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  1. CaminoMatto

    No Permethrin in Canada?!

    Good day all, Starting my Camino in April and I have a question regarding bed bugs and preventative sprays. Eye rolls and groans I know I know there have been so many bed bug posts but despite searching the forums I have been unable to find an answer. My plan is to pre-treat my gear with...
  2. P

    Bedbug alert in los arcos

    I recently discovered bedbugs in my sleeping bag and had to go thru the exhaustive process of stripping, cleaning and sanitizing everything I owned, losing a couple of days in the process. I am fairly certain (99%) that I picked up the bedbugs in Los Arcos in Casa Alberdi, because I woke up...
  3. RuijgRock

    Handling bed bugs

    Well over 6 months since being home, the bedbug bites still give me sleepless nights. It appeared they ARE capable of leaving eggs(?) under your skin. Regular doctors haven’t heard of it but thank God I found someone on the alternative path who is helping me getting rid of this problem and...
  4. Gabs

    Bedbug problems on the Camino Norte?

    Hi I'm super excited as I am starting out on the Camino next Saturday..from Santillana del Mar. I am busy browsing guides and blogs for any advice and think I get the idea... Trying to pack light, try and get myself as fit as possible ( not easy practice hiking in hot and sunny Andalucia at...
  5. Anne DR

    Bug bites

    Woke up in Puenta la Reina covered literally from head to toe with bug bites. Very painful and discouraging on third day of the Camino.
  6. notion900

    What do bed bug signs look like? 2017-06-14

    3 galleries and the accompanying annotations give you a very clear idea of what bed bugs look like, where they hide, and what signs they leave. They are complemented by a 4th gallery of 'false' bed bug signs, and other small insects that look a bit like bed bugs but are not. Click on the...
  7. A

    bed bugs in samos

    Hi Small warning for you pilgrims- watch out from bedbugs in Samos... We slept in Val del Samos albergue.
  8. W

    Bedbugs at Belorado municipal

    I woke up feeling something on me. Grabbed my phone turned on light and saw many bedbugs all moving around. I kind of freaked out and started grabbing my stuff. I was able to capture one live and put it in a zip bag. The Europeans in room said to just calm down and grab a different bed....I do...
  9. M

    Bedbugs (chinches) in Cadavedo Aug 13 2016

    Hello all, I just stayed in the municipal albergue in Cadavedo on 13/8/2016, and there were many, MANY bedbugs. The beds in the room on the left had it the worst, those people were covered in bites. They hid during the day and when we left at 6 am the next morning, they were all over the walls...
  10. M

    A\lbergue San Juan De Ortega on July 18 2016

    Arrived in San Juan De Ortega on July 18th and checked into the municipal albergue there. Went up to pick out our beds. It was so smelly( musty) but we picked our beds out anyway as it is the only albergue there. A young couple came in after us and started checking their beds with torches. My...
  11. Zephyr

    Where to buy permethrin (for clothes) in Spain?

    Hello Camino folks! First off, thanks for all of the quality advice these forums provide - I haven't posted before, but have gotten a lot out of reading other people's discussions. I just finished the Camino Frances and had an amazing time. I'm in Barcelona currently and am leaving for...
  12. Jim & Laurel

    Albergue la Parada in Reliegos July 5 2016

    Warning--Bedbugs in Albergue la Parada in Reliegos On July 5, we were to stay in a double room (two twin beds--Room C). We unmistakedly found live bedbugs, and bedbug stains on both the beds on the sheets and pillowcase. We notified the staff, who came to look and claimed the insects were...
  13. A

    Permethrin - where to buy in UK

    Hi All I am starting my Camino in May and as I previously had an unpleasant contact with bedbug I would like to make sure I am not bitten and none is brought back from my trip! Everyne is mentioning to use Permethrin but I am having some problems with finding it on UK websites. What products...
  14. L

    Albergue Burgos March 22 2016

    Hi, I have had an unfortunate experience tonight to be bitten by bed bugs in the Municipal Albergue in Burgos. I am sure it was bed bugs because I managed to catch several at night in my bed (and took pictures in the morning). I stayed two nights in this albergue, but different beds - the first...
  15. grayland

    Winter Bedbugs

    I just completed a mid January Camino Frances. It was my 3rd or 4th walk on the CF and ninth Camino overall. I have walked in March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October. I had never seen a bedbug or been in a albergue or hotel/pension that reported them except for one time...
  16. Katia Taam

    How do gites deal with the bedbug problems?

    Hi everyone Do I have to leave the backpack outside the room? Do I have to carry a big plastic bag to protect my backpack ?I'm alergic and it was a big problem on my last camiño. I was bitten at Vilafranca and it's not easy... Katia
  17. camster

    Summer nights on CF and sleeping bags

    Yes. I'm starting another thread on this subject. I apologize ;) I do not know yet when I will be able to leave and do the Camino Francés, but I would like to do it in July/August. I have a sleeping bag (7C/45F) and a liner, but using only a liner irks me a little bit, since it is very thin and...
  18. Gazell

    Grañon hipplie place July 15 2015

    Hey, I know there are a million threads on the topic, but on a cell and need to post this warning. The "hippie place " in grañon, not the one in the church is full of bed bugs. The outbreak is severe and all who stay seem to be bitten extremely badly. Many other albergues refuse to accept...
  19. Donna Mosello

    Permethrin Spraying Question

    Sorry.....but I couldn't find my answer in the "bed bug" thread. (I leave in less than two weeks for SJPDP and hope I"m doing the right thing) I sprayed Permethrin on: 1) Backpack--inside and out 2) Sleeping (flannel-like) sheet. --inside and out 3) Backpack cover--inside and out I know (on...
  20. Raybert

    Blankets and Bedbugs

    Hi all, I'm a newbie and plan on trekking SJPP-Muxia-Finisterre starting on 9 September, easing in with an overnight at Orrison. Thanks to all you peregrinos and peregrinas for the valuable wisdom and experience you have shared with me. My question (and concern) is about avoiding nighttime...

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