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  1. Amanda Surbey

    LIVE from the Camino Should I skip Roncesvalles to Pamplona?

    I land in SJPdP on Sunday, 9 Nov. Weather permitting, I'm walking to Roncesvalles the next morning where I booked a hotel as my conversations with the Refugio in Roncesvalles left me confused about if they were even open. I think only the older, smaller part is open. Decided since I have to go...
  2. fortview

    Risk no sleeping bag in November ?

    A question for the winter walkers.. I'm taking the plunge, and am planning to walk from Logrono for just under 3 weeks, starting 30th October. I've only ever taken a silk liner on previous caminos, and relied on the blankets in the albergues. Is this a crazy thing to do in November? I've found...
  3. Genevieve11

    Camino Frances in November

    Hi, I'm planning to walk the Camino Frances, setting off during the last couple of days of October, and walking through November. I'm a female travelling alone and wanted to check: is this a sensible time to walk? How many people walk at this time of year (appreciate it won't be the crowds of...
  4. David Egglestone

    crazy september

    Hi I am currently in Burgos on track according to Brierley. The camino is crazy atm with many people getting up as early as 3 in the morning to ensure they get a bed. The bus station is full of pilgrims hopping to Leon. I am cycling to Astorga starting today so I can experience the meseta but...
  5. Anna Shea

    An excess of questions from a first time pilgrim

    Hello everyone! I am planning to walk the Camino Frances solo starting around the 25th of September. This is a semi-last minute decision and I still have a lot to figure out before I start my adventure so any advice would be truly appreciated! I have questions about a lot of unrelated things but...
  6. norwegianwoods

    Do I need to bring a sleeping-bag in september?

    Hello forum-members, I am planning to walk on CN from August 30, and on for two weeks. As far as can get in that time, without any hurry (this walk is a test of my back's capability, after just having recovered from a herniated disc). My question is; do I need to bring a solid sleeping-bag, or...
  7. B

    Pyrenees in November

    Hi Everyone, I'm planning to do my first camino this November! From about November 9- Dec 9. I've heard doing the Camino at this time can still be good, despite getting cold and wet at times, but my question is specifically about the Pyrenees. Is it possible to cross this late in the year? How...
  8. Chafic7

    Camino Frances in September

    I will be walking the Camino Frances during the month of September 2014. What is the weather like in September? Since it is my first time, any advice is welcome! Any "not to miss place" to visit? Any albergue to stay away from? Thank you
  9. A

    Camino Ingles 6 September to 10 September

    I've been lurking for quite a while now, and have finally taken the plunge. I'll be walking the Ingles from Ferrol, leaving on the morning of 6 September, with expected arrival in Santiago on the 10th. This forum has been an invaluable resource - thank you to all of you who have shared their...
  10. jouffroy47

    Le Puy to Conques in early to mid-October 2014

    Thanks for the reminder about All-Saints Day! I am planning on a two week+ Camino from Le Puy to Conques early to mid-October (or so) 2014 as I noticed a number of places were closing down around the 20th. And I appreciate the information on the elevation and the weather! A special thanks to...
  11. T

    Camino Frances conditions in September

    Dear Forum, I am planning to make my first Camino this year. Right now, I am planning to arrive in Paris in late August and travel via train to SJPP. Will this be problematic? I know that most of Europe is on holiday in August. The bulk of my walking will be done in September. I am hoping...
  12. golden1789

    Footwear in November

    Hi, I am going to be starting October 31st and at the moment I have no idea whether to go for a light boot or a hiking shoe. Did anyone do the walk November 2013. How much rain/mud...buying footwear this week so any information would be great.
  13. DebR

    Walking in late September 2014

    Hi folks, I walked the Camino Frances in April / May last year and am gearing up again for a start from SJPdP somewhere around 22 Sept 2014, give or take a day. While knowing that no two years are the same. I'd be really interested on peoples' experiences round this time of year: will I be...
  14. B

    Weather in Early September (on the camino Frances)

    I've consulted various resources regarding temps and precipitation. 'anyone care to weigh in as far as their personal experience trekking for the month of September?
  15. Jabaldo

    walking in September 2014

    I am new to the forum and must say it is the best info gathering I have found. The information I have received is up to date and from people who have walked the Camino. Thank you for all of your help and may we find what we look for in life. I will along with my wife be on the Camino this...
  16. pippa

    walking in September?

    For those that have walked the Frances way in September what shoes/boots etc etc did you choose?
  17. Jakenmarie

    November Camino

    Hello all. I'm planing to start my Camino on or around November 1st. Any advice/warnings? Thanks in advance.
  18. K

    Weather in August/September

    Hello!I`m planning a walk from the middle of August until the very end of September or maybe even the until the beginning of October. We decided to go Camino Frances, until the ocean, the end of earth :) So I`m wondering what are the weathers in this region in this season ...
  19. GaryandKatie

    Primitivo in September

    Hi all: We are heading over to start in September, my wife and I.........any and all tips will be greatly appreciated...............we just decided and not overly worried about much ( well, I am not, my lovely wife is) Anyone heading over there then? Anybody done it in...
  20. F

    weather in September October - temperature range please?

    Hello, I want to know the temperature range please in Sept. and October on the Frances Camino. Please tell. Frances