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bed race

  1. C

    Nervous first-time pilgrim - Camino Portugues July 2016

    Hi, I am tackling my first Camino in July 2016 and am feeling a little nervous. I hope all of you experienced pilgrims will kindly impart your wisdom and advice on me! I'm starting the Camino Portugues on 30 June 2016. I don't have a set deadline, but I'm aiming to finish 1-3 August 2016. I'm...
  2. coldweather

    To book ahead for an alburgue or not?

    Hola! I walked the Camino in May 2013. I did not make advance alburgue reservations but some pilgrims did. I am planning to walk in April 2016. I do not plan to have a phone with me. I like the idea of setting out each morning with a plan in my head but the freedom and flexibility to change...
  3. the calling

    Is finding accommodation on the Camino Frances, becoming too stressful?

    I am currently spending the night in Villamayor de Monjardin, I stressed all of yesterday about finding a bed in Estella and now everyone is stressing about finding a bed somewhere tomorrow. This is not in keeping with the idea of being a true pilgrim, taking time to enjoy the journey and...
  4. Thomas1962

    Is there a real reason for a bed race???

    There is much written about the shortage of beds on this forum; bed race, early leavers etc etc. Also, many people tell story's about having heard or seen other people having a problem with finding a bed. But...actually I did not hear from anyone here or IRL that (s)he really didn't find a bed...
  5. D

    'Race' to secure a bed

    I have recently returned from walking the first stage of the Camino - SJPP to Burgos (mid Sept). The Camino was very busy and I felt a real dilemma in taking my time verses almost rushing to my destination to secure a bed. I am planning to go back out in mid April (Easter) to complete the...
  6. johnnyman

    Getting a bed

    Have been reading quite a bit about "rushing to get a bed." How common is this along the Frances? And what about waiting in long lines to get into the albergues, to get a bed, a shower, etc.? Is this an everyday thing?

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