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  1. G

    Curious about achievability of Camino at 50, slow walker

    Hello, I've been contemplating a short (100km) camino for a little while, and I've read some forum posts, watched videos, and read some guide books. I've been thinking that I probably won't be able to pull it off at my age -- 50 -- but I've been amazed at the number of folks that are decades...
  2. G

    It is my friend's dream to walk the Camino, but she has very bad arthritis...

    She is very sad about it because in her life, she has been a great walker, but feels too debilitated now to even think about it. I would like to help her to accomplish her dream, if possible, but I don't want to provide foolhardy encouragement. Is there anyone who has done the pilgrimage with...
  3. Cate A

    The doctor says my dodgy knee is arthritis - advice please!

    My left knee has been stiff for a while and I've been told I've been walking" funny" . I have a bit of pain and inflammation.(Nothing too bad) I went to see a physio who found a Bakers Cyst and advised going to see my GP. Today the GP said I also have arthritis and that walking a couple of miles...

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