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  1. W

    Camino Portugués, Accommodation Tui-Porriño-Redondela

    If you stay in PORRIÑO in the way of the Camino Portugués, PENSIÓN MARACAIBO: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pensionmaracaiboporrino -TO SLEEP: Apartment for groups from 10 to 12 people (15€/person), beds in Hostel from 18€ to 25€, Apartments with kitchen and washing machine available...
  2. P

    Is our backpack big enough

    Hi, we plan to walk the camino starting mid april 2015. Our first time. We will start in Saint Jean Pied de Port. We have been looking at backpacks and are considering buying the Osprey Stratos 34. It both fits me (M/L version) as my wife (S/M version). The only thing I have doubts about is the...
  3. Anna Shea

    An excess of questions from a first time pilgrim

    Hello everyone! I am planning to walk the Camino Frances solo starting around the 25th of September. This is a semi-last minute decision and I still have a lot to figure out before I start my adventure so any advice would be truly appreciated! I have questions about a lot of unrelated things but...
  4. Pilar Salgado Vega

    Backpack, vitamins, and gastronomy questions!

    Hello Everyone!! I’m so exited, I’m starting my first camino in two weeks (12/09) from Pamplona and I have a couple of questions: 1. I’m using a Millet LD ecrins 30 backpack, but inside it has like a removable “metal pole” in a compartment next to the water bladder bag, what does it do? Can...
  5. Thupancic

    Alternatives to backpacks

    :rolleyes:Hello everyone, I had neck surgery awhile back, so I can't carry anything that puts any weight or stress on my shoulders. Is there such thing as a giant fanny pack? Any suggestions?
  6. smj6

    Ultralight Backpacker

    An interesting blog on have to reduce your pack weight. http://www.backpackingnorth.com/ultralight-makeover-overview/ S :-)
  7. jostony

    Guidance on back pack weight

    As a newbie to the idea of walking, let alone the actual commitment I have made to walking the Camino next year, I have just about bought all the gear I think I need and compiled a spreadsheet which tells me that total weight is 7.75 kilos so it will end up at 8 kilos. Once I add in 2.5 kilos...
  8. C

    Fly with equipment as a carry on.

    Wanted to make the re commendation that those traveling to the Camino, especially from great distances such as I have fly with their pack and equipment as carry on. Attached is a link for the perfect example of how El Camino has turned nightmare for one pilgrim. He is fortunate to have others...
  9. gagseymt

    Best "literage" for my ruck sac?

    Can anyone give me advice on the ideal literage for my ruck sac. 5 weeks journey.
  10. CaliDawn

    Flying with your pack

    Hi everyone, I leave on Tuesday and I am coming from the USA to London then Paris to Biarritz. I am planning on taking my Gregory sage 55 as a carry on. I am very concerned about the plane loosing my lugage if it is checked. Has any one had problems with carrying in their pack?? Thanks D
  11. nidarosa

    Experiences with Golite Jam packs?

    In my never ending quest to have the lightest possible pack weight when going further afield and taking tent, sleeping mat and stove in addition to my basic or Camino kit, I have decided to try a frameless pack :eek: and have landed on the Golite Jam 50 for its versatile size - compact it to do...
  12. CaptBuddy

    A specific backpack question

    My wife and I are returning to walk the Camino again this year. We both have the mochilas we used in 2012, but we're thinking about something different. My wife wants a larger pack, and I want a smaller one. Has anyone used the Gregory Savant/Sage packs? Online they look like they are...
  13. D

    Does backpack size vary based on length of the camino?

    This question may have been asked previously but I couldn't find it so I apologize if it's a repeat...we are planning on doing a short camino- Sarria to Santiago. Does this affect the size of backpack required or is the list of items pretty similar regardless of camino length?
  14. nidarosa

    Pics of packs

    With all the advice and opinions on this forum about finding the right backpack, discussions on weight, volume, back system etc, we very rarely discuss the look of them. And of course looks really don't matter when it's on your back, but still ... we grow to love them, and our Camino friends...
  15. Rambler

    Designing the Perfect Camino Pack

    So we have discussed which packs are popular... But now let me ask everyone here, if you were to design the perfect pack for the Camino, what would it look like? Think about aspects like weight, features, pockets, accessories, etc. I realize that no one pack is perfect for every person nor every...
  16. Desota

    Looking for backpack accessory pouch

    Hi all, I've been looking for a lightweight pouch big enough for sunglasses and phone to hang from carabiner or other fastening device from the shoulder straps of a rucksack. The main utility here is that i figured i could listen to french language lessons once or twice a day from my IPhone...
  17. Magwood

    not many people know that.......

    I was told recently, by a very experienced pilgrim, that most modern backpacks have a whistle secreted in the chest strap clasp. Having walked the Frances route last year with a separately purchased whistle attached very close to my chest strap, I thought I would go and check it out. Nope! - no...
  18. Rambler

    Poll: Which backpacks are most popular on the Caminos?

    Since many questions are asked about which pack to get, I thought it might be interesting to see what brands are most carried right now on the Camino. Though this may show more about where the members of our virtual community may live than an actual census on the road, it may help those that are...
  19. ilovelife

    Where to leave my pack upon albergue arrival?

    Hi everyone, Firstly, I am so grateful for the assistance people have been giving me by sharing their wisdom and advice with me in answering my many questions. For that, I feel I will be taking more than simply myself on my Camino. My question: I'll be travelling by myself, so upon my arrival...
  20. dfitzg773

    OMM Classic 32L Backpack

    I'm planning to walk the Camino Frances again in October 2014. I walked in 2012 and can't wait to do it again. What would I do differently? The first thing is carry less. I am looking at new backpacks. I walked with a Gregory Z40 in 2012 and am looking at the OMM Classic 32L backpack. I want...

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