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  1. M

    Best kindle Guide for CF or is an app better?

    I fly out in 2 days. Can't find my paper book by John Brierley and not sure I want the weight when I have a perfectly good phone with kindle installed. Only I cant see that book for Kindle! Any suggestions for CF guide on Kindle or even an App for Android? Thanks!
  2. Jakke

    Virtually safe?

    Bosch offers an interesting app to Germans, that could serve as a basis for a pilgrims' app: Vivatar. It puts a hiker into touch with nearby fellow hikers and can alert them if something is not right. See the article in Computerwoche...
  3. Julia Mumford

    Have you any experience with any of the Camino apps?

    I'm considering downloading an app rather than taking a guide (to help with weight) on my forthcoming Camino trip (October 2017). There are numerous ones on the iOS app store and I was just curious to see if any of you have used or recommend one, if so, which one and why? Thank you. Beun...
  4. mariuszm

    Route tracking app (iPhone iOS)

    Hi, I did Camino in 2012 so last year when one of my colleagues was walking it, it was great to see his progress on the big TV at work. He did it by sending his location via Yo app to his friend who manually added his position everyday to Google maps. I tried to find a solution to do it more...
  5. mariuszm

    Going at the end of March

    Hi, I plan to walk Via la Plata at the end of March, will take some of the gear I had on Camino Frances few years ago, but would like to take a lighter sleeping bag this time. 1. Is a sleeping bag with comfort to 7C enough? I used it in Asia, and I'm bit worried it may not be enough. 2...
  6. vlebe

    Forum App!

    Hi everyone! I remember back in 2012 and 2013 there was a "Forum app" for this particular forum. I think it was pretty cool to be able to be in touch with our loved forum with a dedicated app. I know this needs to be developed and maintained but we might probably have some fellow pilgrims on...
  7. Flem

    GPS Tracks

    Hi all Last year I walked the Camino Frances. And I used an APP on my Android with maps and tracks. Now I like to Walk the Caminho Portugues and like to ask if any of you know an AAP for the trip Lisbos to SdC. I got the John Brierley guidebook but also like to have the tracks on my Android -...
  8. Lance Chambers

    Great apps for the Camino

    I came across this android app for the Camino Frances that I love. It allows you to set up a number of different stagings, shows every city, town, and hostel on the route. It shows prices and facilities in every town, city, and hostel. Shows maps of every town and city with locations of the...
  9. susan76

    Via de la Plata app?

    Hi all, I'm planning to walk the Via de la Plata in September this year. Because of weight I prefer not to bring a guidebook but to use an app. I wonder if there are any recent experiences with good apps for this route? Preferably in English but Spanish is possible too. Thanks! Susan
  10. S

    Any one tried the app: Camino Guide Offline

    This app was announced in March by Tony Andr. But I cannot find any indication that anyone has used it. My very good friend is starting the Camino on September 10 and I would like to put this app on the smartphone if it is good. Does anyone know anything about it? It is called Camino Guide...

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