biarritz accommodation

  1. Lady Explorer

    Travelling Biarritz to Irun?

    Hello Pilgrims new and old, I've just read old posts from 2009, and they're incredibly helpful despite having been posted 8 years ago ;) I'm embarking on my 2nd solo Camino adventure next week, this time the Camino Del Norte and Primitivo. I look forward to meeting some of you on the way. I...
  2. C

    Where to stay in Biarritz

    My daughter is flying into Biarritz, but cannot train out until the next morning. Where would be a good place for her to stay?
  3. SYates

    Cheap Biarritz Accommodation Tips Please

    Hi, as I will be traveling to the Ditch Pig Camino Clean Up I need to stay overnight in Biarritz 26/27th November. So far AirBnB has been unsuccessful ;-( Anybody has any tips for a cheap place to stay in Biarritz? I rather would spend the money on bringing some treats for @Rebekah Scott 's dog...
  4. A

    Biarritz Accomodation.

    Hi. I start my first Camino arriving in Biarritz July 4th at 7:00. the last train will not get me to SJPP before 10 PM and the SJPP hostel will be closed. I am thinking i should stay in biarritz. Any suggestion where? I don't have a youth hostel card and will just need to eat something and...
  5. G

    Stay in Biarritz or get to Bayonne

    Hello! I will be arriving in Biarritz at 16:30 on March 29 2016. I plan on spending a night somewhere, before heading to StJPP ( in an effort to fend off JetLag). Anyone think I can and sho9uld make my way to Bayonne for the night? Better/cheaper places to stay? Easier access to StJPP the...


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