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  1. D

    Used backpacks

    Hi - I'll be back in Santiago either today or tomorrow. I want to either trade in my pack if possible or give it away - it's a front opening one, zip all the way around, frame, in reasonable condition, needs a few zip repairs. I want a smaller one as I'll be here for another 2 months. Is there...
  2. G

    Backpack weight

    Hi all! I will be going on my first Camino in September and am a bit concerned about the weight of my backpack. I weigh about 59kgs and my pack is currently 6kgs (without the weight of water or snacks). Just wanted to get some other opinions on the 10% rule and whether going over is alright. I'm...
  3. G

    Backpacks for children

    For those who have walked with children - what backpacks did they use? My boys will be very tall 9 and 12 year olds. Have had a bit of a look on-line, the ones for under 10's don't seem to have much support and it looks like the 12 y.o might need to look at adult bags but the smaller sizes are...
  4. Steve Hackman

    Kyte Backpack for Women

    Hi all, I use a 38L Kestral from Osprey for my camino but my wife is thinking of getting the Kyte series which is designed for ladies but comes only in the 36 or 46L size. I think 46 is to much and think she should perhaps get the 38L Kestral like mine. Any ladies have suggestions or...
  5. WildPlace

    Aarn packs - questions...

    Hi folks Well i've spent two days trawling the forum and have more or less decided on replacing my poor broken Berghaus freelow womens rucksack (30+6 litres) with an Aarn pack - but which model? I'm inclined towards the Mountain Magic which is 40 litres plus each balance pocket is 6 litres...
  6. StepheninDC

    Backpack recommendations

    I'm looking at backpacks for my upcoming (and first) Camino, which is in June 2017. I've been to several stores and tried on several packs, about 10 so far. I'm looking for recommendations from other peregrinos. So far I've been impressed with two models in particular, because of the way they...
  7. Priscilla NC

    packs: zpack vs windrider vs ula circuit

    Hello everyone, I'm gearing up (haha) for my first camino beginning mid April. Time to buy a pack, and I'm strongly leaning towards one of the ultra lite packs. If you've carried a Zpack, Windrider, or ULA pack, can you please tell me the pros and cons of your experience? Or stories of others'...
  8. R

    Guide Book New Book - "Walking to Santiago: A How-to For The Novice Camino de Santiago Pilgrim"

    Hi all, I recently published "Walking to Santiago: A How-to For The Novice Camino de Santiago Pilgrim" in Kindle on Amazon. The book covers logistical information about getting to the Camino, accommodations, dining, and other sundry details, as well as in-depth information about the equipment...

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