1. Rodrigo Cerqueira

    How to organize a backpack:

    How to organize a backpack:
  2. caminoagogo

    Great Backpack Bargain for Australian Pilgrims

    Hi y'all! I picked up one of these sweet Burghaus Freeflow 40L packs from Mountain Designs yesterday for half price! I have an Osprey Kestrel 38L however on my last Camino I lost so much weight I was too thin for the waist straps, so I was carrying all my weight on my shoulders! And that was...
  3. Consigliere

    Picking the right Backpack

    After reading a few threads about differing equipment for the Camino, I thought I might drop a few tips about what I think to be the second most important item we all carry, the backpack (right behind a good pair of shoes). I'm by no means an expert, but after 30+ years of backpacking, I thought...
  4. FamPed

    Happy to make your acquaintance, I said..

    Recently I bought a new backpack (Fjällräven Abisko Friluft 45W), I needed to upgrade the size, so I can be sure to have enough space for my medicine. I didn´t abandon my previous backpack without feeling sad, it had been my best friend for many years, and I really loved it. So even thoug I knew...
  5. G

    Backpack weight

    Hi all! I will be going on my first Camino in September and am a bit concerned about the weight of my backpack. I weigh about 59kgs and my pack is currently 6kgs (without the weight of water or snacks). Just wanted to get some other opinions on the 10% rule and whether going over is alright. I'm...
  6. Hamish72

    Don't sweat the packing list

    Our latest post is aimed at those pilgrims looking for help with the packing list. We have including comments on how useful we found each item and what we took but shouldn't have. One of the...
  7. C

    How Much Water are People Carrying and Drinking?

    I was told agua no es gratis en Europa. Es verdad? How are people carrying water and re-supplying? How much water are people drinking each day? Estoy en Florida. Today I walked with my backpack and nearly three liters of water and ran out. Got more though. Water really affects gear and...
  8. Robo

    What is your Backpack size for a Summer (May-Oct) Camino on the CF?

    Another Poll that might help new members. This time to assess backpack size. Of course backpack size depends on many things! And Backpacks are a very personal choice. The size will be dictated by amongst other things: Your body size. Larger people = larger clothes = more pack space...
  9. P

    Pack Size?

    Hello all! What is the current thinking on how large a pack is needed for the Camino from St. Jean to Santiago. My sister has an AT 40 L.L. Bean Day Pack that she has offered me to borrow. The dimensions being 26½"H x 13"W x 6"D. This is the link to the bag description on LL Beans website...
  10. Kanga

    New Backpack design

    Here's a new concept that looks like a lot of fun. Does not look like a hiking pack, but does look great to play with.
  11. Rionajmc

    Daily backpack transfer?

    Hello all! Apologies if someone has covered this already, but my mother is looking to join me for a few days during my second CF, and it's unlikely she can manage a backpack. I think there are more options the closer one gets to Santiago, but does anyone have experiences/ advice on how to...
  12. Kbierstube

    Another backpack Question.

    Hiya! Based I on my research, this: seems to be the best backpack for me. Can you think of a reason why it wouldn't be wise to take this on the CF? Tia! Katie Sept 2017
  13. brickthomas

    What I carried on Camino Portuguese and Why.

    After my Camnio Frances I posted an equipment list that many hikers found helpful. Today I just posted the gear list I used on my 2016 Camino Portuguese...
  14. StepheninDC

    Deciding when to go

    Hi, everyone. This is my first post. I recently decided to do my first Camino in 2017 and am looking for suggestions on when to go. I realize after reading lots of discussions and other posts on here that things like sleeping bags, backpacks and even footwear depend a lot on when one is planning...
  15. Gregory Graf

    Backpack Pillow

    any insight as to whether a backpack pillow is a good backpack item? If so, any recommended brand/model?
  16. Margaret A

    Need a larger backpack - advice please

    Hello everyone, I have been doing the Camino Frances in stages over the past three years using a Lowe Alpine Air Zone 35L backpack and I love it, and also love that I can manage to travel (fairly) lightly. Now I'm about to do the entire route in one go (gulp) but because of a foot issue a...
  17. D

    Biking the Camino from Pamplona in Oct. 2016- Advice/Itinerary

    Hi, I'm planning to fly to Pamplona in October and complete the journey to Santiago de Compostela in 12 days. A couple questions I would like to pose to others who've done a similar trip: Rent bike or buy? I'm leaning towards renting because it sounds like the quality of rental bike is...
  18. Yoga Girl

    The Camino Provides Official Patch 2016-04-15

    I designed a patch that I’ll put on my own backpack and ordered extra for other pilgrims. The Camino Provides patch is 2.5″ round with iron-on backing and merrowed border for a finished look and durable feel. $4.50 + .50 cents shipping per patch – US addresses. $4.50 + $2 shipping worldwide +...
  19. Missing Mike

    Keeping Backpack etc. safe

    I am used to traveling to hostels in Europe where each bunk had a place or locker to keep your stuff safe (you provide the lock). I traveled alone and never had any problems. How does that work on the Camino? I would like to be able to put my pack down somewhere safe and maybe check out the...
  20. T

    Protecting backpack in checked luggage

    We have flight reservations made out of Vancouver BC and I'm wondering if people have used heavy translucent plastic bags to put their packs in and check them to Madrid. With all the straps and such they seem prime to get stuck in machinery. I've seen packs in bags in airports before, what do...