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bed bugs

  1. Zephyr

    Where to buy permethrin (for clothes) in Spain?

    Hello Camino folks! First off, thanks for all of the quality advice these forums provide - I haven't posted before, but have gotten a lot out of reading other people's discussions. I just finished the Camino Frances and had an amazing time. I'm in Barcelona currently and am leaving for...
  2. SYates

    De-Bed-Bugging your Camino Gear 2016-05-03

    The method I use to decontaminate my camino gear from possible bed bugs. All methods mentioned are effective and non-toxic.
  3. SYates

    De-Bed-Bugging your Camino Gear

    This post is now also available as a handy PDF in the resources section here: ************* As I just went again through the whole procedure, I thought I write it all together and post it here. Some of the...
  4. jirit

    Bed bugs repulsed by certain colours

    Bed bugs appear to have a strong preference for particular colours - a quirk that could be used against the troublesome pests, say scientists. According to the work in the Journal of Medical Entomology, the blood-sucking insects love black and red but hate yellow and green. This information...
  5. DeadFred

    SO , Bed Bugs are attracted to certain colors ?

    If you know an Albergue owner please share! Also.. "The next time you're packing for a trip, you might want to reach for your brightest-colored luggage. It could help keep bedbugs away. A new study finds that bedbugs -- just like flies and other insects -- have favorite colors. They really...
  6. Hamilton-Arvisais

    Bedbug Question! Settle our debate!

    Hello all, My first Camino will be this May, along with two other friends of mine. We are walking the whole of the Frances and are worried about what we've heard about bedbugs. One of us is opting for a silk sleeping bag liner, though I'm concerned that this won't properly prevent bedbugs as...
  7. A

    Permethrin - where to buy in UK

    Hi All I am starting my Camino in May and as I previously had an unpleasant contact with bedbug I would like to make sure I am not bitten and none is brought back from my trip! Everyne is mentioning to use Permethrin but I am having some problems with finding it on UK websites. What products...
  8. S

    Repellency of selected chemicals against the bed bug

    Dear Pilgrims, Please see the attached article (2013) detailing scientifically validated experiments testing the effectiveness of different commercially available repellents against the common bed bug. In short (and against the received wisdom on this forum that permethrin is most effective)...
  9. L

    Albergue Burgos March 22 2016

    Hi, I have had an unfortunate experience tonight to be bitten by bed bugs in the Municipal Albergue in Burgos. I am sure it was bed bugs because I managed to catch several at night in my bed (and took pictures in the morning). I stayed two nights in this albergue, but different beds - the first...
  10. weradln

    Bed Bug Protector Sheet. Effective? Availability?

    I have been considering adding a lightweight bed bug protector sheet to my gear. My plan is to place this sheet on top of the mattress and under my sleeping bag. Are barrier sheets effective? Looking online I found in the UK the "Pyramid Single Bed bug Protector Sheet" at...
  11. grayland

    Winter Bedbugs

    I just completed a mid January Camino Frances. It was my 3rd or 4th walk on the CF and ninth Camino overall. I have walked in March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October. I had never seen a bedbug or been in a albergue or hotel/pension that reported them except for one time...
  12. Katia Taam

    How do gites deal with the bedbug problems?

    Hi everyone Do I have to leave the backpack outside the room? Do I have to carry a big plastic bag to protect my backpack ?I'm alergic and it was a big problem on my last camiño. I was bitten at Vilafranca and it's not easy... Katia
  13. Ross Sheeran


    I have been trying to purchase Permethrin spray to treat our sleeping bags and some clothing. I have tried pharmacies, supermarkets, hardware stores and camping stores but none of them in my stock it. Does anyone know if I can buy some on the Camino if I need it? We will be walking late October...
  14. ScooterB

    A newbie bedbug question...

    Hello! I am contemplating a Camino adventure next April/May and am debating the virtues of Frances vs. Via de la Plata. Frankly the talk of bedbugs is freaking me out. Would I have a reduced likelihood of encountering these pests on the VdlP? Also, does staying in a hotel or pensione instead...
  15. Gazell

    Grañon hipplie place July 15 2015

    Hey, I know there are a million threads on the topic, but on a cell and need to post this warning. The "hippie place " in grañon, not the one in the church is full of bed bugs. The outbreak is severe and all who stay seem to be bitten extremely badly. Many other albergues refuse to accept...
  16. Donna Mosello

    Permethrin Spraying Question

    Sorry.....but I couldn't find my answer in the "bed bug" thread. (I leave in less than two weeks for SJPDP and hope I"m doing the right thing) I sprayed Permethrin on: 1) Backpack--inside and out 2) Sleeping (flannel-like) sheet. --inside and out 3) Backpack cover--inside and out I know (on...
  17. Jade Ulrich

    Sleeping bag + mattress cover = no bed bugs?

    Hi There, I plan to bring a down sleeping bag for my walk starting late September (I often get cold at night so am playing it safe with the bag). However, I don't like the idea that if I get warm and unzip my big, I will be welcoming bed bugs to join me. I already plan on treating my bag with...
  18. Raybert

    Blankets and Bedbugs

    Hi all, I'm a newbie and plan on trekking SJPP-Muxia-Finisterre starting on 9 September, easing in with an overnight at Orrison. Thanks to all you peregrinos and peregrinas for the valuable wisdom and experience you have shared with me. My question (and concern) is about avoiding nighttime...
  19. M

    Post Camino bed bugs in sleeping bag

    I unfortunately ran into bed bugs on the Camino last fall - sprayed all my stuff, put it out in the hot sun, washed it in hot water. that lasted a couple days and I started getting bit again. Repeated the process. Same thing - lasted a couple days and started getting bit. In retrospect, I think...
  20. O

    Bed Bug Alert: Albergue Tio Pepe in Villar de Mazarife

    I stayed here last night and found a large bed bug crawling next to my head. I killed it and brought it to the owner and she told me not to worry, that it was in fact a butterfly. I told her that it did not have wings and she then said that it must be a tree bug and that I needed to keep the...