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  1. D

    Proper Fit for a Backpack

    There have been more frequent mentions of equipment and gear purchases lately. . . . likely due to the popularity of Springtime pilgrimages :-) I thought I would re-post information about how one goes about making sure that a new backpack purchase is properly sized and fitted. There is also...
  2. andyassur

    Backpack Type!

    Hi all! Long time reader, first time poster. I'm going to embark on my first Camino starting mid May, 2020. I'll be doing the french way. I'm travelling from Australia. I have most of my gear now but I have a question regarding backpacks. I've read a lot of posts regarding backpack sizes but...
  3. Jo Jo

    Post-Camino Gear Review. 5 kilo (11 pound) pack base weight.

    I always see pre-Camino gear requests, but rarely post-Camino gear reviews. I did one years ago after my first Camino (Frances), but now, after my fourth Camino (San Salvador and Primitivo), I thought it was a good time to update the list. This list is for a recent pilgrimage, Sept. 4-14...
  4. V

    August packing list - preparing for the Camino

    Hello everyone, I just joined this forum. I'm flying from Paris to Zaragoza on the 30th of July. That day I will reach SJPDP around 16h. And the next day I plan to start walking. In the photo attached is my packing list. With water bottle of 1.2L, it weighed 5.5 kg. I plan to walk for 30 days...
  5. B

    Back Pack for ultra light

    I'm looking for a backpack recommendation for ultralight Camino travel. That would be carrying only a Bivvy sack, sleeping bag liner, goose down jacket in a stuff bag, poncho and extra clothes and shoes (one extra pair, perhaps, of very light shoes. One pair shorts, two tops). Water I will...
  6. TheSparrow

    Notes on my Equipment - The Lighter the Better - Women and Men!

    https://sound-and-bites.home.blog/ Notes on my Equipment - The Lighter the Better - Women and Men! The lighter the better - no doubts about it. There is data from the Pacific Crest Trail that showed a direct correlation between finishing the PCT and the weight of pack. Only the people with the...
  7. Bob Howard

    Pack Weight and Other Impediments

    Ok, I fully expect this to be controversial, and it arises from the current forum thread about pack weight. First, my premise. For those of us who have previously walked the Camino, and especially longtime backpackers/hikers, I think we have a duty to dispense straightforward, unvarnished...
  8. holhum

    Advice re my packing for June Frances from Leon? Esp. from ladies! ta :-)

    Hi all, I'm in the home stretch for packing and v. happy to take advice as this is my first Camino. This is what I have, and I'm aiming for a 5-6kg pack (before water and food and it's only a 32 litre). I'm from Australia and we don't have the range of products I've seen mentioned sometimes...
  9. TankerTim

    First Camino Frances

    Hello Everyone, I have my first Camino Frances coming (and first Camino) up next month. I'll be flying into Biarritz and then taking a cab to Bayonne, then a train or bus into SJPP. I fly into Biarritz on Tuesday, May 21 in the late afternoon, and plan on starting the Camino Frances the...
  10. TAF

    Rucksack size

    Hi all, can anyone please help me with rucksack size? I will be walking 2 weeks of the Camino Frances in July/August. I am looking at either the Osprey Tempest 30 or the 40 L. Whatever I take needs to fit the carry on cabin regulations so I am concerned the 40L may not meet those specifications...
  11. RumAndChupacabras

    Gregory Jade 28 Backpack - Women's 2019 Version

    Gregory Jade 28 Backpack - Women's 2019 Version Hi All! Yesterday I decided to stop at REI as it was on the way home...No Really! I checked to see if they had a 1 pound backpack. I ended up getting fitted (PROPERLY, for the first time ever) for a backpack by Cynthia and, gave her my whole list...
  12. T

    Shipping backpack from home to Spain

    Hey, I will be doing my first camino in May of 2019. I will be flying to Barcelona and then I plan to take the plane to San Sebastian in the same day and start my pilgrim from there the next day. But for that conecting flight it's not adviced to take checked baggage as it's only 1 hour inbetween...
  13. kazrobbo

    Mobile phone pouch for backpack straps

    Walking the VF from March & for the first time, I'll be leaving my camera behind & just taking my mobile phone. I'm used to my camera case being looped through the waist/hip straps of my backpack which has always worked well as its easily accessible. I'm hoping to adopt the same method with my...
  14. Walking Nature World

    Couple Packing for the Camino de Santiago | What we take with us?

    Hello, everyone! We are a young couple who dedicates themselve to creating photo and video content, as well as our own music. Our content is related to travelling and adventures. We are passionate walkers who love hiking, trekking and camping. Our goal is to promote the healthy lifestyle, to...
  15. Sho

    Using a waterproof backpack?

    Assuming I don't have a goal of shaving every possible ounce off my gear weight, are there arguments against using a waterproof backpack (assuming it balances well and has good hip straps)? I keep reading that rain covers keep your pack only sort of dry, but water runs down your back and comes...
  16. C clearly

    My all-season packing list

    There have been several questions from new pilgrims about what things to take. So, I'm starting a new thread to address them, and have decided to post my packing list (even though it feels a bit like putting my laundry out on display). I am not seeking feedback on the list - rather it is for...
  17. camino.ninja

    The Ninja Backpack

    Here's my packlist to get below 5 kilos all year round on the camino. If you already have a packlist ...check this one to see what's not on it. http://camino.ninja/gear
  18. chazzie_leigh

    Numbness where shoulder straps rest

    Hi everyone, I’m currently on day 7 of Camino Frances. Today I’ve noticed numbness around the area of my shoulder straps, a lot of my bag weight is on my hips and I don’t have any shoulder/back pain from my bag though it’s bigger and heavier than I had hoped. Anyone else experienced this and any...
  19. t2andreo

    The "ultimate" backpack for the Pyrenees or winter Caminos..."

    I came across this today. It is HUGELY funny.... Enjoy! Clearly, this is not for real, but it is amusing... o_O Also, it is a pleasant change form my normally over-serious posts... Then again, I just returned from six weeks in Spain, four as a Pilgrim Office volunteer. My time there was...
  20. N

    My packing list - Seeking for Advices

    Hello, I finally finished gathering all the stuff I think I need for the Camino. Below you can find my packing list and it would be really helpful if you have any advices or think I am missing something. I'm starting next wednesday on 21st of August in Biarritz. Packing List: Transport and...