
  9. R

    New pilgrim with a food allergy question

    Hello everyone, Firstly, I would like to thank all the seasoned travellers and frequent posters for their invaluable contributions to this forum; I have learned so much about the Camino simply by reading the posts! I will be heading off to do the last third of the Camino in September, finishing...
  10. yellowshoes55

    Lactose intolerance/allergy

    Hi. I am also new to the forum. I have read heaps of forums. Hubby & I are planning to do the Camino May, 2014. I am lactose intolerant. I will bring 1litre of Zymil UHT (lactose free) for a daily coffee. I can use Lacteeze tablets, but they are very hit and miss. Much prefer, if available...
  11. ivar


    Took this picture this morning: Pollen season is here! Buen Camino! Ivar
  12. sulu

    hayfever/allergic rhinitis

    It is far too early to be suffering from either pollen or hay allergy but I'm deffinately suffering from something. I think it is because of the very dry weather and when walking off road I am walking on dry leaves, this combined with the pollution from too many fires :!: Just a reminder for...
  13. MStypula

    wheat allergy: alternative carbs to bread?

    I have a non-life threatening (however very uncomfortable) food allergy which prohibits me from consuming food containing wheat. It seems as though one of the most prevalent sources of carbohydrates along the camino is bread, which is one of foods I need to steer clear from (unless it is gluten...
  14. ivar

    Pollen & allergy season has started

    This week Galicia has entered the pollen season... it has just exploded! My car was all yellow this morning. Just an FYI for you with allergies... it is the season! By the way, temperatures up to 30c are in the forecast for later in this week..(not normal for april). Nights are still cold...
  15. ivar


    Just a tip for those of you that suffer from allergies, in Galicia (and I think in Spain in general) the pollen season has started. My car was covered in yellow pollen when I picked it up going home from Santiago just now. Saludos, Ivar
  16. M

    sock allergy???

    I have overcome a number of obsticals for my upcoming Camino in June, but have encountered a crazy one now and hope someone can help!!! I'd been walking 12 miles at a stretch with no problems, but when I increased to 18 miles I now have a horrible beet red splotchy rash on my lower legs and...
  17. frmikeminn

    Wheat allergies

    A friend saw some of my pictures from a previous Camino and is interested in attempting the trip. She is allergic to wheat. Any thoughts on how challenging it would be for someone with a wheat allergy to walk or bike the camino?
  18. B

    Allergies On The Camino

    I live in the U.S. in California, and every year I have seasonal allergies from grass pollens... bad hayfever symptoms. I'm just wondering if people have experienced allergy symptoms on the Camino, and if there's a particular time of year it's especially bad. I'll be hiking in May & June...

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