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bed bugs

  1. YasminVdC

    Severe allergies on the camino?

    Hello fellow pilgrims, Lots of your topics are very useful, but I have a rather specific problem that I would like to get your ideas on: Unfortunally I have some very bad allergies regarding bedding, dust mites, ... I will be bringing my own sleepingbag and pillow (otherwise sleeping will not...
  2. jirit

    Bed Bugs - CDC Information Site 2015-04-09

    There is plenty of information on the web about bed bugs but the CDC provides a wealth of excellent information.
  3. F

    Bed bugs in March

    A few days ago I stayed in the Albergue in Azofra: nice place, good ambiance, helpful hospitaleiros, etc. I enjoyed especially the 2-person-per-room arrangement. Unfortunately, I was bitten during the night. I didn't report it immediately because at first I didn't relate it to bed bugs, which I...
  4. WineShoppe Guy

    Bed Bugs - A Bait and Trap Solution

    A bait and trap technique has been all about it...
  5. Irish guy

    Bedbugs on Sarria-Santiago this year?

    Hello all. I will walk for the first time next week (Sept 2014) a section of the Camino - Sarria to Santiago. Hopefully the beginning of a life-long obsession! I'm just wondering what bedbugs are like this year? I'll be staying in hostels all the way. Depending on what forums you read, they are...
  6. S

    Bed Bug spray where to buy it?

    Hi does anyone have advice where to buy bed bug/ punise de lit spray in Lyon or in Le Puy?
  7. A

    Bed bugs this year???

    Hi! Heading out in September, and just wanted to know if bed bugs are an issue this year? I've read that treating your stuff with Permethrin works well at keeping the little suckers at bay, anyone try this and succeed? Also lavender oil for your skin? I really don't want to bring these little...
  8. ivar

    Please read this about Bed Bugs

    In the bed bug forum you will see reports from pilgrims regarding bed bugs. Please know that although an albergue is reported to have had bed bugs, it does not automatically mean that this albergue is a bad albergue. Pilgrims stay in new albergues every day, and someone might have walked in...
  9. B

    Bed Bugs - permethrin

    Hi all. I've heard that there are problems with bed bugs on the Camino this year. Research I have done suggests that spraying sleeping bag/ liner with permethrin can help. I am unable to get permethrin in Ireland. Would anybody know of similar products/alternatives that can be used. I'm...
  10. holmesmd

    * BEDBUG ALERT * June 2013 (and quickly dealt with)

    Oodles of bed bugs were found in An albergue on June 4th. The hosts were great in shutting down the Alb. ASAP but folks should be warned for the rest if the Fisterra route that they're out in abundance, especially since so many beds were infected.
  11. santa666

    bed bugs 2013

    Hello everybody, I found many discussions about this, but most of them was solved by Permethrin, but I can not find it in Europes stores. Is this problem really so hot on Camino Frances, or are there just few rare cases in concrete albergues? Thank you for answers and sharing your experiences...
  12. A

    Buses and bed bugs

    Hello all, I finished my Camino in June 2012 and it is an experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. I am so happy to have found Rick Steves travel segment on northern Spain. For those interested in the Camino he gives 10 minute summary of the journey. When I finished my Camino, I...
  13. mauveglass

    permethrin spray as a preventative for bed bugs

    As I am starting to pack and weigh everything, is it really necessary to bring permethrin spray to actually spray on the beds for bed bug prevention? I am bringing a bed bug sheet. I have thoroughly read the posts concerning this and some say it could be necessary and others don't. Considering...
  14. camelle


    Hi All: My question today is: How/where can I get a can of Permethrin in Canada? I have checked with local stores and so far, no luck. Short of driving to Spokane (closest REI) any other suggestions? Thanks everyone! Buen Camino! Ellen
  15. K

    Bed Bug Sheets

    Hi. My friend and I will be walking the Camino in June. We're wondering if anyone has advice re: preventing exposure to bed bugs and if any of you have used fitted bed bug preventing (i.e., treated) sheets in your travels. If so, how did these work for you? Thanks. Kelly
  16. F

    How to treat gear with Permethrin? / Do I need waterproof pack

    Hi All, I will be starting my Camino from SJPP in just over a week and finalizing my equipment and packing preparations. Just a couple last minute questions I am hoping for advice on: First, I don't think that April will be a bad month for bedbugs but don't want to take chances so have...
  17. GunnarW

    bedbugs history during my camino till LEON

    FINALLY, a casa rural who offers internet for free. This is not a internet "pinball" machine. Finally I can tell my story. I m doing well, I started my camino in St J P d Port 7th of September. This is important information I will share During the first days, I asked every albergue about...
  18. Portia1

    Any bedbugs on the Portuguese?

    Just curious as to whether there have been any reports of the little buggers on the Portuguese route?
  19. R

    Bed Bugs - Le Puy

    We are going to do the Le-Puy to SJPP route this fall and wonder if bed bugs are a problem in the Gite d'etapes along the route. I've heard that the Spanish Alberques are plagued with them, although when we did the Camino Frances in 2005 we had no problem whatsoever. We will have our own sleep...
  20. Anniesantiago

    Blog on Bedbugs

    For those who might be interested, I wrote a short blog on bedbugs with photos, how to identify them, how to know if they're in the albergue, and what to do: