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  1. YuliAnna

    Please, help me to get information about Bayona's office

    Buen Camino! Dear pilgrims, My name is Yulianna. I am going Camino del Norte in April 2019. And now I have some questions and cannot find answer... I will be thankful for your help. I have the next plan: I found a good flight for April 3rd. So I can be in Bayona and start my way on April 4th...
  2. N

    Transport from Bayonne Train Station to St Jean Pied de Port 30 September

    Hi All I am arriving by TGV in Bayonne a little before 4pm on Sunday 30 September. Earlier this month I contacted Express Bouricot and the said they could send a shuttle there but advised they had no-one else booked from there. This week I checked in to confirm the arrangement and they said...
  3. L

    Travel from CDG to SJPP - overwhelmed & would like advice!

    Hi all, Embarking on my first Camino this fall, and my first real international trip. I'll be landing in Paris at CDG (terminal 2A) at 6:55am on August 28th, and was hoping to arrive in SJPP that same day with time to visit the pilgrim's office and stay the night before an early start to the...
  4. C

    Baggage storage/shipping

    We are doing the Northern route June 2nd 2017, and have been unable to find accurate information on either baggage storage at either end of the Camino, or shipping one bag (10kg) to Santiago de Compostela to collect it there. We will be setting off from either Biarritz or Bayonne and would...
  5. C

    Help Navigating Train Sites

    Hello, I have searched on several websites linked in this forum for the train times from bayonne to SJPdP on 5/28 (I arrive in Biarritz at 10a), and they are giving me error messages that there are no trains that day. Others do give an option of a bus, though I heard the train ride is...
  6. jakob have

    stranded in bayonne for the night

    Hello people on my way to SJPDP i will end up in bayonne around 21.00 o'clock. I have never been to this city and wondered if anyone had any tips for a place to sleep near the station, since i'll try to catch the train at 07.45 in the morning. I don't know why, but i have an uneasy feeling about...
  7. J

    albergue in Bayonne

    There is no municipal albergue in Bayonne. This albergue is very clean, spacious and the host is very kind. She picked me up from Biarritz airport and the food was perfect. The room was so clean and wide. I used double bed alone. Also the bathroom was clean. Near the train station, free wi-fi...
  8. hotelmedicis

    Paris - Bayonne in July 2017: 3 hours 47 minutes

    Hello all, The French Railways (SNCF) has purchased new high-speed (TGV) trains capable of 320 km/h (200 mph) as opposed to the current trains (300 km/h or 186 mph) thus reducing the time from Paris to Bordeaux from 3 hours 14 minutes to 2 hours 4 minutes. The current fastest time to Bayonne...
  9. D

    Walking from SJPDP to Roncesvalles around 10 in the morning. Would it be too late?

    Hi all! I am starting the camino on this friday, and I will be arriving SJPP by taking the earliest train of the day from Bayonne. It departs SJPDP at 7:30 and arrives Bayonne at 8:45. I think the time would be around 10 - 10:30 after I receive credential and information from the pilgrim...
  10. KinkyOne

    Via de Bayona, May 18th and onward...

    It is what it is, I just bought plane tickets from Venice/Treviso to London/Stansted and Biarritz for May 17th. I'll arrive in Biarritz at 17:05, no hurry to get to Bayonne train station, hopefully meet some other pilgrims-to-be and stay overnight in Bayonne. Still have to contact accommodation...
  11. kayagee66

    Cheap Train Travel Between Paris and Bayonne.

    I decided to change my start date because of the May National Holidays in France. I got a direct train from Paris to Bayonne on 27th April. Around 12 noon. £32 one way, 2nd class. I chose £38.50 one way, 1st class.
  12. NualaOC

    Camino Baztan 2016-01-19

    This little route has been in the back of my mind since meeting two English ladies last year who were singing its praises. It's 109kms long, beginning in Bayonne and connecting with the Camino Frances in Pamplona. I saved the Eroski guide as a pdf (using google chrome translation, so not 100%...
  13. Jeff Crawley

    Train from Bayonne to SJPP

    Just picked this up from our friends at Santiagobis "Hi one and all, The line is now open, as of 22nd November it runs uninterruptedly from Bayonne to SJPdP, and they have trimmed a massive 25 minutes off the journey time. For more information, timetables and all see our page on...
  14. Dan7p

    Cutting it too fine?

    Hi all, I land in Biarritz from LDN Stansted at 17:05 on Sunday 26th July. Will I make the last train from Bayonne to Saint Jean Pied de Port, which departs at 18:06? I would be happy to catch a taxi from the airport to the train station to save time! Or is this cutting it too fine...
  15. S

    A night in Biarritz/Bayonne

    Evening all, Can anyone advise me on accommodation in Bayonne for one night in July? Cheep and cheerful will do me. All I seem to be able to find is very expensive hotels. Thanks a lot!
  16. M

    Booking Train Tickets from Paris CDG to Bayonne Online

    I have a question about booking the tickets online. I just checked the train tickets for Dec 12 from Paris Airport(CDG) to Bayonne (via Bordeaux) through 'raileurope' cost $164 plus $7.95 booking fee. It seems a lot to me. Will it be cheaper if I buy tickets when I am at the station? My flight...
  17. Fernie

    Walking from Bayonne to SJPdP

    I've read numerous posts on this excellent forum regarding how to get from Bayonne to SJPdP with train, bus, taxi and so on. However, I cannot find any information about walking the distance. I mean, I'm already walking across freaking Spain, so I figure why not walk to SJPdP? Is this a bad...
  18. W

    A compendium of useful links for travel from Biarritz Airport to Saint Jean Pied de Port

    This thread discusses how to get from Biarritz Airport to Saint Jean Pied de Port (SJPdP) Biarritz Airport is the closest airport to SJPdP. Biarritz Airport (BIQ) http://www.biarritz.aeroport.fr/ Chronoplus #14 from Airport to Gare de Bayonne http://www.chronoplus.eu/ SNCF TER Aquitaine...
  19. D

    Has Anyone Walked The Coastal Trail Starting in Baiona?

    I will be walking the Portuguese Coastal Trail this summer, July and am curious to learn of any experiences from Baiona to Santiago de C. during this month.
  20. W

    A compendium of useful links for travel from Madrid to SJPdP via Bayonne

    This thread discusses: travel from Madrid to Saint Jean Pied de Port (SJPdP) via San Sebastian, Irun, Hendaye, Biarritz and Bayonne. Caveat. I do not have first hand knowledge of most of the information presented here. The material in this thread was researched using web resources that may be...

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