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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago


  1. notion900

    What do bed bug signs look like? 2017-06-14

    3 galleries and the accompanying annotations give you a very clear idea of what bed bugs look like, where they hide, and what signs they leave. They are complemented by a 4th gallery of 'false' bed bug signs, and other small insects that look a bit like bed bugs but are not. Click on the...
  2. DeadFred

    SO , Bed Bugs are attracted to certain colors ?

    If you know an Albergue owner please share! Also.. "The next time you're packing for a trip, you might want to reach for your brightest-colored luggage. It could help keep bedbugs away. A new study finds that bedbugs -- just like flies and other insects -- have favorite colors. They really...
  3. L

    Albergue Burgos March 22 2016

    Hi, I have had an unfortunate experience tonight to be bitten by bed bugs in the Municipal Albergue in Burgos. I am sure it was bed bugs because I managed to catch several at night in my bed (and took pictures in the morning). I stayed two nights in this albergue, but different beds - the first...
  4. ScooterB

    A newbie bedbug question...

    Hello! I am contemplating a Camino adventure next April/May and am debating the virtues of Frances vs. Via de la Plata. Frankly the talk of bedbugs is freaking me out. Would I have a reduced likelihood of encountering these pests on the VdlP? Also, does staying in a hotel or pensione instead...

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