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  1. J

    Accommodation re Nightbus arriving Astorga 04:15

    Hi all, Just wondering whether anyone had arrived in Astorga at 04:15 on the nightbus from Madrid? I will be arriving early Saturday morning and I want to start walking the day afterwards, so will definitely be booking a hotel or staying in an albergue for Saturday night. If anyone has...
  2. N

    Lost Astorga: lost plastic wallet insert !!!

    If anybody by some miracle happens to find a plastic wallet insert with debit card, credit card, insurance cards, CA drivers license, ... Not sure if I even had any cash left but that isn’t my concern. I am sure I put it in my little crossbody bag as I was heading out of Hotel Gaudi around 5pm...
  3. Another painterly looking photo

    Another painterly looking photo

    Towards Rabanal del Camino
  4. RealErnie

    Astorga Market Day(s)

    When is market day in Astorga?
  5. Gaudi's Brilliance

    Gaudi's Brilliance

    Feb 24, 2019, chapel in the Palacio Episcopal, Astorga
  6. Sunrise Palacio Episcopal

    Sunrise Palacio Episcopal

    Feb 25, 2019, Astorga. At close to 20°C this will be our warmest day...prepared for 15° or less...
  7. Silhouette


    Feb 24, 2019, Astorga. La Catedral de Santa María de Astorga and the Palacio Episcopal
  8. Palacio Episcopal at night

    Palacio Episcopal at night

    Feb 23, 2019: Antoni Gaudí's marvel in Astorga
  9. Hound-of-Ulster

    For all you chocolate lovers....

    I’ve see the Museum talked about on YouTube and how people got there to find it was closed when the guide book said it should be open, here are it’s opening hours in Astorga....
  10. Helen1

    Peregrino Torture Tower

    Whilst trying to navigate to the Chocolate Museum in Astorga (lovely place to visit) I saw "Peregrino Torture Tower" marked on Google Maps and was totally intrigued. Turned out to be the railway crossing! You can find it here: https://goo.gl/maps/xz4xwj9WDj82 along with 12 reviews. Made me...
  11. Fares Ismail

    Guitarist just before Astorga

    Just before Astorga, on the top of the hill, theres a guitar player who sings songs about the Camino. I think his name is Jose Jiminez. () I was wondering if anyone had a link to a site where I could stream or buy online some of his songs?
  12. M

    Astorga lodging hard to come by

    Hi All, My mom and I are planning our first 12 day camino and looking to start in Astorga Aug 19..I've been to booking.com, agoda.com, and cannot find one place available for our arrival date! Is this normal? I'm worried that after an international flight and a 5 hour bus from Madrid we won't...
  13. M

    starting the camino from Astorga - arrival at evening

    Hi, Due to too many things n my schedule I didn't really have the time to Plan my camino...and it' tarting point. Arriving tomorrow at 13:30 o Madrid and thinking of aking the 15:30 train to Astorga. This means I will arrive at 20:20 to Astorga. then what? can I get Camino passport Wednesdy...
  14. Distorted Astorga

    Distorted Astorga

    Fun with Lenses
  15. E

    Spectacular Bodywork in Astorga

    I had the most spectacular bodywork treatment today in Astorga that I - literally - have ever had in my life. I don't have a single aching body part. I sent a friend who had a similar experience. And the cost was very reasonable: 30 euros for an hour (although he worked on me for 75 minutes and...
  16. Leaving Astorga

    Leaving Astorga

    Gaudi in all his early morning glory as I left Astorga.
  17. Astorga


  18. same design (at the entrance to Astorga)

    same design (at the entrance to Astorga)

  19. PaulCat

    Astorga walking buddies

    I keep being told the section after Astorga should not be walked alone. The people I have been waning with ended their Camino in Burgos or bussed ahead to another town past Astorga. I'm over at San Javier, Albergue the one near the cathedral, I'll probably start walking around 6:30 or 7 am...
  20. Arriving at and passing Astorga

    Arriving at and passing Astorga

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