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Luggage Storage in Santiago

- Ship your things to Santiago, pick them up when you arrive.



  1. Roamin' Rob

    Cash, Credit, ATMs?

    How high are the ATM fees? I've heard $5 + 3% charged by the ATM provider (my US bank said THEY will not charge me a fee). I will be paying for myself and my two daughters from Leon to Santiago so think I'll need lots of Euros for food and shelter. Do many placed along the Camino Frances...
  2. jeffnd

    ATM card with chip and PIN

    So I got the mail today and Wells Fargo had sent me a new ATM/debit card. I wasn't sure why, because my current card still had several years until the expiration date. But then I look at the new card and see it's a chip and PIN card. "For our customers that live and travel overseas." I...
  3. C

    ATMs after Burgos

    Does anyone know if there are ATMs in any of the villages in the few days after Burgos? Thanks

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