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  1. RuediG

    Cammino di Assisi - Guide? and question.

    I would like to do the Cammino di Assisi, Dovadola - La Verna - Assisi (and then continue to Rome) next year. Which guide book (in English, or in Italian) has the most useful maps and accommodation information? A detail question: Do the rifugi between Dovadola and La Verna have blankets on the...
  2. L

    Italy: Shelter 2013 2015-03-17

    1 Shelter along the Via Francigena & Il Cammino di San Francesco (2013): Cessana-Torinese to Bari (download) 2 Resources found along the way: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/italy-cessana-turinese-via-assisi-rome-to-bari.32023/
  3. L

    Is anyone walking the Way of Saint Francis to/from Assisi this April?

    Hi,I was wondering if anyone is walking the Way of St Francis Easter week? I heard it's not as organized as el Camino de Santiago and that I should consider walking it with other people. If you're walking it, please let me know. I don't really want to cancel this trip :-)
  4. sharon w

    Cammino di Assisi

    Has anyone recently walked this route? I am thinking of walking this camino in September next year. However, there is not a great deal of information in English and there appear to be many variations and starting points. Would love to hear from anyone with further information. Sharon
  5. S

    VIII Centenary of the Pilgrimage of St. Francis of Assisi to Santiago de Compostela ( 1214-2014 )

    I learn from the Xacobeo Galicia site that 2014 marks the 800 year anniversary of the Pilgrimage of St. Francis of Assisi to Santiago de Compostela. I thought a VII Centenary deserved it's own thread, but there are others with interesting contributions, here...
  6. scruffy1

    Saint James in Assisi

    Tomorrow Pope Francis will be visiting in Assisi and the town is sparkling the streets cleaned new flowers planted everywhere flags all over town and in all the villages surrounding. Very exciting and many pilgrims already there. I know Saint James appears on the wall of the Oratorio Peregrini...
  7. almis

    Assisi and St. Francis

    We took the 9.40 am bus to Assisi. I had included Assisi in our Via Francigena journey because I wanted to visit the home town of Italy’s patron saint, who had made two pilgrimages to Rome himself. Some saw St. Francis as the Church’s environmentally concerned saint, the one who preached to...
  8. hieudovan

    Cammino di Assisi

    I had walked Camino Frances this past spring and loved it. I'm looking at other "pilgrimages" and hikes to walk next year. At this time I'm leaning toward el Camino del Norte. Recently I ran across Cammino di Assisi in Tuscany, Italy. Has anyone heard about this "pilgrimage" or walked it? I...
  9. C


    Has anyone walked from Assisi to Santiago???. if so, does anyone know a good route, and if there is a way to get a longer visa stay??? thansk Ana
  10. anthonyjf

    Pilgrimage to Assisi

    Hello All, I have come across a few good websites on the Pilgrimage to Assisi, however, I can't seem to find anything on the length of the route or information on the terrain (hilly, mountainous, flat) I plan to start my journey from Montepaolo on September 1st. rest in Assisi for a few days...
  11. W

    Did St Francis of Assisi walk the Camino?

    Good Day Does anyone know if St Francis of Assisi walked the Camino? If he did when was this? Is there any information anywhere about his experiences and rewards from his walk? Thanks Rosetta

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