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  1. jhdceltic

    Traveling to Europe With Only a Backpack

    I would like to know any difficulties when traveling with just a backpack. A large backpack may need to be checked by the airline. A typical backpack has many loose straps and the waist belt which seems to be a problem. I am just looking for some suggestions and advice. Thank you, Jim Dugan
  2. T

    AARN backpack a good option?

    Hi there. I'm walking my first Camino (Frances) September/October 2014. I have heard good things about different packs .... and in particular the AARN packs. Has anyone used these packs? Any advice/info would be most appreciated. Cheers, Trish.
  3. V

    Must I carry a backpack?

    Hello, I have recently joined this forum.I am planning to walk, end of May or early June 2014. My problem is I have a long history of neck and shoulder muscle sprains, bursitis etc (you get the picture) and of course my 'delicate' age of 54 and years of lifting as a nurse don't help. I really...
  4. LesBrass

    A woman with a mans's backpack?

    Hello - sorry if this is a bit daft but... I've been looking at backpacks and I know this is a subject that has been very well covered across the forum but I wonder if someone can confirm if I need a mans' pack? I'm 5'10" and I've got broad shoulders ;)o_O I've read that the woman's packs...
  5. K

    Backpack advice

    Hi. Can anyone help me with some backpack advice. I purchased a Kelty Cayote which has good thick padding but weighs 5lbs 8 ounces. I also have a Teton Hiker 3700 with is almost 2 lbs less but not as much padding. I plan on starting from SJPP next March, so over the whole camino which is best...
  6. serenalms

    Good backpack for petite women? Help!

    Hi there, I know there have been a thousand posts on backpacks, and that in the end everyone is different and there is no one size fits all answer, but I'm having an extremely hard time finding a pack that fits me properly. I am a fairly petite woman - 5'3" and 105 pounds - and so far, every...
  7. GreatDane

    Camino pack - where do I compromise?

    I'm planning on Camino Class of 2014 and starting to pull together gear now based on what I read here and my husband's experience his last two trips (Pennine Way - UK 2012 and SJPdP - Burgos 2013). My Camino boots are both Keens - one pair (Keen Targhee II mid) well broken in, the other (Keen...
  8. brooklyngirl813

    Help for 100lb ( 45 kg) woman. what backpack to use?

    I'm a petite 100lb. (45kg) woman travelling alone for 5 weeks from SJPDP to Santiago then to Finesterre from Aug. to Sept. 2013. I will be staying at the albuerges. I need advise on the best lightweight backpack to use. Should I get the 30L? I can only carry 10lbs including water and food. I...
  9. Tumbleweed

    Backpack concern

    Hello and Buen Camino, I'm still looking for the right backpack. The issue I'm having is under my arms. The straps seem to be too wide and sit where they rub my underarms. Any suggestions on a women's backpack M? Budget oriented. All comments are much appreciated. PS: I did find the right...
  10. Rellrog

    What would you take out of your backpack?

    I read through the topic on "big mistakes" and the winner, of course, is packing too much. My question is what did you bring that you wished you didn't? I'm in the process of doing my final pack since we will be leaving on March 12th. I notice that I'm adding items as each day goes by...and...
  11. Bouwmeester

    Which Osprey backpack?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently looking into backpacks and would like to hear your advice. I think I'll buy an Osprey backpack, since that seems to be a good and reliable brand and because I've read that people on this forum have had good experiences with Osprey backpacks. However, I'm still...
  12. billbennettoz

    Backpack security - do I need locks and a mesh?

    I'll be walking from SJPP in mid April. I've read on a couple of blogs that some pilgrims have secured their backpacks in their albergues using a Pacsafe mesh cover. I'll be carrying my valuables with me whenever I leave the albergue to go for a walk etc, but is it necessary to use locks and a...
  13. M

    Deuter Back Packs

    Has anyone used these packs?
  14. max44

    Your body and your backpack

    I was requested to offer some advice on how to best load your backpack. If you are walking the standard Camino, the following is more for the non standard walkers. General walkers should just stick to as light weight as possible. Over the years I have worked as combat medic and medical...
  15. sillydoll

    The Big Backpack Myth

    I feel really sorry for our modern day walking pilgrims. Unlike their medieval counterparts who left their material baggage at home and carried only the barest of necessities, today’s pilgrims feel compelled to shower at the end of each day and wash their clothes which means that they have to...
  16. C

    Backpack sizes

    I am looking to buy a new backpack and was wanting to get a Gregory Jade large, but they only make them up to a medium. My measurements fall under: "Large/Tall: 20 inches and up (51 cm and up)". I would like to know if there are any tall women out there who have had the same problem and who...
  17. heatherrnw

    Backpack too small?

    I went out last night and purchased my boots and pack for my Camino September 1st - Oct. 16th. My head swimming with all the suggestions that I had read through the day, I trekked into REI and made a decision based on what they had there. Boots: Merrell Moab mid gore-tx xcr Pack: Deuter 28...
  18. D

    Backpack size

    I've been browsing the topic of equipment, smart packing, and backpacks. I plan to go shopping this weekend but am unsure of what SIZE a backpack to purchase? Besides folks talking about brands, I'm hearing a tad about frame versus no frame- airflow... does this mean that all frames are not...
  19. markvanoss

    Smart Packing and Unexpected Backpack Items

    OK peregrinos, this first-time pilgrim (leaving SJPdP on May 19) hopes to learn from your experience. What was the SINGLE smartest "unexpected" item you included in your backpack? Keep it to one item, please, and (may I suggest?) skip the basics. I hoping for examples of items I would NEVER have...
  20. crhutch

    Another Backpack recommendation request

    Good tidings to all - My wife and I are planning to walk the camino in 2010. We are starting to buy our equipment so we can start our training program. I am looking for recommendations on backpacks for both men and women that I can buy here in the States. Thanks!

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