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Luggage Transfer Correos


  1. B

    Guidance Needed- Plane lands at 21:05

    I am flying into the Biarritz Airport at the end of August and my flight won’t get in until 21:05. Since I am getting in town so late I’m not sure what my best option is to get to SJPP. I have tried unsuccessfully to find out when the last bus 14 leaves the airport for Bayonne. Or if I get a...
  2. A

    Biarritz recommended accomm near to Chronobus #14 stop to Bayonne

    Can anyone revommend a hotel to overmight in Biarritz that is clean,comfortable and not too pricey that is within easy access of the bus station to catch Chronobus 14 to Bayonne? I land at 17.30 on the 19th April and start walking in 20th so need only one night in Biarritz. Thanks in advance.
  3. HDD500

    6 days - what to do?

    Hi all, I have some annual leave booked this September and am thinking of walking the first part of the Camino del Norte. I land in Biarritz on the Sunday and then plan to walk till Saturday as I have to fly home from Biarritz on Saturday evening. My question is how far can / should I aim to...
  4. Lady Explorer

    Travelling Biarritz to Irun?

    Hello Pilgrims new and old, I've just read old posts from 2009, and they're incredibly helpful despite having been posted 8 years ago ;) I'm embarking on my 2nd solo Camino adventure next week, this time the Camino Del Norte and Primitivo. I look forward to meeting some of you on the way. I...
  5. C

    Baggage storage/shipping

    We are doing the Northern route June 2nd 2017, and have been unable to find accurate information on either baggage storage at either end of the Camino, or shipping one bag (10kg) to Santiago de Compostela to collect it there. We will be setting off from either Biarritz or Bayonne and would...
  6. M

    Cycling From Pamplona To Santiago In 7 Days

    Hi Me and a friend of mine plan on cycling the camino frances this July, from Pamplona to Santiago in a maximum of 7 days, so around 100km a day. We plan to fly to Biarittz and then a bus to Pamplona. Does any one have an itinerary or breakdown of stages for each of the 7 days, highlighting...
  7. G

    Orly Customs

    My camino buddy used a travel agent friend to book our flights to SJPdP. After the tickets were purchased we realized one of the connections was really tight time wise. For those who have traveled USA to Orly to Biarritz, how long did customs take you in Orly? We aren't checking bags so we won't...
  8. L

    Biarritz Airport.

    Hi everyone, just looking for a bit of well needed information. I will be landing on a Saturday in biarritz airport at 5.40 pm. What is the best way to make it to Jean pied after this time ? thanks!
  9. Ryan Alexander

    Biarritz to St Jean Travel, help required?

    Due to fly to Biarritz this Wednesday 14th, flight arrives 5:05pm local time, airport bus departs at 5:21pm for Bayonne Train Station with the train departing at 6:06pm, would that be cutting it too fine? How long will disembarkation from the plane take, anyone know? I don't know whether to book...
  10. Pete Dunn

    Biarritz to Irun - easier by train or bus..?

    Hi all, I'm flying in from Southampton UK to Biarritz tomorrow and need to get to Irun for the evening to start the Norte on Wednesday. My planning has gone awry as it was one of my closest friend's funeral today, all too sudden and unexpected :( A big concern right now is how best to get...
  11. E

    How to book a CDG to Biarritz train?

    Hola. I arrive at CDG at 16:35pm on 8 September 2016. I'm hoping to catch the latest train to Biarritz. I cannot find the site to buy a train ticket from CDG? It appears the train station is right there, at the airport. If I have to stay overnight in Paris, is the Montparnasse train...
  12. C

    Iberia will start flights to Biarritz on March 29th

    Iberia will start flights from Madrid to Biarritz on March 29th. Flights will be operated by Air Nostrum and will run daily except Saturdays. Departure time from Madrid will be at noon. I don't know if flights will be year round or just seasonal. From Biarritz airport, you can take a bus to...
  13. kessey11

    Mass on Camino Del Norte/ de la costa

    I plan to walk the Camino Del Norte/ de la costa this June-July with a friend starting in Biarritz, France. The one thing I can not seem to find any information on is if there will be Catholic churches open on the North Route for masses. Daily mass would be great but we would need to at least be...
  14. Gerry O

    walking from Lourdes to Biarritz

    we want to go to Lourdes before starting the Camino proper and i thought it may be a great chance to walk in France from Lourdes to Biarritz - is this possible ? are the villages not too far apart ? is there accommodation available in the villages ? is it mainly roads ? etc etc .....thank you ....
  15. Gipsy Moon

    Starting El Norte from Biarritz - Suggestions please

    Hi Everyone, Arriving in Biarritz Airport 23 August mid afternoon, would truly welcome any suggestion on how to start from there to El Norte Camino (then Primitivo) Spending the night in Biarritz doesnt seem mandatory to me (not extra rush either)... ? Where to start walk or stay on...
  16. Gipsy Moon

    Biarritz to Camino del Norte

    Hi Everyone, Arriving in Biarritz (23 August) to walk el Camino Norte, then El Primitivo to Santiago. Would also love to walk through the Pyrenees, SJPP to Pamplona... has anyone done this, rather than going straight to St Jean de Luz, Hendaye, Lezo, etc.... does it add a lot of kilometres and...
  17. Dan7p

    Cutting it too fine?

    Hi all, I land in Biarritz from LDN Stansted at 17:05 on Sunday 26th July. Will I make the last train from Bayonne to Saint Jean Pied de Port, which departs at 18:06? I would be happy to catch a taxi from the airport to the train station to save time! Or is this cutting it too fine...
  18. Jannike

    Traveling from Biarritz to St Jean Pied De Port 8th june 2015

    Hi I'm landing at Biarritz at 1710 on the 8th of June 2015, and wondering what is the best way to travel to SJPdP? By train, buss or taxi? Or if the best way to travel is by taxi, if anybody wants to share a cab?
  19. L

    Share transportation Biarritz to SJPP May 16

    We will be arriving from Dublin at 12:40. Would you like to share transport? So excited about our camino!!!!
  20. RDLtrekker

    Offering a spot on booked shuttle from Biarritz to SJPdP - Oct 3

    Hello Fellow Pilgrims, I have booked a shuttle with Sweet Cab on October 3 leaving the Biarritz Airport at 9:00 PM (my flight arrives from Paris at 8:00 PM but I wanted some wiggle room in case of delayed flight...) and dropping off in St Jean Pied de Port. The shuttle can accommodate 7 more...

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