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  1. sam ferris

    Weather for end of October?

    Hey all, New to this forum. New to CdS. I'm walking O Cebriero to Santiago de Compostela, October 27th - November 2nd (my 50th birthday!) and I have many questions that I will not inundate you with here, but what I can't quite figure out from reading is what the weather is going to be like...
  2. David Tallan

    Anyone starting from Porto at the beginning of October?

    Just checking. It's never to early to start making connections with fellow pilgrims.
  3. Danielle92

    Walking in November

    Hello, Last year I did a week of the Camino and ended up in Estella. This year I'd like to start from Estella and do another week of the camino! Is anyone able to help me with the following: 1) Will hostels be open (beginning of November) 2) how do I get to Estella - is it best to fly from...
  4. L

    Scared of freezing to death on Camino in Fall!

    HI! My husband and I will be walking the Camino in September and October. This is my first time. I get cold easily. (My fingers and toes get painfully cold!) He does not. He's been on the Camino before during the same months. What he recommends as far as clothing may not be warm enough for me. I...
  5. L

    Hay fever in fall in Galicia

    I have asthma and allergies. I am wondering how bad the allergies might be in late September-October from Sarria to SDC? I carry an inhaler and take daily asthma meds. Thanks,
  6. 334E5EC6-7272-45F2-AECB-176C987F5AA6.jpeg


    Saint James
  7. LeelooLizzie

    Doing Norte route - hopefully Spring or Autumn 2018 - but getting freaked out by weather...

    Hi everyone!! This is my first post - finally - but I've been lurking on these threads for quite some time and finally decided to start an account and ask a question! I keep seeing conflicting information regarding weather for the Camino del Norte / Primitivo (I plan to do the whole 860km) for...
  8. Col Prosser

    Via de la Plata Oct/Nov ?

    Hi all, I'm considering going for the via de la plata, starting from Seville in late October and walking for about 2 weeks. I'm wondering.... Is the weather likely to be good enough? Will there be enough hostels etc. still open? (or do most close for the winter?) Many thanks all ! Cole
  9. K

    Luggage Transfer in November

    Hi all, We (3 people) are starting our Camino Frances in 2 weeks time. One of us need the luggage transfer service, but, most companies finish their service at the end of October. Any ideas on how to continue with luggage transfer after the end of Oct ? much appreciated.
  10. Jesso

    Jakobsweg - best walking routes in Germany in November

    Hi, I walked the Camino Frances 2 years ago and loved the experience. Now living in Germany, I would love to love to walk here as well. I am located in Bavaria and have a week of holidays the first week in November. Has anyone walked in November (I'm in Bavaria)? Are there many pilgrim's...
  11. S

    Packing list

    Hi people out there! I am about to walk my first Camino in about 20 days from now and I am currently in the final stages of getting the last few things that I need. I hope that someone in here with experience of walking on the Camiño de Santiago in and around the 25th of October to around the...
  12. D

    Statistics September 2017

    At mid-September it did not look like this year would eclipse the record set last year for September, but numbers have stayed high while they began to decline toward the end of the month in 2016, so I think that 2017 will beat 2016 by a few hundred, and set a new record. It will be more than...
  13. H

    Shoes in mid-October

    Hi all! I will be starting from Irun or San Sebastian around October 10 and have a question about shoes. Last summer I walked the Frances wearing trail runners, which I found to be the perfect shoe. With the weather in October, would you all suggest heavier hiking boots, or will trail runners be...
  14. El Capitan

    SJPDP might be closed November

    preparing for my Camino. I plan on a November 8th start from SJPDP but, I read the trail will be closed in November till march ! Any tips on walking in this time of year? Reservations , snow , rain and temperatures? Anyone else walking this time of year ! Lonesome caminante .
  15. AJGuillaume

    Availability of accommodation on Camino del Norte in October

    Hello, This is my first post... I am planning my Camino for 2018. My wife and I will be starting in Geneva mid-June 2018, walking through to Le Puy-en Velay, then to Irun. We are walking an average of 15km per day, and would arrive in Irun on 2 September. Our intention is to then walk the Camino...
  16. SallyToms

    Via de Plata in October

    I fly into Madrid on October 1 and have a train booked to Seville. After reading other threads I am having doubts that I have picked the right time, and there will be nights I will be alone in the albergues. Also I have only walked the Frances once, and others seem to do 3 or 4 other Caminos...
  17. KatjaA

    Teva sandals in October?

    Hey all! I'm preparing for my first Camino (end of Sep. through Oct. ) and I'm getting such different advise on footwear. I'll bring my hiking booths for the road, but then it gets tricky. Tevas or light running shoes for the afternoons and evenings? How cold does it get? Thank you for all the...
  18. CaminoMatt73

    Starting the Norte Route in September

    I'm starting from IRUN around September 13th or so. Has anyone Hiked the Norte route in autumn? I'm wondering about the climate and the need for a sleeping bag or a liner with a light fleece throw blanket. Also, I've never used a phone in Europe but I hear about prepaid cards. Is this useful...
  19. D

    The Camino weather in October?

    I wonder if any regular Peregrinos could please tell me what kind of weather I can expect on the Camino in October. I've checked a few weather sites but I'd feel better informed with some advice from anyone who has travelled on the Camino in October. I walked the Camino Frances last year in...
  20. Crazy Kiwiman

    Le Puy (or Geneva) to SJPdP in Autumn

    Hi everyone Thanks you so much for all the info I have from your Le Puy threads. I am looking to walk from either Geneva or Le Puy starting at the end of September 2017 - through to SJPdP. I can not find much information about walking at that time of year and am wondering if it will be too...