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  1. Gregory Graf

    Backpack Pillow

    any insight as to whether a backpack pillow is a good backpack item? If so, any recommended brand/model?
  2. Margaret A

    Need a larger backpack - advice please

    Hello everyone, I have been doing the Camino Frances in stages over the past three years using a Lowe Alpine Air Zone 35L backpack and I love it, and also love that I can manage to travel (fairly) lightly. Now I'm about to do the entire route in one go (gulp) but because of a foot issue a...
  3. D

    Biking the Camino from Pamplona in Oct. 2016- Advice/Itinerary

    Hi, I'm planning to fly to Pamplona in October and complete the journey to Santiago de Compostela in 12 days. A couple questions I would like to pose to others who've done a similar trip: Rent bike or buy? I'm leaning towards renting because it sounds like the quality of rental bike is...
  4. Yoga Girl

    The Camino Provides Official Patch 2016-04-15

    I designed a patch that I’ll put on my own backpack and ordered extra for other pilgrims. The Camino Provides patch is 2.5″ round with iron-on backing and merrowed border for a finished look and durable feel. $4.50 + .50 cents shipping per patch – US addresses. $4.50 + $2 shipping worldwide +...
  5. Missing Mike

    Keeping Backpack etc. safe

    I am used to traveling to hostels in Europe where each bunk had a place or locker to keep your stuff safe (you provide the lock). I traveled alone and never had any problems. How does that work on the Camino? I would like to be able to put my pack down somewhere safe and maybe check out the...
  6. The Anacortesians

    Protecting backpack in checked luggage

    We have flight reservations made out of Vancouver BC and I'm wondering if people have used heavy translucent plastic bags to put their packs in and check them to Madrid. With all the straps and such they seem prime to get stuck in machinery. I've seen packs in bags in airports before, what do...
  7. T

    Backpack safety

    I am starting my Camino on April 2 from Pamplona. I am leaving for Spain March 26 and spending a few days in Barcelona with some friends. A friend who is joining me for the last 100k was wondering about the safety of our backpacks in the albuergues. So my question is, Do pilgrims just leave...
  8. Viejo

    Backpack as Therapeutic Device

    I am 67 years old and will be attempting my first camino beginning next month. I am not fit, am carrying about 20 extra pounds of belly fat, and have had some disc problems and sciatica which sometimes make walking painful. I began some practice "hikes" a few months ago and was discouraged to...
  9. Lmsundaze

    Dealing with sweaty back from backpack

    My Camino is getting closer -- 34 days -- and I am training more and more with my full pack. On warm, not hot days (68F-20C) my back sweats really uncomfortably from my backpack. Any suggestions on how to mitigate this? Thanks!
  10. G

    checking backpack

    I am getting close enough to worry about traveling to camino. I know my backpack specs are big, but it is so light ( I hope I will still think that walking into Santiago), does anyone carry their pack onto the plane? also, if checked, my pack cover does not cover my hip belt, does all those...
  11. Sally Forester

    What backpack did you use?

    Hi all, I've been having a hard time finding a backpack that I like. I've been a regular at the Denver REI trying all sorts of packs! I've bought a few, loaded them with 20-23lbs of rice/water and have walked about 100+ miles with each one. My problem is they seem to be limited to Osprey and...
  12. BillyB


    I am shopping for a backpack for my april trip. I have been looking at the osprey lite weights. The 58 lt and 48lt basically are the same weight. 2.4 and 2.8 lbs. Is there a disadvantage of buying a larger pack?
  13. Cristinaa

    Soreness with backpack

    Hi all Ive begun training with my pack and so far i can walk just over an hour with my pack loaded up to almost 10kg with no drama at all. It feels really comfortable and i almost dont even notice my pack at all. After a good hour and a half i start to get sore upper back, like around my...
  14. David

    Front Packs.

    Good stuff! If no mirror just kneel down; the kilt should just touch the carpet. I don't fly but would have thought that a kilt rather than trousers would be much better for a long haul flight? Incidentally, you mentioning front bag/s. I have been looking at Aarn packs to balance load; first...
  15. Seabird

    Backpack Etiquette - or I don't want to be a Jerk

    So, I am starting my first thread after looking through FAQs, doing a search, etc. Please forgive me if I've overlooked obvious answers on this fabulous forum. Can you give me some tips for proper "management" of my backpack on the Camino? Do I leave it outside when going into a bar? a cafe...
  16. Marian Courtenay

    Two Ladies Back Packs for Sale - Never Used

    In 2014 my husband walked the Camino De Santiago across Spain; I had planned to meet him but due to illness could not make it. I have two backpacks for sale, never used and so as new condition. Osprey Kyte: 36 liter teal blue (does have Camino badges), looking for $110 This retails at $160...
  17. Bobcat77

    66 Year-old Irishman starting SJPdP mid-March 2016

    Great forum: all you ever need to know, it seems. Retired last year. 66 in September this year 2015. Catholic. Married 41 years and still holding hands. Wifey is 'allowing' me away for 6 weeks on my own-i-o. (We haven't been apart that long since 1980). Ahhhh. Started physical preparation a...
  18. Susan L

    Burgos - where to stamp? & sending bags on to hostels?

    Hi all, Love this forum and finally plucking up the courage the day before I go to post a question! My friend & I stay in Burgos tomorrow night to start walking on Monday. We won't stay in a pilgrim albergue the first night and we only arrive in Burgos at about 7.30pm. Must we get a stamp? And...
  19. Sara Jean

    Cheapest travel to St. Jean Pied de Port and a few other questions... (vegetarian meals etc)

    Hi Everyone! My name is Sara and I'm a vegetarian from California and currently living in Hungary. I've just made the (somewhat) last minute decision to walk the Camino de Santiago St. Jean Pied de Port-Santiago de Compostela-Finisterre in late June-early August this year (45 Days - 2015...
  20. S

    eva Kimtah Mesh Shoes and sleeping bag and back pack

    I am doing the Camino from Porto to Santiago in late September. I get cold quicker than most and I wonder if I need a sleeping bag or liner. I weigh 100 lbs and I need a backpack suggestion. I want to carry as little as possible. I am looking at Kimtah Mesh Hiking Shoes from Amazon and I am...

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