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  1. alansykes

    LIVE from the Camino Spot of snow here in the Pyrenees

    I'm in a mountain refuge at 2150m up the side of the Pic du Canigou (hoping to do a camino joining Canigou with Montserrat, two sacred mountains for Catalans). It snowed hard most of the afternoon, probably 10-15cm accumulated here, more higher up. Assume it will be similar on the Route de...
  2. trecile

    On this date in October...

    Here's the thread to post pictures, musings, etc. for any dates in October from any year, and for any Camino route. When you respond, please mention the date, route you were on and where you walked (or rested) that day. Thanks!
  3. H

    Camino del Norte 2020 completed

    During September & October 2017 I had the ‘calling’ to be a Henro on the Shikoku Pilgrimage in West Japan. This year I was called to be a pilgrim on the Camino del Norte. I started at Irún on 26th August and I reached Muxía on 23rd September and Finsterre on 24th September. During the journey...
  4. Sara_Dhooma

    Vezelay Camino October 2020 - Recommendation Request

    Hello! I've had a number of hiccups with flight cancels & reschedules from Toronto, but it looks like I will finally be arriving in Paris on Thursday Oct 1st at 1:00pm! After some hiking pole shopping and taking a few trains/buses, I hope to arrive in Vezelay before the Centre Sainte-Madeleine...
  5. D

    Lightweight sleeping bag October - November 2020

    Could anyone recommend any lightweight sleeping bags suitable for doing the Camino Frances in October - November?
  6. C

    Via De La Plata In November

    Hi all. Considering doing this from mid November. I know the current situ with regards to albergue opening but looks like it’s doable! Going to start planning but if anywhere has any ‘must know’ advice off top of head would be great to hear! I guess the weather is key too!
  7. trecile

    On this date in September...

    Here's the thread to post pictures, musings, etc. for any dates in September from any year, and for any Camino route. When you respond, please mention the date, route you were on and where you walked (or rested) that day. Thanks!
  8. K

    Portuguese Camino - september

    Hi, I’m planning to walk Portuguese Camino start/mid September . Is it possible to do this right now? Are there many others on the path ? Do Portuguese people / auberg owners want people to visit now ? .. ( im Irish) Thanks!
  9. Lhollo

    Sleeping bag for early September Camino Frances?

    I’ll be doing the first section of the Camino Frances, from SJPP to Los Arcos, between 1st and 10th September (including exploration days). I’ve booked private rooms in advance for the whole route (medical reasons—wish I could stay in bunk beds but can’t). Some of the rooms are in hotels or...
  10. V

    Opinions on starting date to Camino Primitivo

    Hello. I've been thinking about doing the Camino Primitivo this year as my first camino ever. I've been reading sites, some guides and especially this forum. I would have about 16 days of walking to do the Primitivo, possibly including the Camino Verde which i just discovered thanks to the...
  11. Damien Reynolds

    Camino Frances in November?

    Hi friends. Been awhile. But I always come back. So let's just say I now have a lot of time on my hands. Thinking about an impromptu camino in November. I'll fly out to Madrid, train to Leon, walk from there. Its a path I've followed many times so not worried about how do deal with the walk /...
  12. F

    Albergues from Lugo. Mid November

    Hi all! Hopefully I will start El Camino with my grandfather on November 15 starting on Lugo. I've heard some albergues close in winter. Is there a way to know which albergues will be open? Any other tips/advice is greatly appreciated as well. Thank you all in advance!
  13. K

    Lisbon to Santiago October

    Thinking of doing the Portuguese costal route october 1-31 in a few weeks Ive heard a lot of the albergues are closed in Oct., especially from Lisbon to Porto. Is that true? Can anyone confirm? Also should I expect more expensive albergues? Im hoping for plenty of 5/6 euro spots or...

    When is the best time to walk?

    When people say the Camino is 'crowded' in September, what exactly does that mean? Is there is a lack of accommodation, restaurants are full, or too many people on the way to be able to feel like It's a solitary pilgrimage rather than a holiday, or there are too many vehicles on the roads? I...
  15. A

    Medical issues, short distance per day, pension and transfer questions

    My daughter (20) and I (52) are planning to do the French Camino from mid to late October 2020. We will be leaving from Leon and taking about 30'days. We're planning roughly 15 kms per day and staying a few double days in places. We both have a couple of medical issues - I have fibromyalgia and...
  16. Steven Light

    Meseta in October?

    Greetings! My wife and I walked the CF from SJPdP to Finesterre last summer except we rented bikes from Burgos to Leon. Now we want to go back and walk that part. What's the weather like in October on the Meseta? Alternatively, how hot might it get in August? We're thinking of walking the Norte...
  17. H

    Which Camino is most used in fall/winter in France?

    Dear all, I was planning on hiking about 3 weeks on one of the caminos in France, starting in October, but due to illness, I had to postpone. This means I will be hiking from about October 24th 'till mid-november. I have heard a lot of lodgings close after November 1st, and since I am untrained...
  18. sam ferris

    Weather for end of October?

    Hey all, New to this forum. New to CdS. I'm walking O Cebriero to Santiago de Compostela, October 27th - November 2nd (my 50th birthday!) and I have many questions that I will not inundate you with here, but what I can't quite figure out from reading is what the weather is going to be like...
  19. David Tallan

    Anyone starting from Porto at the beginning of October?

    Just checking. It's never to early to start making connections with fellow pilgrims.
  20. Danielle92

    Walking in November

    Hello, Last year I did a week of the Camino and ended up in Estella. This year I'd like to start from Estella and do another week of the camino! Is anyone able to help me with the following: 1) Will hostels be open (beginning of November) 2) how do I get to Estella - is it best to fly from...