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banking & money

  1. jgiesbrecht

    Need cash.....Any canadians in or near sarria tomorrow?

    Are there any Canadians in or near Sarria tomorrow? I've been on the camino for over a month and very low on cash. My cards have not been letting me do a cash advance (which I could pay off right away)..... I'm looking for canadians because I could do an etransfer to you on the spot. I have...
  2. Ungawawa

    Spanish ATM cash-machine fee cheat-sheet 1.2

    Save this file to your photos on your phone and check it each time you need to withdraw money at a Spanish ATM. It's sure to save you quite a bit over the course of your camino! Click the "download" button above right, if possible using your phone. You'll need to be logged into the forum on...
  3. notion900

    ATM fees - which ones are a rip-off?

    Since I got my preloaded currency card to avoid the predations of my UK bank's steep ATM fees and awful exchange rate, I've been paying more attention to the fees charged by the Spanish banks to use their ATM's, which seem to vary widely. I started a list on my phone last year of the culprits...
  4. H

    Starling Bank account or Revolut Pre-loaded Card?

    Hi All, I’m starting my second Camino in April this year and just looking at the best way to take money to Spain. I’m in the UK and considering either getting a Starling Bank account for the duration of the trip, or a Revolut (or similar) card. (I’ll also be taking a credit card for times when...
  5. Portia1

    ATMs at Madrid airport?

    I haven’t been able to find much current ATM info for Madrid airport terminal4. I want to use a bank ATM. I only have 50 minutes between flights so I don’t want to go out beyond security. Also, it used to be that many Madrid airport ATMs tended to be out of service. Recent experience welcome...
  6. Ungawawa

    ATM Fees cheatsheet

    So I've been collecting cash-machine usage fees over on another thread, and I've now put everything I've learned together into a cheat-sheet for your phone. Open or send the image to your phone and then save it to your photos. Then you'll be able to look at it every time you need to go to an...
  7. aname4me

    VISA Card and Calling Canada collect

    I was reading my VISA Credit Card Statement. If you lose your Credit Card, or have it Stolen, or someone has your “numbers” and is using it..... Just call the number on the back, Collect. Back in the “Old Days”, when telephone companies had Operators, and we had Land Lines..... it was...
  8. Geodoc

    Preventing Fraud while Traveling.

    Hi all, Other than being a writer (novelist and new vegan cookbook for Peregrinos), my day job is as a fraud investigator. I've recently read a couple of discussions about possible fraud on the Camino (cards, theft, etc.), so I thought I'd take a minute and pass on some information that might...
  9. erkovar

    How much money should I carry?

    I will be walking my first camino, the Portuguese Central Way this mid-october. So for about 12-13 days on the trail, how much money should I carry? I thought between 300-500 Euros as towns w/ ATM's may be far in between?
  10. ShelleyW

    Cash on the Camino Frances

    Any issues obtaining Cash / Euros on the Camino? Did you find ATM’s belonging to obscure networks vs “Plus, Star, Interlink, Money pass”. Open to any advise on money matters while walking the Camino
  11. Margaret Butterworth

    € or $

    Just returned from Spain, where I was always asked "Euros or Australian Dollars" when paying by credit card. Which is the best option?
  12. C

    Dollar to Euro Exchange, Credit Card, fees

    So how is everyone handling the issues surrounding currency exchange? I'm kind of a minimalist and only have one credit card with my bank. My bank has no ATMs in Europe. When I withdraw Euros from an ATM in Europe, a typical American bank charges $5 flat fee for each international ATM use...
  13. CaptNoglos

    Using Cards or Cash?

    Having seen some comments about using cash or cards, and tried to find some relevant threads without much success, I posted the following reply to a thread, which might also help others, so here it is as a separate thread, with some minor additions. To all you experienced Camino Walkers out...
  14. Gadflyparexcellence

    Cash or credit card

    Just a brief practical question. I will be on the Camino in the fall of 2017. I do not plan to carry too much cash on this trip. Should I be able to use my credit cards along the way? If not, how much of a minimum cash one should carry on a 4-5 trip?
  15. WriterChantal

    Spanish Payment cards/debit cards

    Are there Spanish payment card, debit or prepaid cards I could buy? I'm thinking I would prefer to get to Madrid and put my money into a debit card and get euro's along the way. What is the best way? any horror stories ? What companies would you recommend? Thanks!
  16. Roamin' Rob

    Cash, Credit, ATMs?

    How high are the ATM fees? I've heard $5 + 3% charged by the ATM provider (my US bank said THEY will not charge me a fee). I will be paying for myself and my two daughters from Leon to Santiago so think I'll need lots of Euros for food and shelter. Do many placed along the Camino Frances...
  17. jeffnd

    ATM card with chip and PIN

    So I got the mail today and Wells Fargo had sent me a new ATM/debit card. I wasn't sure why, because my current card still had several years until the expiration date. But then I look at the new card and see it's a chip and PIN card. "For our customers that live and travel overseas." I...
  18. C

    ATMs after Burgos

    Does anyone know if there are ATMs in any of the villages in the few days after Burgos? Thanks
  19. Scotsreb

    U.S. type ATM/Credit cards

    I was wondering whether there is an issue with Euro/Spanish ATM machines, accepting the U.S. magnetic strip style ATM/Credit cards? Philip
  20. G

    Best Kiwi Debit or Credit Card to take?

    I have a niece from NZ who will be accompanying me this year along the Camino Frances. Aussies have their "28 degrees" Master Card from GE Money, voted best card to use overseas, with no international transaction fees on purchases, no currency conversion fees, a good conversion rate, and no...