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Luggage Transfer Correos

baggage transfer

  1. A

    Luggage-forwarding services Camino Ingles

    Hi all Myself and a friend are walking the Camino Ingles from Ferrol to Santiago in July. As we'd rather not carry our bags with us everyday, I've researched a few baggage-forwarding services recommended on other forums etc. However, the companies I've researched don't seem to cover some of...
  2. K

    Primitivo in August (first camino)

    Hello all! My partner and I are setting out on our first camino in August. We have been dreaming about this for a long time and are incredibly excited. I have a few questions whose answers keep eluding me when I read other threads. Thanks in advance! 1. Is there an easy way to get from the...
  3. Nomad Pack

    Continuing on with El Burro

    Hi to all real pilgrims. After walking with my girlfriend from Andorra through the Spanish Pyrenees to Cantabria last winter and spring, I am now preparing to continue possibly alone. I will be heading towards Burgos which is roughly 130 km south of me. Then possibly south on the ruta de la...
  4. americansue

    Has anyone used baggage transport on the Del Norte?

    I blew out my knee in March (the first time I walked 14 klms with a full pack) and X-rays showed that my kneecaps are subluxed. (there is a surgery but it is only 50% successful - not worth the risk) I've been going to PT, learning a new way to walk. I also have moderate inflammation (CRP is...
  5. irishgurrrl

    Luggage Transfer on the Camino Primitivo???

    Hey folks, I know this information is buried in one of the threads here but I cannot find it. Can you post below if you have the relevant details (website, contact tel, cost etc) for baggage tranfer companies operating along the Primitivo and your experience of them. Someone mentioned the...
  6. Rionajmc

    Daily backpack transfer?

    Hello all! Apologies if someone has covered this already, but my mother is looking to join me for a few days during my second CF, and it's unlikely she can manage a backpack. I think there are more options the closer one gets to Santiago, but does anyone have experiences/ advice on how to...
  7. A

    Baggage transport costs

    Bag transport was 3Euros back in 2014, but not anymore. Aren't they charging 6 or so these days? I remember it was much cheaper as you got past Leon than at the start of the Frances, but I believe that was in the good old days.
  8. Kanga

    Correos Baggage Transport 2016-03-07

    Many people want to get their packs transported, either for a single stage, or for the whole journey. The Spanish Correos (postal service) now offers a service to do this for ALL the caminos, not just the Camino Frances. The link to their website is attached.

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