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  1. J

    Starting in September and looking for answers

    Dear peregrinos, It looks like my DH and I will be able to start our trip in early September. I need to book our flights and would like your feedback. We have about 40 days to walk, give or take a day due to flights. We know we won't be able to make it to Santiago but are ok with it. We'll...
  2. M

    Looking for Camino recommendations for 1 week in October for solo female traveller

    Hello! It looks like I may have a week in Europe in the second week of October and I have always wanted to do the Camino de Santiago. I know a week isn't long but I want to seize the opportunity and at least get a taste of the famous journey. So, I am seeking your recommendations on route or...
  3. Crazy Kiwiman

    Le Puy (or Geneva) to SJPdP in Autumn

    Hi everyone Thanks you so much for all the info I have from your Le Puy threads. I am looking to walk from either Geneva or Le Puy starting at the end of September 2017 - through to SJPdP. I can not find much information about walking at that time of year and am wondering if it will be too...
  4. El Capitan

    November on El Camino

    i was wondering if anyone would share some info / advise in walking El Camino( camino Frances ) in November . It's the only time I can do it but, I had concerns with the weather, temps , cold, rain etc. Mario
  5. AlexanderAZ

    Sept 2017 CF...need timing input

    Planning to do SJPdP to Fisterra with my Dad mid-Sept (2017) start. We are not bound by an external schedule. I'm having a bit of difficulty in figuring out the exact number of days so we can purchase our plane tickets. We are both in excellent health and very active although we want to roll at...
  6. BrienC

    Not Exactly Live - VDLP, Fall 2016

    Earlier this fall, I walked the Vía de la Plata with the Camino Sanabrés variant. In this thread, I'll add my daily commentary as I compile my notes from that journey. They will also be available on my blog. Hence, this is a route report, though, Not Exactly Live. Seville, Spain (October 17...
  7. D

    albergues open in november

    hey Im considering the idea of walk the coastal way from Finisterra to Porto. I tried to find some information about albergues on the way but i failed :D The quesstion is: are there any cheap albergues or donativos open in november on the coastal way? is there some kind of list of the albergues...
  8. K

    Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela in November

    Hi all, I am a Camino newbie, and am considering walking from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela as my first time - beginning mid November 2016. So, very soon... :) I realise I may encounter all kinds of weather, so will be prepared for that! I am wondering what is the best timetable to...
  9. L

    November tips and advice

    Hello! Starting my Camino on the 5th of November so will be walking throughout that month obviously! Any tips or advice for this particular month? I know the Napoleon route is closed and I'm kind of sickened because I wanted to see the views, how is the other route in terms of senery ? Thanks...
  10. Charlie Perry

    Cycling the Primitivo in November

    I have a spare week in early November and was thinking of cycling the Camino Primitivo from Oviedo. I'm relatively fit and have some experience of hill walking. I'm just a bit worried about the amount of rain and the condition of the track. Also, will many other people be doing it this time of...
  11. N

    Looking for season and safety advice

    Hi there, I am just about to leave for the Camino and am a solo female. I will start the Camino on the 24th October and looking to finish end November early December. I hear that a lot of the accomodation and restaurants close end of October and because this has been a special year for pilgrims...
  12. ellensfootprints

    Shoes in October- November ?

    Greetings my people! I have Keen Durable sandals and Brooks trail shoes which I love both and they are well broken in. Now that so will start at SJPdp I would like to know if I should leave the sandals and go with a waterproof trail shoe or boot? Along with my trainers. Will my last few weeks...
  13. L

    Fleece or no fleece?

    Hi, I'm heading out of SJDPP in early October. I see on a lot of the packing lists to bring a fleece. I am not a big fan of fleece, wore one on the Inca Trail years ago and it drove me crazy because they feel so constricting to me, plus a lot of them are 3/4 zip/mock turtleneck which I am also...
  14. P

    Camino Português in October

    Hi to everyone. Two years ago I did the Camino Frances in January. I knew exactly that I needed winter dresses. Now I'm planning to do the Camino Português next end of September or in October, from Lisboa to Santiago. I don't understand at all if I need summer or winter dresses. I have got only...
  15. LisaM

    Rain in September along Camino portugues

    Can anyone tell me how much rain there might be in September between Lisbon and Santiago? I have good quality waterproof pants which are much heavier than a cheaper pair that I have which is not very comfortable. If it rains regularly, I am thinking it would be better to have the comfortable...
  16. Ray Boneski

    Route Napolean versus Valcarlos

    Will the Route Napoleon be open and relatively safe for a mid to late October start date? Or should I plan to take Valcarlos Route? Thanks.
  17. A

    Conques in October?

    Do pilgrims still travel through Conques in October or is it too cold? Do the monks still offer pilgrim's mass in October? Thank you !
  18. H

    Weather in October/November

    I'm thinking of doing the whole Camino Frances from SJPP to Santiago, starting mid October (maybe between 12/10 and 17/10) to mid-November, and maybe on to Finisterre if the weather and my feet allow. However, I'm concerned about the weather, particularly in Galicia. I have walked both the...
  19. W

    Woman walks alone in October?

    Hola! I know that this kind of question has been asked again and again, but I still want to ask several questions about this. (And many thanks to those who gave useful advices on this topic! They are so helpful that reassure me and let me decide to walk the Camino this year.) I am a 18-year-old...
  20. BrettP

    Finding My Way: Autumn on the Camino Frances 2016-08-16

    Readers of this forum need no introduction to the Camino Frances, but Brett Payne's memoir of his journey from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela and Fisterra in the autumn of 2015, is illustrated by 212 full colour photographs and 36 daily route maps to give you a tremendous insight...